Zimbabwe 134/7 (20 ov)
Pakistan 137/2 (15.1 ov)
Pakistan won by 8 wickets
Player of the match: Haider Ali
That's all we have for this match as I, Lavil Saldanha and my colleague Abhinav Singh sign off. Hop skip and jump tabs as we bring live updates of the Second Qualifier of the Dream 11 IPL between SunRisers Hyderabad and the Delhi Capitals taking pace right now at Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi. Also, do check Sportskeeda for all sports news related articles and live match commentaries. Until next time, its good-bye from our sides. SEE YA!
Haider Ali is declared the man of the match for his match winning innings of 66 runs in 43 balls
Pakistan win the match by 8 wickets and win the 3 match T20 series 2-0 

Complete dominance with the ball and the bat for Pakistan there. Chasing a paltry target 135, Pakistani openers, Fakhar Zaman and Babar Azam, amde hay in shining sun light. Fakhar Zaman fell early in the chase after playing a loose stroke the but Babar Azam was joined by the young Haider Ali at the crease, and both of them worked in tandem to bring Pakistan home. Both put up some delightful strokes on display with the young Haider Ali playing the role of the aggressor and the experienced Babar Azam playing the relaxed role there.  Both Haider Ali and Babar Azam put up half centuries. Babar fell soon after his 50 there, but Khushdil Shah joined forces with the young Ali as they chased it down with 29 balls to spare.

Zimbabwe had a bowling attack that was a force to reckon with in the first T20, but eventual were fatigued and ran out of fuel in the second T20I. Only Blessing Muzarabani picked the two Pakistani wickets and looked to make in roads into the home side. The other bowlers tried, but were outclassed by the batting of the young Haider Ali and Babar Azam
15.1 Richard Ngarava to Khushdil Shah, FOUR! AND THAT IS THAT! short delivery banged at the three-quarters length, new batsman Khushdil Shah, who has been at his backfoot all day along, pulls it mercilessly in front of square for a boundary to kill the chase and seal the series for Pakistan! The men-in-green have an unassailable 2-0 lead in the series now!
Pakistan are in touching distance of the target here now. They have managed to get 14 runs in the over and have closed on well on the target on the back of two half centuries.

Pakistan are on 133/2 after 15 overs. Need 2 runs in 30 balls
14.6 Blessing Muzarabani to Haider Ali, Slow length ball on the stumps, Ali is deceived by the pace and launches the ball high up in the Rawalpindi night sky but the ball bounces just short of the boundary and the fielder cuts it, thereby keeping the batsmen to a couple of runs!
14.5 Blessing Muzarabani to Haider Ali, fuller length ball on the pads and Ali on the backfoot merely flicks the ball of his pads to cow corner for a couple of runs
14.5 Blessing Muzarabani to Haider Ali, sprayed down the leg side, WIDE called! Will have to reload that
14.4 Blessing Muzarabani to Haider Ali, FOUR! a fuming Muzarabani after that SIX bangs this one short but Ali once again gets in good position and pulls the ball behind square for a boundary! Gets the ball in the arc there and Ali smashes the ball hard through the line for a  four
14.3 Blessing Muzarabani to Khushdil Shah, SIX! back of length delivery rising upto the waist of the batsman. Ali deep in his crease gets into a good position and clobbers the ball way over deep midwicket region for a huge MAXIMUM! Gets the ball in his arc there Shah, and the southpaw whacks it with disdain for a maximum
14.2 Blessing Muzarabani to Khushdil Shah, another short of length delivery on middle stump line, Shah taps and runs this time for a quick run!  required in 34 balls now! 
14.1 Blessing Muzarabani to Khushdil Shah, back of length delivery pitching on middle and legal nd takes a nice awayswinging shape! Shah is cautious and takes the bat off the line of the ball
Good over from Ngarava there. Gives away only 8 runs in the over and manages to keep the dangerous Haider Ali quiet and also keeps the line and the length tight there

Pakistan are on 119/2 after 14 overs. Need 16 runs in 36 balls
13.6 Richard Ngarava to Khushdil Shah, fuller length delivery on the middle and off stump line, driven down the ground straight into the hands of mid on! A direct hit and Shah would have been a goner!
13.5 Richard Ngarava to Haider Ali, back of length delivery angled away from the batsman. Ali in his crease taps the ball to point for a quick single
13.4 Richard Ngarava to Shah, full pitched delivery bowled outside off, driven off the backfoot to cover region for a solitary run!
13.3 Richard Ngarava to Khushdil Shah, FOUR! overpitched delivery straying down the leg, the new batsman has no trouble accepting that gift as he guides it to fine leg for a boundary. Shah gets the ball down on his pads there, obliges and gets a little edge on that one and it runs away for a boundary
13.2 Richard Ngarava to Khushdil Shah, fuller length delivery angled into the batsman and played down the ground to mid on for no run!
13.1 Richard Ngarava to Haider Ali, slow length ball bowled across from the batsman, Haider bends down and guides the ball to the right of deep backward point for a single
Babar Azam departs in the over after getting his 50. Muzarabani gets both the Pakistani batsmen till now and will hope that other bowlers will dent the batting lineup of Pakistan and push the chase a little more ahead.

Pakistan are on 111/2 after 13 overs. Need 24 runs in 42 balls
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