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Amdocs 65/6 (10 ov)
Punjab Lions CC 66/2 (4.1 ov)
Punjab Lions CC won by 8 wickets
A one-sided game as Punjab Lions CC wins this match with sheer dominance!!

The Punjab Lions CC manages to demolish yet another side with no mercy as they match with no losses in the ECS T10 Cyprus. As we said in the beginning that Amdocs CC will need to pull the Houdini act to have a chance to win this but unfortunately failed to do so as first with the ball Punjab Lions CC restricted the Amdocs CC for just 65 runs and their top bowler was Waqas Akhtar who in his 2 overs gave only 6 runs and took 3 key wickets which damaged Amdocs CC completely.
With the bat, the Punjab Lions CC were brutal as only 8 runs came for them in the form of ones and twos and the remaining runs were in the boundaries to chase the target of 66 runs and they managed to do so in just 4.1 overs. The performers with the bat for Punjab Lions CC were Mangala Gunasekara who scored 34 runs in balls by hitting 5 sixes and was not out the other was Kulwinder Singh who hit 18 runs in 9 balls by hitting 2 sixes and a boundary.

That's it from the game everyone. We hope that you enjoyed this amazing display of all-round performance by Punjab Lions CC against the Amdocs CC. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Abhinav Singh signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
4.1 H Thadani to M Gunasekara, length ball outside off, Mangla backs his muscle-power, stands deep in the crease, and pummels the ball straight over bowlers head for a HUGE SIX to seal the match for the Punjab side who win with 35 balls to spare.
At the end of the 4th over PNL is 60/2. PNL just a single hit away from another comprehensive victory as they need 6 runs in 36 balls. PNL loses K Singh in this over and thus the match reaches towards 5th over. 
3.6 V Khanduri to N Tiwari, full ball and the batsman plays over it, DOT BALL to end the over
3.5 V Khanduri to N Tiwari, full ball outside off, Tiwari opens the face of bat towards the deep point area for a couple
3.4 V Khanduri to N Tiwari, short ball and the new batsman hangs back in his crease and drags it across to midwicket for a boundary 
3.3 V Khanduri to M Gunasekara, another flighted delivery and swept to midwicket for a single
3.2 V Khanduri to M Gunasekara, flighted ball, yorks the batsman who cannot dig it away. Need more of those here AMD!!
3.1 V Khanduri to K Singh, full ball in the slot and hit straight to the fielder at long-on who caught it brilliantly on the boundary, Singh's flamboyant inning comes town end.
At the end of the 3rd over PNL is 53/1. They now need just 13 runs in the remaining 7 overs!! Too easy for them now probably shall finish it off in the next over. Quite contrary to the 1st innings, we are seeing majority runs scored boundaries in this innings!! 
2.6 Vilok Sharma to M Gunasekara, full ball and Gunasekara threw the kitchen sink on that one, smoked it straight over bowlers head for a SIX!
2.6 Vilok Sharma to M Gunasekara, BOWLED way outside of,,signaled WIDE
2.5 Vilok Sharma to M Gunasekara, flighted ball, and the ball just clears the long-off fielder for another SIX!!!
2.4 Vilok Sharma to M Gunasekara, short and wide and edged to short third man for no run
2.3 Vilok Sharma to K Singh, full ball, the batsman comes down the track and hits it straight to long on for a single
2.2 Vilok Sharma to K Singh, full ball, the batsman mistimes it to short mid-on and they decide not to run
2.1 Vilok Sharma to K Singh, flighted ball outside off and dispatched over long-off for a MASSIVE SIX!! And the on slot continues by the PNL batter!!
2.1 Vilok Sharma to K Singh, WIDE down the leg. The last thing they want to do is give extra runs to PNL.
At the end of the 2nd over PNL is 32/1. They now need 34 runs in 48 balls at 4.25 PRO. AMD needs to go all out on their attack here as PNL looks in a hurry to finish this game!!
1.6 A Srivastava to M Gunasekara, short ball and nudged it to the gap between third man and point for a couple of runs
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