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Prague CC Kings 63/1 (5.1 ov)
Prague CC Kings won by 9 wickets
The Prague CC Kings storm to the final!

makes a mockery of the target, which looked to be competitive at the halfway mark. But Sudesh Wickramasekara had other plans in mind with a whirlwind knock of 43 off just 17 balls. He hit five sixes off a hapless PBVI bowling attack with Arun Ashokan also playing a handy knock as PCC chase down 58 in just 5.1 overs! Bohemian CC await the Kings in the final, which is scheduled to start at 9:30 PM IST.

That's it from this game. Hope you enjoyed the coverage! Do join us for the final between Prague CC Kings and Bohemian CC. Until then, this is Dwijesh Reddy and my partner, Habil Ahmed signing off!
5.1 B Samad to S Wickramasekara, slightly short and he's hit that WAY beyond the boundary. HUGE six and it's all over! Easy win for the Prague CC Kings in the end!
57-1 after 5 overs. PCC needs 2 runs off 18 balls!
4.6 S Grover to S Wickramasekara, slow and wide outside off. A big heave from the batsman but he is unable to make enough contact. Gets a slight edge and they scamper through for one.
4.5 S Grover to P Sadasivan, hit towards cover for a single. 3 required now
4.4 S Grover to S Wickramasekara, hit in the air but will be cut off at long on. Just one run.
4.4 S Grover to S Wickramasekara, to wide outside off. Another added.
4.3 S Grover to S Wickramasekara, hit straight back over the bowler's head for a HUGE hit! We are in for a quick finish here as Sudesh smashes his fourth six of the innings! SENSATIONAL HITTING this from Sudesh!
4.2 S Grover to P Sadasivan, played away on the leg side for one. Brings Sudesh back to strike
4.1 S Grover to S Wickramasekara, played and missed but keeper fumbles, allowing a single. Lack of bounce does Sudesh but he is lucky to come out of it with a single
45/1 after 4 overs! PCC needs 14 runs off 24 balls!

PCC firmly ahead at the halfway mark. Only a matter of time now.
3.6 N Achuthan to S Wickramasekara, slightly short and straight. He turns it towards midwicket for a single. NINETEEN off that over!
3.5 N Achuthan to P Sadasivan, full toss on leg stump and he plays it towards the leg side for a single.
3.4 N Achuthan to S Wickramasekara, on the off stump and he pushes it down to long on for one run. Finally some normalcy in the over!
3.3 N Achuthan to S Wickramasekara, slightly overpitched and the batsman picked it up to smack it over the long on fielder. This is sensational batting by Sudesh, who races to 27*
3.2 N Achuthan to S Wickramasekara, short and wide outside off stump and it's hit through the off side for four runs. Sudesh is in a hurry to finish this game! 10 off the first two balls!
3.1 N Achuthan to S Wickramasekara, short and on the leg stump. It's punished. It's smashed over leg stump for SIX! Dismisses the short of length delivery out of the ground! He looks in ominous form!
26/1 after 3 overs. PCC needs 33 runs off 30 balls!

A good over that from Grover!
2.6 S Grover to P Sadasivan, outside off and he plays at it. Huge appeal for caught behind is turned down.
2.5 S Grover to A Ashokan, played and missed! Grovers bowls that one a touch fuller and wider. Ashokan misses the drive there!
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