St Gallen CC 84/7 (10 ov)
Power CC 88/3 (8.3 ov)
Power CC won by 7 wickets
Comfortable win for Power CC. Arshad Butt(29 from 18) started well and scored quickly. Osama Mahmood was being quite till Arshad departed, He started to tee off and scored a quickfire 35 from 20 balls. Baljinder Singh hammered two boundaries to seal off the victory.
Disappointing game for SGCC, they haven't had a good tournament. They need to go back and find players who can win the games for them.

We enjoyed bringing this coverage to you. This is Nikhil Kulkarni and Prasen Moudgal signing off!. Stay Safe and Take Care.
8.3 M Nasim to B Singh, SIX! PCC pick up a 7-wicket win! Full ball in the slot from Nasim, Singh took a couple of steps down the track and belted it over long off!
8.2 M Nasim to O Mahmood, short ball goes off the glove to fine leg
8.1 M Nasim to O Mahmood, SIX! Full ball in the hitting arc, Mahmood puts on his dancing shoes and lofts it handsomely over long on!
POCC:- 75/3 after 8th Over. POCC needs 10 runs in 12 balls.
7 runs from the last over. Are we heading for a tight finish?. 
7.6 K Fletcher to B Singh, yorker outside off goes past a dig from Singh and for a dot
7.5 K Fletcher to O Mahmood, full pace delivery goes off the back pad to point for a leg bye
7.4 K Fletcher to O Mahmood, slower delivery spins away down leg for a wide
7.4 K Fletcher to O Mahmood, short of length ball outside off keeps extremely low, Mahmood shaped up for a pull and missed the ball
7.3 K Fletcher to B Singh, short ball bounces a tad more and goes off the top of the bat to point
7.2 K Fletcher to B Singh, short of length ball angles away from Singh and over off stump, good comeback from the pacer!
7.1 K Fletcher to B Singh, FOUR! He's hammered a length ball on leg stump down the long on for a boundary! What a way to get off the mark!
POCC:- 68/3 after 7th Over. POCC needs 19 runs in 18 balls.
POCC should make sure that they don't leave too much to the last over. Osama is the key batsman.
6.6 M Nasim to O Mahmood, RUN OUT! Butt has been run out! Mahmood lofted a length ball between long off and cover point, Butt was slow to make his ground at the non-striker's end while attempting a second. 
6.5 M Nasim to M Butt, full ball lofted down to long on, just a single
6.4 M Nasim to M Butt, FOUR! Full ball outside off, Butt took a steps down the track and powered it through long off!
6.3 M Nasim to O Mahmood, slower ball dragged to backward square leg for a single
6.2 M Nasim to M Butt, short ball punched down to mid-wicket for a single
6.1 M Nasim to O Mahmood, DROPPED! Poor effort from the man at long on as he puts down a skier and allows the batsmen to collect three!
POCC:- 57/2 after 6th Over. POCC need 28 runs in 24 balls.
Big wicket of Asad Mahmood in that over, SGCC needs one more wicket to put pressure on POCC.
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