Pakistan CC 96/10 (10 ov)
Salzburg CC 98/1 (8 ov)
Salzburg CC won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Mohammad Shabaz
Salzburg chased down this target with no fuss, and Pakistan CC, who showed so much promise in the league stages are out of the tournament. Zeeshan Goraya, who had a nightmare time in the bowling, finished things off in style. It never looked at any point that Pakistan CC bowlers were troubling the Salzburg batsmen, as the chase started, with Abrar Bilal going berserk in the powerplay.

He played fearless cricket at the start and contributed 28 runs off just 13 balls. Bilal set the tone for the chase and it was capitalized to perfection by Imran Asif, who smashed Shinwari for 21 runs, with 50 needed in the final five. Both Zeeshan and Imran didn't any show nerves in the middle, as boundaries kept coming in almost every over, and eventually, Salzburg reigned supreme with 12 balls to spare. Hayat was the pick of the bowlers for Pakistan CC, despite being wicketless in his spell.

Alright! So you have your winner in this eliminator, and now all eyes will be on qualifier 2. INV will be battling against Salzburg in an epic match, which will be starting at 5:30 PM IST. Do join us for the coverage of that encounter, until then, this is Pragadeesh signing off on behalf of my fellow colleague Ankit Sharma. Cheers.
Over: 8 | Summary: 1w 1 0 6 1 6 1w 4 Bowler: Imran Naeem Score: 98/1
7.6 Imran Naeem to Zeeshan Goraya , FOUR! SALZBURG HAVE DONE IT! Poor delivery, full on the pads, Goraya wanted to work this one to long on, but he gets a big inside edge that has enough pace on it, thanks to the bowler. Beats the keeper and the man at fine leg as the ball rushes to the fence. Salzburg will go through and Pakistan are eliminated. 
7.6 Imran Naeem to Zeeshan Goraya , wide ball. Full length delivery, but going down leg. This could be the last ball! 
7.5 Imran Naeem to Zeeshan Goraya , SIX! Goraya wants to waste no time with this chase now. Short ball, pulled again by the batsman. Goraya does not middle it, but gets enough of a thick edge for the ball to clear the man and the ropes at deep square leg. 
7.4 Imran Naeem to Imran Asif, good length delivery outside off, pushes it to covers for merely a single. 
7.3 Imran Naeem to Imran Asif, SIX! Brilliant shot this one. Good length delivery, angling into the right hander who pulls this one perfectly into the gap between cow corner and deep mid wicket who either way couldn't have stopped this one. Goes the distance and Asif picks up another six. 
7.2 Imran Naeem to Imran Asif, good ball this one. Full outside off, Asif was coming down the track, but the bowler bowls a slower one to deceive Asif and succeeds at it. No run. 
7.1 Imran Naeem to Zeeshan Goraya , good length delivery, on the middle stump, pushed to covers for a single to get Asif on strike. 
7.1 Imran Naeem to Zeeshan Goraya , starts off with a wide. Good length going down leg. 
Imran Naeem comes into the attack

19 runs needed from 18 balls. This is going to be Salzburg's match from here on, but you can't give any guarantee, considering they already fluffed an easy match from a winning position and painfully lost in the golden ball.
Over: 7 | Summary: 1 1 1 6 1 0 Bowler: Sikandar Hayat Score: 78/1
6.6 Sikander Hayat to Imran Asif, dot ball, finally. Full on the stumps for Asif, who is happy to defend it back to the bowler. 
6.5 Sikander Hayat to Zeeshan Goraya , good length on the pads, forced to fine leg for a single. 
Second six of the innings from Zeeshan Goraya and this is one of the best strikes in the match. Hayat has been brilliant so far, and that one bad ball where banged it short was punished by Goraya with ease.
6.4 Sikander Hayat to Zeeshan Goraya , SIX! Goes the distance and Goraya joins the party. Full length delivery on middle and leg, sweeps it and launches it between deep square leg and deep mid wicket to pick up a maximum. 
6.3 Sikander Hayat to Imran Asif, much better delivery this time. Quicker one good length, but Asif edges this one onto his pads and scrambles across for a single. 
6.2 Sikander Hayat to Zeeshan Goraya , good length delivery on the pads, worked away to deep mid wicket for another single. 
6.1 Sikander Hayat to Imran Asif, fullish delivery, on leg stump flicked to the on side to square leg to pick up an easy singe. 
21 runs coming off that over. This is belligerent batting from Imran Asif and Shinwari was looking clueless on how to stop the assault. Damage was done, and with 9 wickets in their hand, this should be a cakewalk for Salzburg.
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