Prague CC Rooks 91/5 (10 ov)
Prague CC Rooks won by 2 runs.
So, this was me, Pradeep Somashekar along with my fellow commentator Shashwat Kumar bringing you the live-action of Match 2 in this ECN Czech Super Series T-10 2020. 
Rooks bowled brilliantly throughout, they've always kept a check on the RRR and didn't let the match slip away in the powerplay. Few drop catches but in the end Vandals should've had this match in their pocket but they made a mess of it. Vandals had to get a 15 run over from somewhere that would've made their life easier. 
What a match in the end, may be Sabawoon should have taken those singles in that last over but it costed them the match, Sabawoon backed himself to score those 9 runs of the last 3 balls, he managed to score a maximum and in the end it wasn't enough to cross the line.
9.6 Smit Patel to Sabawoon Davizi, SWING AND A MISS! Back of a length outside off and that one keeps low as well. He is nowhere close to making contact and then he glares at the umpire hoping for a wide. The umpire does him no favours and Davizi has been left ruing his lack of footwork, his lack of match awareness and indeed, his lack of strokes towards the end!
9.5 Smit Patel to Sabawoon Davizi, SIX! My word! This has gotten really interesting! Length delivery and Davizi whacks it over deep mid-wicket for a magnificent maximum. 3 required off the final delivery now.
9.4 Smit Patel to Sabawoon Davizi, angled into the pads and hit straight to mid-wicket. Denies the single again. 9 runs required off 2 balls now.
9.3 Smit Patel to Sabawoon Davizi, play and a miss! Length outside off and Davizi looks for the elaborate ramp shot. The length is not right for that shot and he misses it altogether.
9.2 Smit Patel to Sabawoon Davizi, OUT! back of a length outside off and Davizi refuses the single after hitting it straight to cover. His skipper has to pay the price at the non-striker's end. Talk about taking responsibility!
9.1 Smit Patel to Pradeep Gangappa, full delivery and driven down the ground for a single.
8.6 Rohit Deshmoyni to Sabawoon Davizi, SIX! Wow! What a shot under pressure! In the slot outside off and clobbered over long off for a maximum! What a clutch shot!
Costly drop by Rooks of Davizi, he managed to slam the last ball for 6 and Vandals need just 10 runs from the last over. 16 runs coming from that over.

8.5 Rohit Deshmoyni to Sabawoon Davizi, waist high full toss outside off and that has been DROPPED on the cover fence. Is that a game changing moment?
8.4 Rohit Deshmoyni to Jahanur Hoque, OUT! Length delivery at the stumps and that should have been carted over the fence. But, Hoque tries to chip it into the outfield and ends up getting too much contact for his liking. The fielder from long off comes in and completes the catch. 
8.3 Rohit Deshmoyni to Sabawoon Davizi, length delivery and Davizi misses it altogether. The keeper does so too and that is an unnecessary bye added to the total.
8.2 Rohit Deshmoyni to Sabawoon Davizi, FOUR! Full outside off and Davizi, in a swing reminiscent of MS Dhoni, carves it over the fielder at cover to fetch himself four runs.
8.1 Rohit Deshmoyni to Sabawoon Davizi, full outside off and sliced away to third man for a double.
8.1 Rohit Deshmoyni to Sabawoon Davizi, outside off stump and called a wide.
Andrew Sim struggling to score gets out and managed to get a boundary in that over but still isn't enough to keep up with the RRR. PVD need 26 runs in 12 balls.
7.6 Surya Rengarajan to Sabawoon Davizi, full outside off and driven down to long off for a single. 
7.5 Surya Rengarajan to Andrew Sim, OUT! Full delivery on off and Sim heaves it to short mid-wicket. He then hares down for a non-existent single and is caught short at the non-striker's end. That was pretty much out of desperation. 
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