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Perth Scorchers 158/6 (17 ov)
Melbourne Stars 10/1 (1.1 ov)
No result (revised target)
So the game is therefore abondoned. We did some good action from the first innings and it was pretty topsy turvy for both sides. That's all from this game. Stay tuned for all other live updates from cricket across the globe. This is Rishab, with my partner, Prashanth, signing off for the moment! 
Too disappointing to not have a game with rain playing spoilsport! After the break, finally the game resumed after quite a wait but with barely an over done, rain coming down hard again forcing the umpires to abondone this game. The Perth Scorchers would have really fancied their chances with 76 to defend from 6 overs. Out of the two sides, they're going to be most disappointed with the result. They lost their opening encounter and this was an opportunity for them to get a win against the table toppers. 

With the kind of batting the Stars have, they would have pretty much fancied chasing this down too. They did really well to restrict the Scorchers after that onslaught from Turner and good contributions from Munro and Joe Clarke as well. 

Well, there's nothing much one can do against nature anyway! So it stands even after just 18 overs of play in the entire game. It promised to be a cracker of an encounter. And that's it from this game! 
And it's a disappointing end! The rain begins to come down hard again and the umpires have officially called the game off. Looked like we were set for some good action after the break but the rain persists with other plans tonight! 
Stoinis is gone! Big one this and we have the rain pouring down again! At least 5 overs for the game to be accounted for
1.1 Jhye Richardson to Marcus Stoinis, OUT! LBW! Good-length ball bounces a little low and cuts into the batsman and wraps the batsman on the pads and he is adjudged out LBW. A very harsh call on would say.
Jhye Richardson into the attack
There's no time to settle down and they're going to have to go after the bowlers. This is a good start from Paris. The openers are looking a little rusty there. 10 off the over. It's 66 from 30 now
Over: 1 | Summary: 1 3 1 1 0 4 Bowler: Joel Paris Score: 10/0
0.6 Joel Paris to Andre Fletcher, FOUR! SHOT! Full-length ball outside off-stump and Fletcher clears his front leg and drives this through covers to pick up a boundary.
0.5 Joel Paris to Andre Fletcher, length ball angling across the right-hander and Fletcher misses it completely trying to heave this over mid-wicket.
0.4 Joel Paris to Marcus Stoinis, length ball on leg-stump and Stoinis flicks it over the infield for a single this time.
0.3 Joel Paris to Andre Fletcher, full-toss on leg-stump and Fletcher misses out as he finds the fielder at short fine-leg with the shot.
0.2 Joel Paris to Marcus Stoinis, length ball on leg-stump takes the inside edge onto the pads on the way past fine-leg and they will get three.
0.1 Joel Paris to Andre Fletcher, good-length ball on leg-stump and Fletcher comes down the track to play it to mid-wicket for a single.
The skies have cleared and play will resume. Marcus Stoinis and Andre Fletcher walk out for the Stars. Joel Paris to start proceedings for the Scorchers. 76 of 36 it is. Should be a cracker! 
Update: The Melbourne Stars will be chasing a revised target of 76 from 6 overs. Play will start at 16:45 IST
Update: we have some good news as the rain has stopped and covers are coming off. Play will resume at 10:05 PM local time and we'll have a 6-over innings for the Stars. The revised target will be updated soon
Update: The cut off time for play is 10:45 PM local time which is around 5:15 PM IST. Bash Boost point will be split due to the rain. It's still raining in Launceston
The rain continues as we wait for any further updates. The Stars need to play at least 5 overs for this to be qualified as a game, Stay tuned for further updates
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