Prague CC Rooks 78/6 (10 ov)
Prague Barbarians Vandals won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Sabawoon Davizi
Convincing victory for PBV getting there with six wickets and nine deliveries to spare. Good all-round performance as they did well with the ball to restrict the Rooks and then came out to chase down the target quite comfortably. They got a decent start with the opening partnership that set it up for them with their top three amongst the runs, Davizi top-scoring with 28. Few wickets going down towards the end but the game was as good as over by then as PBV were in control. 

The Rooks needed early wickets which they failed to get. They did manage to keep it somewhat tidy in the powerplay but it wasn't going to be enough with not many runs on the board to defend. Outplayed in all departments as they struggled to put up a challenging score batting first and it was always going to be difficult to try and defend it. 

Clinical performance by PBV then. As for the Rooks, they do have another encounter later in the day where they will definitely look to redeem themselves and come up with a better show. More ECS action coming your way from the remaining games of the day. Stay tuned. For the moment, this is Rishab and Navjeevan signing off!
Done and dusted then as the Vandals eventually get home, with some hiccups towards the end but they had the game in the pocket anyway. A six-wicket convincing win outplaying the Rooks!
8.4 Vinod Suthar to Sahil Grover, FOUR!! WINNING RUNS!! Full and on the leg stumps, Sahil gets into position and heaves this one towards the square leg region and finds the boundary ropes on the bounce, and gets his side across the line with 9 balls to spare!
8.3 Vinod Suthar to Bilal Samad, full and angling into the right-hander, Bilal tries to get some bat on it is hit on the pads, an appeal was made but the umpire turns it down, meanwhile, Bilal scampers through for a leg bye! SCORES ARE TIED!!
8.2 Vinod Suthar to Bilal Samad, WIDE!! Full and way outside the tramline, just 2 runs needed for PBV!!
8.1 Vinod Suthar to Bilal Samad, full and outside off, Bilal just taps this one straight to the cover fielder, a dot ball
Flurry of wickets for the Rooks towards the end here but it's all too late as they do not have enough runs on the board. A very good over from Dipankumar and they're going down fighting to say the least. Just 3 more required now! 
Over: 8 | Summary: 1W 2 1 1 W 1 Bowler: Dipankumar Patel Score: 76/4
7.6 Dipankumar Patel to Bilal Samad, full and on the stumps, Bilal works this one towards mid-wicket and gets off the mark
7.5 Dipankumar Patel to Muralidhara Vandrasi, BOWLED HIM!! Full and straight on the stumps, Vandrasi tries to play this one straight down the ground swings and misses, the ball goes on to knock those stumps off the ground
7.4 Dipankumar Patel to Sahil Grover, full and outside off, Sahil cuts this one towards point and scampers through for a quick single
7.3 Dipankumar Patel to Muralidhara Vandrasi, full and in the blockhole, Vandrasi digs this one out and plays it towards mid-wicket fielder
7.2 Dipankumar Patel to Muralidhara Vandrasi, full and outside off, Vandrasi punches this one towards deep cover and he manages to come back for a second. 6 runs needed now!
7.1 Dipankumar Patel to Andrew Sim, back of a length down the leg, Sim tickles this one down towards fine leg, Sim decides to take a second run a touch second late and unfortunately a good throw sends him packing back to the hut
Finally getting a wicket but it just seems to be too late now. Brilliant batting from Grover as the Vandals inch closer to the finish line now. Three more overs to go and they will be looking to do this in style and with ease!
Over: 7 | Summary: 1 W 1 1w 4 0 0 Bowler: Vinod Suthar Score: 70/2
6.6 Vinod Suthar to Sahil Grover, full and outside off, Sahil leaves that one and offers no shot to that one, a dot ball to end the over
6.5 Vinod Suthar to Sahil Grover, full and straight on the stumps, Sahil just blocks this one straight back to the bowler, a dot ball
6.4 Vinod Suthar to Sahil Grover, FOUR!! CRUNCHED!! Back of a length outside off, Sahil gets down and slashes that one past the cover-point region, and the ball races away to the boundary ropes in a flash
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