Prague CC Rooks 55/6 (10 ov)
Prague Barbarians Vandals won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Sabawoon Davizi
Prague Barbarian Vandals beat Prague CC Rooks by 9 wickets!

It just can't get more emphatic and dominant than this for a side in T10 cricket. After a thoroughly professional bowling performance, the Barbarians had the Rooks down for the count although there was a glimmer of hope for Naveen Padmaraju and his men with a huge gust of wind blowing across the ground. 

However, those hopes were short-lived as Sabawoon Davizi smashed a 21-ball 38 to kill the chase. He smashed two boundaries of the very first over, the same tally that took the Rooks nearly eight overs to complete. Davizi went on a boundary hitting spree in the middle as he took a liking to Rohit Deshmoyni and Naveen Padmaraju. However, he had to depart in the fifth over in his quest to get the match over with as soon as possible. 

But his opening partner Divyendra Singh along with Sahil Grover made sure that they didn't have any trouble getting to the target with some clever batting in the middle overs. All in all, the Barbarians Vandals are off to a flying start in this competition at the expense of the Rooks, who have one win and loss each so far.

While the Rooks will be back in a couple of days, the Vandals are set to take on United CC in the final game of the day as they look to make it two out of two on "Tornado Tuesday" in Prague. All you need to do is switch over to the live coverage of Match 8 of the ECS T10 League. That's it for this game though. Until next time, this is Dwijesh Reddy along with my partner Prashanth Satish signing off. Take Care and Good Bye!
5.3 Chris Tebb to Divyendra Singh, FOUR! Short and down the leg side and Singh pulls this one away to the fine-leg boundary and that is that for this game.
5.3 Chris Tebb to Divyendra Singh, WIDE! This one goes down the leg side and down to the fine-leg region as this one runs away to the fence
5.2 Chris Tebb to Sahil Grover, full-length ball on off-stump and Sahil chips this one into the cover region for another single
5.1 Chris Tebb to Divyendra Singh, JUST OVER! Short and wide outside the off-stump and Singh lofts this one just over the point fielder and picks up a single
5.1 Chris Tebb to Divyendra Singh, WIDE! Down the leg side to start with, will have to reload this time
A successful over for Naveen with the wicket of Davizi adding value to his performance. However, it might be too late with only the final rites remaining in this one-sided affair!

Prague Barbarian Vandals need 10 runs from 30 balls!
Over: 5 | Summary: 0 1w W 1 0 0 0 Bowler: Naveen Dhekshnamoorthy Gunasekran Score: 45/1
4.6 Naveen Gunasekaran to Sahil Grover, full and angling in and Sahil just plays this one back to the bowler to end the over
4.5 Naveen Gunasekaran to Sahil Grover, full and on stump line and Grover defends this one to the off side, dot ball
4.4 Naveen Gunasekaran to Sahil Grover, OH! Full and coming back in sharply and Sahil is hit on the pads just outside the line of off-stump, not given
4.3 Naveen Gunasekaran to Divyendra Singh, full length ball on stump line and Singh drives this one down to long-on for a single
Sahil Grover is the new batsman in!
4.2 Naveen Gunasekaran to Sabawoon Davizi, OUT! CAUGHT! full and outside the off-stump, Davizi lofts this one into the hands of the fielder at sweeper covers this time, he has to depart after a great cameo.
4.2 Naveen Gunasekaran to Sabawoon Davizi, WIDE! A touch too far outside the off-stump this time and it has been called wide
4.1 Naveen Gunasekaran to Sabawoon Davizi, length ball outside the off-stump, Davizi misses out on making contact
Despite the big maximum late in the over, Naveen wouldn't be too happy with the way that over went by. However, the Rooks are just going through the phases at the moment with Davizi tearing into them at the moment, Can he finish the chase in this over?

Prague Barbarian Vandals needs 13 runs from 36 balls!
Over: 4 | Summary: 0 0 1 2 6 1 Bowler: Naveen Padmaraju Score: 43/0
3.6 Naveen Padmaraju to Sabawoon Davizi, full and outside the off-stump, Davizi drives this one to the cover fielder for a single to end the over
3.5 Naveen Padmaraju to Sabawoon Davizi, SIX! Short and on the leg-stump, Davizi pulls this one away against the wind and it has gone all the way over the square-leg fence, what a hit!
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