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Pakistanska Foreningen 108/4 (10 ov)
Alby Zalmi CC 66/9 (10 ov)
Pakistanska Foreningen won by 42 runs.
Key/In-form Players to look out for
Pakistanska Foreningen
  • Choudry Share Ali
  • Tasaduq Hussain
  • Sameer Ali Khan
  • Alby Zalmi CC
  • Azam Khalil
  • Faraan Chaudhry
  • Muhammad Zeeshan
  • Key Points
  • AZC and PF have been the two most exciting teams of the tournament. There is no dearth of entertainment when these sides take the ground and the semi-final will surely get the best from these sides. PF will rely on their workhorse Tasadq Hussain to keep things tight in the bowling department whereas AZC will rely on their skipper Azam Khalil to hold the innings together. There is no doubt that Khalil is the glue that holds the AZC's side together.
  • Expert Comment
    Abhinav Singh
    The two dangerous sides of the tournament locking horns in what promises to be an enthralling knockout contest. PF and AZC both won 4 matches on their way to the Semi's and with a similar style of play, it is difficult to predict who edges the other. PF will rely on their overall all-round game whereas AZC will be looking towards their explosive openers who more often than not have set the platform for the team to build upon. The teams could not meet in the league stage as the match was abandoned due to rain. However, the semi-final might make-up more than enough for the viewers who have been waiting for this contest.
    PF has dominated this game and have won comprehensively. Winning the toss they batted well and put a huge score(108 in 10 overs) on the board. Bowlers bowled tight lines, Billal was outstanding by taking 4 wickets in his 2 overs.
    Chasing high score in a big game got to AZC and they never looked like they were in the game.
    PF remains unbeaten in this tournament and will take on Sigtuna CC in finals.
    We enjoyed bringing this coverage to you. Stay Tuned as we bring you the remaining two games of the tournament.
    This is Nikhil Kulkarni and Prasen Moudgal signing off. Stay Safe and Take Care!
    9.6 H Taj to A Khalil, PF win by 42 runs and have stormed into the final of the ECS T10 competition! Short ball outside off, Khalil flat bats it down to long off for a single
    9.5 H Taj to A Khalil, slower and full on the stumps, Khalil drags it to deep mid-wicket for a brace
    9.4 H Taj to S Khalil, slower length ball lobs off the edge and down to long on
    9.3 H Taj to A Khalil, full toss on the stumps, whipped to square leg, just a single
    9.2 H Taj to U Jabbar, OUT! A very lazy shot from Jabbar, can't expect anything less though. Loopy delivery outside off, Jabbar went for the slog but got an edge that was taken by the man at short third man
    9.1 H Taj to U Jabbar, length ball goes just above the stumps, no run
    AZC needs 48 runs in the last 6 balls. AZC - 61/8 after 9 overs. 
    8.6 V Waqqas to A Khalil, very slow ball outside off, Khalil opened up his stance to slam it over covers but missed
    8.5 V Waqqas to A Khalil, length ball clipped to backward square leg for a couple of runs
    8.4 V Waqqas to U Jabbar, legnth ball ricochets off the keeper's pads for a bye
    8.3 V Waqqas to U Jabbar, Jabbar misses a length ball again
    8.2 V Waqqas to U Jabbar, slower and loopy delivery outside off, Khalil misses it
    8.1 V Waqqas to U Jabbar, length ball goes off the inside edge to fine leg, just a single
    AZC needs 53 runs in 12 balls. AZC - 56/8 after 8 overs.
    It's now impossible for AZC to win this game.

    7.6 A Khan to A Khalil, short ball pulled away to deep mid-wicket for a couple of runs
    7.5 A Khan to A Khalil, SIX! In the slot from Khan, Khalil gets under the ball and hammers it over long on!
    7.4 A Khan to U Jabbar, full ball outside off, Jabbar goes for a heave but the edge goes to covers
    7.3 A Khan to I Zia, OUT! Zia is a goner! Full ball well flighted on the stumps, Zia came down the track but lifted it straight back to the bowler. 
    7.2 A Khan to A Khalil, length ball pushed to deep cover for a single
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