157/6 (20)
151/10 (19.5)
PS won by 6 runs.
That would be all from the coverage of this match of the Big Bash League 2021. Thanks for joining us. Good night! 
So, we had the first look at Perth Scorchers in this year's Big Bash League, the Scorchers have started their campaign in style beating Brisbane Heats by 6 runs. The Scorchers would have hoped for a win by a slightly bigger margin but Xavier Bartlett lower down the order played a good cameo of 34 from 25 balls, which almost gave the Scorchers a scare. Heats were slow in the chase as they were reduced to 59/3. That is where they lost the plot. 

Earlier in the day, Scorchers made 157/6. Their innings was a story of two halves. The Scorchers had raced to 89 in their first 10 overs. The good start that the Scorchers enjoyed was due to big-hitting from the bat of Kurtis Patterson. The batter smashed his first Big Bash League fifty. But once Patterson was back in the dugout, the Scorchers lost the momentum. In the second half of the innings, the Scorchers managed only 68 runs. The credits should go to the Brisbane Heat bowlers who bowled well to pull things back in their favour. Cameron Gannon picked two wickets. And there was one wicket each for Xavier Bartlett, Liam Guthrie, Mujeeb Ur Rahman and James Bazley. 
Matthew Kelly is the Player of the Match for his spell of 4-0-28-4

: Glad to win the match. Good fun to win in front of the home crowds. Unfortunately, the hat-trick did not go my way. 
Perth Scorchers win by 6 runs. A few overs ago we thought that Scorchers would cruise to an easy win. But Brisbane Heats stretched the match all the way down to the last over. 
19.5 Jason Behrendorff to Xavier Bartlett, RUNOUT! THE SCORCHERS CLINCH A CRACKING CONTEST! Low full toss on the stumps, Bartlett drills it down to long-on and they were always going to come back for the second run. Guthrie couldn't scamper back in time and is left well short of his crease. That was a thrilling game of cricket! Bartlett almost pulling off a heist. Eventually, its the Scorchers who prevail. Perth Scorchers win by 6 runs
19.5 Jason Behrendorff to Xavier Bartlett, FOUR! That was a pretty high full toss outside off, Bartlett slams it past mid-off to find the ropes. Late call for a no-ball. It was above waist height
19.4 Jason Behrendorff to Liam Guthrie, full delivery around the off-stump, Guthrie crunches a drive to the right of cover but the fielder dives to his right to keep it down to a single 
19.3 Jason Behrendorff to Xavier Bartlett, nails his yorker outside off-stump, Bartlett squeezes out a drive to extra cover. Can't get it through, just a single 
19.2 Jason Behrendorff to Liam Guthrie, they sneak through for a bye! Excellent yorker outside off-stump, Guthrie can get nowhere near that one but Bartlett was on his bike to scamper across to the other end
19.1 Jason Behrendorff to Xavier Bartlett, full toss outside off-stump, Bartlett's missed out on that one, driven to mid-off and takes a single 
Behrendorff to bowl. 
Brilliant over from Tye! Just three runs from it. We are going down the last over with Heats needing 17 runs. 
141 /9 score
cricket bat icon Xavier Bartlett *
27 (21)
cricket bat icon Liam Guthrie
5 (4)
cricket ball icon Andrew Tye
2 /32
18.6 Andrew Tye to Xavier Bartlett, good length delivery angling into Bartlett, flicks it to deep mid-wicket on the bounce, just a single. Terrific over from AJ Tye! 
18.5 Andrew Tye to Xavier Bartlett, pace on this time, short and outside off-stump. Bartlett wafts at it but he's failed to connect. He's asking for a wide, not given
18.4 Andrew Tye to Xavier Bartlett, into the blockhole once more. All Bartlett can do is dig that one out back to the bowler, no run
18.3 Andrew Tye to Xavier Bartlett, DOT BALL! Nails the yorker wide of off-stump this time, Bartlett was trying to give himself some room and has to reach out for that one. Clever bowling!
18.2 Andrew Tye to Xavier Bartlett, short of a length delivery angling into Bartlett, mistimes his pull in between long-on and deep mid-wicket, around the circle to scamper back for two