Prague Barbarians Vandals won by 3 runs.
Player of the match: Sabawoon Davizi
What a match to start off today's proceedings. After a slowish start, the Spartans did everything in the backend to put a fighting performance. but didn't get the job done, losing this thrilling contest agonizingly by 3 runs. Chasing a competitive target of 99 runs, the Spartans didn't get off to a flier in the powerplay. After excelling with the bat, Davizi bowled a fantastic second over to the dangerous Sengupta as the Spartans managed just 23 three runs in the first three overs.

Sengupta failed to live up to the billing and got out in the fourth over. Just when it looked things were completely out of PSV's hands, Venkataswamy and Jagannivasan put a solid partnership in the middle. Venkataswamy, in particular, proved to be a nightmare for the bowlers in the middle overs by scoring boundaries at regular intervals, but Amritpal Rai dismissed him with a fantastic wrong'un in his final over.

With 35 needed in the final three, Davizi struck again at a vital time by getting rid of Jagganivasan and Bhuiyan to pull the momentum back in PBV's favour. Arya and Tyagi's late launch only made PSV get closer to the target as PBV prevail in this encounter. Davizi proved to be the game-changer with his all-around performance. We had a thrilling start to this ECS T10 and three more matches to follow up before we wrap up the day. Hope you enjoyed the coverage and until then, this is Pragadeesh waving goodbye on behalf of my fellow colleague Sooryanarayanan. See yaa
Over: 10 | Summary: 6 1 2 1 2 1 Bowler: Mralidhara Sai Vandrasi Score: 95/4
9.6 Muralidhara Vandrasi to Neeraj Tyagi, JUST A SINGLE! VANDRASI HAS DONE IT! He bravely tosses one up on a length outside off, Tyagi looks to heave it up and over mid-off but the ball goes to the fielder in the ring on the bounce; a single is all they can get as the Vanguards fall agonizingly short! What a contest we've had and at the end of it all, the Prague Barbarians Vandals prevail by 3 runs!
Big discussion taking place between Vandrasi and Davizi. Here we go
9.5 Muralidhara Vandrasi to Neeraj Tyagi, STOPPED IN THE OUTFIELD! On a length at the stumps, picked up over fine leg and into the deep before the fielders converge to keep it down to a brace. 5 needed off the last ball - GOLDEN BALL ANYONE?
9.4 Muralidhara Vandrasi to Ashutosh Arya, flighted full on leg-stump, Arya swings hard but spoons the edge behind the keeper and crosses over; the bowler fails to collect it cleanly but it doesn't cost him anything!
8 needed from 3 balls. A boundary would surely do for the Spartans.
9.3 Muralidhara Vandrasi to Ashutosh Arya, tossed up full in the corridor from around the wicket, Arya clubs it straight back past the bowler and tears across the pitch; long on covers up to his right and keeps it down to a brace!
9.2 Muralidhara Vandrasi to Neeraj Tyagi, tossed up on a length around off, heaved towards deep mid-wicket for a single. Tyagi has done his job - over to Arya now!
9.1 Muralidhara Vandrasi to Neeraj Tyagi, SIX! ALL THE WAY! WHAT A START TO THE FINAL OVER! Vandrasi dishes out a filthy loopy high full toss at the stumps and Tyagi gives the charge to smother it wayyyy back over mid-wicket! Excellent beginning!
Vandrasi to continue. 17 needed from the final 6 deliveries

Two back-to-back boundaries in the same region. The first shot was played with conviction but the same cannot be said on the other one, as it flew off the edge over short third man.
Over: 9 | Summary: 0 1 1 4 4 2 Bowler: Pankaj Kumar Score: 82/4
8.6 Pankaj Pundir to Ashutosh Arya, on a length on off, gives himself room and heaves it off the inner half towards mid-wicket; they race back for the second run and the keeper dislodges the bails with a throw but the umpire deems him safe!
8.5 Pankaj Pundir to Ashutosh Arya, FOUR! ANOTHER ONE! Short and angling away in the channel, Arya gives himself room and throws the kitchen sink at it as the edge flies up and over third man to beat the fielder giving the chase! Can he get a third now?
8.4 Pankaj Pundir to Ashutosh Arya, FOUR! THERE'S A BOUNDARY AT LAST! Full outside off, Arya sticks his bat out and squeezes it over the third man region as he picks out the gap to perfection! 23 off 8 required now!
8.3 Pankaj Pundir to Neeraj Tyagi, on a good length on leg-stump, Tyagi shimmies down the pitch and whips it towards deep mid-wicket; this time, Tyagi nearly slips and turns down the second run!
8.2 Pankaj Pundir to Ashutosh Arya, dips in very full around off, Arya carves it over the covers and into the deep; there was an easy second but Arya slips as he completes the first run so a single is all they can collect!
8.1 Pankaj Pundir to Ashutosh Arya, angling away on a length outside off, swings across the line but fails to connect! Priceless dot ball!
Pankaj Pundir replaces Amritpal Rai

Davizi nailed the yorker to perfection and got his second wicket in the over. What a day he's been having. Just 4 runs coming off that over and this match is suddenly getting out of PSV's hands.
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 1w 1 2 W 1 W Bowler: Sabawoon Davizi Score: 70/4
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