Punjab Lions CC 169/1 (10 ov)
Nicosia Tigers CC 91/6 (10 ov)
Punjab Lions CC won by 78 runs.
Punjab Lions thump Nicosia Tigers as they win the maiden Cyprus T10 league

What seemed to be a one-sided game comes to an end as Punjab Lions seals the victory. The NTC could not get going in the chase, they kept losing wickets at regular intervals as Punjab Lions bowled tight lines and lengths and did not give enough room for the batsmen to free their arms. The required run rate kept getting bigger and bigger as Nicosia Tigers succumbed to pressure and lost the game in the end. Mangala Gunasekara who is the highest run getter of the game is the MVP for his splendid performance with both bat and ball.

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9.6 H Singh to A Hossain, a single to end the final! Punjab Lions win!
9.5 H Singh to A Hossain, this time he hits a FOUR, NCT looking to finish off on a high. 
9.4 H Singh to A Hossain, flighted full delivery, sent sailing over long on for a SIX! Pitched nice and full inviting to be hit and the bowler gets the treatment.
9.3 H Singh to Ul Hassan, a single brings the dangerous Hossain back on strike. 
9.2 H Singh to Ul Hassan, this time he punishes the bowler, SIX runs! Trying to reduce the margin of loss here are the NTC.
9.1 H Singh to Ul Hassan, flighted delivery, the batsman takes no advantage. 
A six to finish the over and NTC need 97 to win of the final over. Punjab Lions are just six balls away from lifting the trophy.
8.6 K Singh to A Hossain, SIX, a maximum to end the penultimate over! Sits down on one knee and sends it over deep mid- wicket for a maximum.
8.5 K Singh to A Hossain, same line, same length, same result. 
8.4 K Singh to A Hossain, outside off, the batsman fails to connect it. 
8.3 K Singh to A Hossain, hit towards third man, no runs. 
8.2 K Singh to Ul Hassan, mistimed shot, the batsmen manage to cross over. Quiet proceedings as the duo are failing to get enough bat on ball.
8.2 K Singh to Ul Hassan, WIDE, wide delivery from the bowler. 
8.1 K Singh to A Hossain, yorker delivery, sent past mid on for one run. 
64/6 after 8 as NTC need 53 RPO.
7.6 T Singh to Ul Hassan, he tries to place it towards the off-side, but fails! 
7.5 T Singh to A Hossain, played it towards off side for one run. Quiet over so far.
7.4 T Singh to A Hossain, another dot ball, the batsmen are struggling here. 
7.3 T Singh to Ul Hassan, the new batsman gets off the mark with a single. 
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