134/8 (20)
135/5 (18.4)
Pakistan won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Haris Rauf
Alright, so, Pakistan make it two out of two in the Super 12's and they are putting up a statement right here that they are a team to look forward to in the upcoming games. New Zealand on the other hand have a lot to ponder on as far as the batting is concerned, they did make a match out of this small score but they were at least 10 - 15 runs short in the end. Thank you very much for tuning into Sportskeeda, that's that from this game, this was me, Pradeep Somashekar and on behalf of my good friend and fellow commentator, Sooryanaryanan Sesha as we sign off! Good night, take care!
Babar Azam says thanks to Almighty, we're certainly are happy with the win and with that we gain whole lot of confidence as well, we will move forward using this momentum. The way we've bowled, especially the spinners, Rauf, Shaheen, overall the bowling has been exceptional, I want to specifically mention about the way we fielded tonight, it was something special. I thought we gave away about 10 runs than what we've had plans with but this is Cricket and there's always something out of ordinary expected. Special mention to Shoaib Malik showed his composure being the senior member of the squad and the youngster Asif Ali being the finisher, finished the game for us. Every match from here on will be crucial and we don't want to take any team lightly and ensure we carry on the confidence and put up a good show.
Kane Williamson at the presentation: It was very disappointing, we were quite optimistic at the half-way stage, a lot of thought went into what we might come up against this strong Pakistani side. Although we went on to make 135 which may have been a boundary away or two from being above par, at the half-way stage, we were optimistic about how we could make life quite difficult as it proved to be in those low scoring affairs over there again at very small margins and unfortunately we couldn't quite nail things towards the back in but in the same time there was so much good in their game from our side but we're up against a very strong side of Pakistan and credit to them today they were they were outstanding. I thought they were outstanding for 80% of the game and we wanted to build a straight as possible and then when he was keeping very low and and it was quite clear as soon as we missed our length there's been there was some value for your shots but as soon as you are on and it was very difficult tough to swallow it we were going into their second half looking forward to you know getting into fights and unfortunately it didn't go away today but well I can say it is very strong Pakistan side and certainly the ones to watch.. You know it's like it's a game of very small margins and we go to a different venue obviously against a different team and there have been deer very strong side for us since we do have a few days so we'll let those conversations and plan accordingly but there is some good now a lot of good things to take from this time with a lot of good decision making but unfortunately in these low scoring games the margins are very fine and then go away but it's the way it goes and we'll pick out something important challenge.
Haris Rauf (Player of the Match): Thanks to the Almighty for this performance. The attitude we showed on the field was excellent to restrict them to that score. We then batted well to chase it down. The kind of attack we have, we have been playing for a while now. We discuss with each other regarding the conditions of the pitch and feed off each other. My favorite wicket was the one to get Guptill in the Powerplay just when they seemed to be getting some momentum going. I would like to thank my family as well as the support staff of Lahore Qalandars who are responsible for me getting to this level.
Pakistan win by 5 wickets! Mohammad Rizwan 33(34), Asif Ali 27(12), Shoaib Malik 27(20) | Ish Sodhi 29-2

What a game in the end it turned out be, New Zealand made a match out of this low score. When they went back to the dressing room scoring 134, no one gave them the chance but they stuck to their plans at the start, in the powerplay they gave nothing away. 

Babar Azam in particular wasn't timing the ball really well, he was put out of misery by Southee's beauty. Fakhar Zaman at number three was having similar situation who's had a difficult time rotating the strikes or timing the ball. 

Mohammad Hafeez looked in good touch but makes his way back after a blinder from Conway at long-off. At the half-way mark, Pakistan were in dire-strait situation and were looking in all sorts of trouble. 

Sodhi picks up another wicket in the form of Rizwan who was well settled, with that New Zealand were right on top and were dictating terms. Pakistan had a lot of batting left in the tank, Shoaib Malik and Asif Ali got together when the required run-rate was creeping up around 10. 

Tt was then Shoaib Malik teed off against Santner off the 18th over and then followed by Asif Ali's blinder of a cameo to seal the game in the 19th over with plenty of deliveries to spare. 

New Zealand just didn't particularly bowl well right at the death and that meant Pakistan came back to win this contest. Pakistan looking clear favorites now to move on to the next stages of the tournament. 
Pakistan win back to back games. What a game this was in the end, Shoaib Malik's experience coming into play and Asif Ali's blinder shocked New Zealand at the end and they win by 5 wickets!
18.4 Trent Boult to Asif Ali, THAT IS THAT! PAKISTAN WIN! Very full around off this time, Asif stands his ground and drives along the covers and into the deep before the sweeper cuts across to his right. That is more than enough time on hand for the batters to run to and fro and seal the win though. What a match we've had at Sharjah - Pakistan beat New Zealand by 5 wickets with 8 deliveries to spare! They make it two wins out of two in the tournament now!
18.3 Trent Boult to Asif Ali, SIX! CLEARS THE FENCE! Asif Ali is playing a blinder here! Dug short at the stumps but he isn't going to be fazed by that - he hops onto his toes and clogs it high over cow corner to send it soaring over the fence, well past the leap of the boundary rider!
18.2 Trent Boult to Asif Ali, back of a length delivery angled into the pads, Asif hangs back and plays all around his whip to be struck on the pads. He looks to steal a non-existent leg-bye but Boult cuts well across to his left to prevent it.
Asif Ali getting another concussion test, the Physio is out in the middle and having a word with him though and he's looking alright now, good to go!
18.1 Trent Boult to Shoaib Malik, MISFIELD! Very full outside off in the channel, Malik gets across and swings along the ground before threading Mitchell at mid-wicket. The sweeper cuts across in the deep but a single is all the batters settle for.
That over pretty much seals the game for Pakistan, two brilliant shots, a boundary and another maximum. 15 runs coming from it, Malik doing the major damage there and New Zealand need a miraculous penultimate over to save them from the jaws of the defeat here.
126 /5 score
cricket bat icon Shoaib Malik
25 (19)
cricket bat icon Asif Ali *
19 (9)
cricket ball icon Mitchell Santner
1 /33
17.6 Mitchell Santner to Asif Ali, arm ball that skids onto a good length on off, Asif hangs back to knock it to the left of the bowler towards mid-off.
17.5 Mitchell Santner to Asif Ali, back of a length arm ball that drifts into the stumps, Asif hangs back and works it off his hips through mid-wicket before tearing back for the second run. Turning into a massive over this!
17.4 Mitchell Santner to Shoaib Malik, comes forward to work this full length delivery at the stumps through mid-wicket as he settles for a single into the deep. Will Asif go for the big one now?
17.3 Mitchell Santner to Shoaib Malik, SIX! HIGH AND HANDSOME! This could well be the game! Steps down the track to a flighted length delivery around off and lofts it through the line of it to send it towering over long off for a maximum!
17.2 Mitchell Santner to Shoaib Malik, with the arm and drifting into the stumps, back of a length and Malik hangs back to knock it on the up towards deep mid-wicket as he hares back for the second.
17.1 Mitchell Santner to Shoaib Malik, FOUR! TOP START! Short and wide outside off at quick pace, Malik hangs back and slashes it past the dive of backward point as the ball races along to the ropes.
Huge shots were coming from Pakistan and it came at the hands of Asif Ali, he picked the slower one's and the length early to clobber Southee out of the park but he comes back with four dot ball on the trot.
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