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Punjab Lions CC 160/3 (10 ov)
Nicosia Tigers CC 105/4 (10 ov)
Punjab Lions CC won by 55 runs.
That's it from an exciting match today between Punjab Lions CC and Nicosia Tigers CC. This is me (Mohamed Farzan) and my colleague, Sameer Deodhar signing off. We'll meet you guys very soon. Until then, Good Bye!
PNL batsmen were at their best today. The team would be very thankful to their top order players who hit all balls that come their way. Gurapartap Singh (36 off 16), Mangala Gunasekara (63* off 27) and Kulwinder Singh (53 off 15). The three batsmen together scored 152 runs which include 15 fours and 13 sixes. Shabbi Ul Hassan bowled an economical spell by just give away 8 runs per over and even picked up a wicket. The other bowlers very clueless of what’s happening in the game and were giving away runs to their opposition.

NCT looked strong as their opening batsmen Yasir Khan was on fire and he scored 42 off 16 balls and the team was off to a fierce start. The happiness didn’t last long as Yasir was short of the crease and was stumped. Soon, wickets started falling at regular intervals and NCT ended up on the losing side. Rashidul Hassan started to smack fours and sixes for NCT but unfortunately, it was too late at that point of time. Punjab Lions CC would be impressed with all the 9 bowlers who bowled today and almost all were up to the mark. Neeraj Kumar Tiwari played a key role by picking up 3 wickets at the early stage of the match.
Punjab Lions CC won by 55 runs.
9.6 K. Saini to A. Mubeen, Another single to finish the match!
9.5 K. Saini to R. Hassan, Smashed to long-off for a single
9.4 SIX! Another six over deep mid-wicket!
9.3 Pushed to long-off for a single
9.2 SIX! Hit straight over the bowler's head!
9.1 Outside edge on the slog earns them a single
8.5 A. Singh to R. Hassan, SIX! Hassan connects this time and the ball flies over long-off
8.4 A. Singh to R. Hassan, Full delivery outside off, Hassan throws the kitchen sink at it but misses
8.3 A. Singh to R. Hassan, Outside edge on the heave flies to thirdman, no run taken
8.2 A. Singh to R. Hassan, Conventional slog to long-on and an overthrow allows the second run
8.1 A. Singh to A. Mubeen, Full delivery outside off punched to long-off off the backfoot
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE for NCT!! They require 79 runs in 12 balls at 39.5 RPO. 
7.6 K. Saini to R. Hassan, SIX! Hassan danced down the track and smacked the half-volley over long-on!
7.5 K. Saini to A. Mubeen, On the pads, pushed to square leg
7.4 K. Saini to R. Hassan, Another outside edge flies to thirdman just over the keeper's hand
7.3 K. Saini to R. Hassan, One shot too many and this slog was nowhere near the ball
7.2 K. Saini to R. Hassan, FOUR! Hassan gets an outside edge on the slog and it runs away to thirdman
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