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The match has been called off!. Choudry Ali(28 off 16) looked in good form. PF had 9 wickets in hand and were eyeing for a good finish.
On the other hand, Stockholm did pretty well to contain them. Niranjan Komalla was the key for Stockholm by just conceding 13 runs in 2 overs.

Both the teams get one point each. This is Nikhil Kulkarni and my colleague Dwijesh Reddy Signing off!. Stay Safe and Take Care!
It's still continuing to rain! With every passing minute, the chances of play restarting look bleak!
Fingers crossed! We will keep you posted as soon as we have any updates. If the rain continues and if we have a curtailed game then Stockholm will be given a target to chase in 5 overs.
Now then! The rain picks pace and the umpires decide to call off play! Given how the weather in Stockholm is, it shouldn't be long before the players are back on the field! 
5.2 A Mathur to C Share Ali, LUCKY! Bowled fast and wide from around the wicket but Ali gets some bat on it. Flies past the keeper for four!
5.2 A Mathur to C Share Ali, NO BALL! The ball slips out of the hand and over the waist of Ali! The umpire signals it as a no-ball. Easy decision!
5.1 A Mathur to C Share Ali, full ball on middle, smashes past the bowler by Ali. Great start to the over!
PF - 45/1 from 5 overs. Halfway through the innings. PF are scoring 9 runs per over.
They will be looking to put up more runs on the board. 
4.6 Umesh Bharti to Hussain, short ball from Bharti and Hussain cuts it over point for a four!
4.4 Umesh Bharti to Ali, another run added with a drive!
4.3 Umesh Bharti to Tassaduq Hussain, takes a single with a good looking shot!
4.2 Umesh Bharti to Hussain, another short of length ball. Pulled away by Hussain but straight to the fielder!
4.1 Umesh Bharti to Ali, a short ball to start the over. Ali pulls to mid-wicket, where a fielder covers up!
PF - 34/1 from 4 overs. Choudry Ali is looking in good touch. He batted well in the last game.
Bit of drizzle 
3.6 N Komalla to Tassaduq Hussain, wild heave from Hussain. Gets nothing for that shot!
3.5 N Komalla to Tassaduq Hussain, short again from Komalla and Hussain pulls it to the vacant mid-wicket area. Good fielding by the deep fielder!
3.4 N Komalla to C Share Ali, blasts this towards the offside but straight to the fielder!
3.3 N Komalla to C Share Ali, BANG! SIX! You cannot keep Ali quiet and he pulls another short ball over midwicket! Massive hit that!
3.2 N Komalla to C Share Ali, this time a good length delivery just outside off! Beaten once again is Ali!
3.1 N Komalla to C Share Ali, heaves at a straight ball. Perhaps deceived by the pace.
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