Pioltello United 70/7 (10 ov)
Milan Kingsgrove Cricket Club won by 46 runs.
Player of the match: Tharindu Fernando
Milan Kingsgrove Cricket Club won this match by 46 runs!!

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Only one batsman Ahmad Khan was able to reach the double digits and was the highest run-scorer with 23 runs.MK had a dominating victory in this match over PU. PU have a lot of work on as the drop catches might have certainly played its part.
PU batters were subdued as they had no answers to MK slower ball attack. Sooner the required run rate was out of hands for MK and it was mear formalities towards the end. PU feel 46 runs short in the end as they could manage to post just 69 runs in reply.
Zain lost his wicket in the fifth over and the required run rate was just creeping up for PU. Nisal who got Zain got another wicket right towards the end of his over. PU continued to press on as they did not bowl with their pacers and instead brought on medium pacers.
He although tried to hit one shot too many and lost his wicket right towards the end of Fernando's over. Runs had started to slow down for PU as they were struggling to bat against the slower bowlers.
MK skipper Fernando introduced himself into the attack in the following over and got another wicket in the form of Majid, sending both the PU openers were back in the hut. Haider the new batsman in for PU found a couple of boundaries straight away.
Coming in to chase 117 runs, PU had a decent start as they were helped by MK bowler Rajeewa who conceded 10 extras in that first over courtesy of his wide balls. MK introduced spin right in the second over and he struck gold as he found a wicket in that over.
A comfortable victory for MK in the end as the skipper who set things up for them with the bat did a good job with the ball as well. Overall performance by as he marshalled his troops effectively by getting the right bowlers to bowl at the right time. He bowled out the final over and got the formalities done to get his side over the line.
Over: 10 | Summary: 2 2 4 1 0 1 Bowler: Tharindu Fernando Score: 69/7
9.6 Warnakulasuriya Tharindu Niman Fernando to Ali Amjad, full delivery outside off-stump, Ali gets an inside edge towards fine leg, for a single.

Milan Kingsgrove win by 46 runs.
9.5 Warnakulasuriya Tharindu Niman Fernando to Ali Amjad, nails the yorker angling in, hits Ali on the boots as he tried to give himself some room. No real appeal from the bowler either.
9.4 Warnakulasuriya Tharindu Niman Fernando to Ahmad Khan, good length slower delivery on the stumps, Ahmad steps down and works it towards deep square leg, for a single
9.3 Warnakulasuriya Tharindu Niman Fernando to Ahmad Khan, FOUR! Full delivery on the pads, Ahmad flicks it with great timing, to find the deep square leg boundary
9.2 Warnakulasuriya Tharindu Niman Fernando to Ahmad Khan, back of a length delivery outside off, Ahmad cuts it towards point for a single but an overthrow gives them two
9.1 Warnakulasuriya Tharindu Niman Fernando to Ahmad Khan, DROPPED! Full delivery outside off, Ahmad swings for the fence but the fielder at long-off puts down a tough chance. Brace taken
Warnakulasuriya Tharindu Niman Fernando will bowl the final over.
A good comeback over for Rajeeewa who strayed a lot in that first over with his line. He bowled in the right lines as he was not under the pressure of leaking runs in that over. PU will hope to as many runs as possible to minimize the damage on their net run rate.
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 4 1 0 1 1 Bowler: Kasun Rajeewa Balasuriya Score: 59/7
8.6 Rajeewa Balasuriya to Ahmad Khan, back of a length delivery, too straight, Ahmad works it down to fine leg, for a single
8.5 Rajeewa Balasuriya to Ali Amjad, slower delivery on the off-stump, Ali gives himself some room to whack, but slices his hit well short of long-on, for a single
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