Vinohrady Blancos 70/6 (10 ov)
Prague CC Knights 72/2 (7.1 ov)
Prague CC Knights won by 8 wickets
That's that, and it is the Prague CC Knights that make the final from this eliminator in the end. 71 was not close to enough for the Vinohrady Blancos and they have crashed out of this tournament.

Some impressive batting from Laxmi Selvan and Kasi Balakrishnan sees the Knights make it home comfortably. A brilliant 40 off 20 from Selvan is what made the difference there. Some huge hits from him in that innings as well. Just when Benjamin Soucek's two wickets seemed to have tipped the scales in the Blancos' favour, the Knights decided to simply turn things upside down. Leave out Kapil Kumar, and none of the other bowlers would be too pleased with their bowling figures in the end.

That's not all for today though as the final of the Czech T10 Super Series Group 2 is an all-Prague affair later tonight. Stick around for the final between Prague Spartans Vanguards and Prague CC Knights, as we bring you all the action from the game, starting 9:30 PM IST.
7.1 N Kumar to KVP Balakrishnan, FOUR! Short and outside leg, Balakrishnan swivelled on his hips and pulled it away behind square for a boundary!
Some huge hitting to end that over! They get 17 from it. The Knights need 3 runs to win from 18 balls. Wonder who's going to win it from here.
6.6 V Hasa to L Selvan, SIX! Short and asking to be hit, Selvan stands tall and hammers it over mid-wicket and into the trees!
6.5 V Hasa to L Selvan, SIX! Selvan is in a hurry! Length ball on the stumps, Selvan wristed it away over mid-wicket for a maximum!

Laxmi Selvan has been the real difference-maker today.
6.4 V Hasa to L Selvan, full ball dragged down the long on for a couple of runs. That misfield could have cost them two more runs but thankfully for the fielder, it stops just short of the boundary.
6.3 V Hasa to KVP Balakrishnan, batter charges down the track and carves it behind point for a single
6.2 V Hasa to L Selvan, short of length ball goes off the hips to short fine leg
6.1 V Hasa to KVP Balakrishnan, length ball keeps very low and goes off the keeper's pads to short fine leg for a bye
9 from that over. The Knights need another 20 to win off 24 balls. This could be over in a jiffy if you're not paying attention.
5.6 N Kumar to L Selvan, short ball pulled between the man at square leg and the fielder at long on, two runs for Selvan
5.5 N Kumar to L Selvan, quicker ball angles into Selvan, goes off the thigh pad to the right of the keeper
5.4 N Kumar to KVP Balakrishnan, length ball dragged off the toe end of the bat to mid-wicket
5.3 N Kumar to KVP Balakrishnan, short ball defended onto the off side
5.2 N Kumar to KVP Balakrishnan, full ball lofted over covers, two more runs to the total
5.1 N Kumar to KVP Balakrishnan, FOUR! Balakrishnan finally times one right as he swings at a length ball and through mid-wicket for a boundary!
Pretty big over from the Knights' point of view in the end. 17 runs come off it. The Blancos have undone all the good work from the earlier overs with that one. The Knights now need 29 to win off 30 balls.
4.6 B Soucek to KVP Balakrishnan, random swing from the batter again, chips it to covers for a run
4.5 B Soucek to KVP Balakrishnan, full and outside off this time, Balakrishna looks to paste it over covers but misses
4.4 B Soucek to KVP Balakrishnan, Balakrishnan swung hard at a length ball and skied it in the air, the bowler called it but dropped the chance, batsmen take two
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