Pakistan CC 139/2 (10 ov)
Indian CC Vienna 109/8 (10 ov)
Pakistan CC won by 30 runs.
A convincing victory for Pakistan CC Vienna as the beat Indian CC Vienna by 30 runs to advance to the final.  PAK CC won the toss and chose to bat first and scored 139 runs in their 10 overs. Indian CC Vienna started the innings in flying colors but their progress was halted with with regular wickets falling. Pakistan CC picked up wickets at crucial stages and kept the pressure mounting. And in the end comfortably making it to the finals. 

That's it folks from the first match, do stay tuned for the 2nd semi finals right here on Sportskeeda. This is Azhar, along with my colleague  Pradeep signing off. 
9.6 A Akbarjan to A Kumaran, OUT! One handed swing from Kumaran and he's holed out at mid off fielder, nothing shot that was! Pakistan CC makes it to the finals, at one time we all thought Indian CC Vienna were right on with the chase for over 6 overs and they fell behind by 30 runs! 
9.5 A Akbarjan to A Kumaran, right on the money and Kumaran just gently drives straight to the cover fielder!
9.4 A Akbarjan to S Shergill, OUT! LBW! Shergill shuffles across the crease and hits him on the pads and it's in the line and there's a huge appeal, umpire says YES!
9.3 A Akbarjan to K Joshi, OUT! Half-tracker and Kunal's stumps are CASTLED, misses it completely!
9.2 A Akbarjan to K Joshi, fired on the pads and Kunal fails to dispatch it and gets an inside edge!
9.1 A Akbarjan to K Jha, full on the batsman and Kumud misses it completely and they jog a bye!
Indian CC are 103/5 at the end of 9 overs. They should have stolen the bye to  try and keep it mathematically possible. 37 needed of the final 6. A six 6s? Is that too much to ask for? The viewers would want one. 
8.6 S Khan to K Joshi, slower one, beautifully bowled, Kunal fails to dispatch it and beaten!
8.5 S Khan to K Joshi, swing and a miss this time, Kunal fails to pull that!
8.4 S Khan to K Joshi, RUNOUT! gets into the position for a full delivery and Kunal fails to make good contact and there is a huge confusion and Kumud Jha half way down the track and Kunal doesn't run, Jha is runout!
8.3 S Khan to M Cheema, RUNOUT! A pre-meditated shot from Cheema as he tried to scoop it and they tried to steal a single and bowler did well to hit the stumps!
8.2 S Khan to M Cheema, FOUR! Cheema walks down the track and just pulls that towards deep square leg and the fielder was well inside the ropes and fails to take the catch, it went to the boundary!
8.1 S Khan to M Cheema, back of a length and Cheema plays that towards deep mid wicket and they scamper for a couple!
Indian CC are 98/3 at the end of 8 overs. The Chase gets harder here for ICV
7.6 A Akbarjan to M Cheema, fuller delivery this time and Cheema dabs it straight to the long on for another single!
7.5 A Akbarjan to K Joshi, Kunal gets into the position but only collects a single!
7.4 A Akbarjan to M Cheema, fired it on the batsman pads and bowler appeals, umpire rejects it!
7.3 A Akbarjan to M Cheema, FOUR! Tossed up and Cheema played deliberately towards deep square leg and they pick up a boundary!
7.2 A Akbarjan to K Joshi, full toss and Kunal plays that towards cover for a single!
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