Quetta Gladiators 158/5 (20 ov)
Lahore Qalandars 140/10 (18 ov)
Quetta Gladiators won by 18 runs.
So that was that from the match 23 between Quetta Gladiators and Lahore Qalandars, this is Abhinav Singh and my colleague Prashanth Satish signing off. Until next time, stay safe, stay indoors, keep wearing a mask and get vaccinated as soon as you land a slot! GOOD NIGHT and GOODBYE!
Sohail Akhtar (Losing skipper): Yes, the batting did not click together. We need to sit down as a team and try to define the roles. No, the pitch was not difficult, it just sometimes spun a little. Yes, momentum is the key

Usman Shinwari (Player of the Match): I'll like to thank god. I was waiting for my chance and when I got it today, I only thought of giving my best for the team.

Sarfaraz Ahmed (Winning skipper): The pitch played a bit differently today. At the break, we thought that if we reach anywhere near 160, it will be enough. Credit to Shinwari for getting the wickets. Four wickets in the powerplay helped us. It is difficult when the team has performed well in the past. But we stuck together and the team banded as one today and hopefully, we can continue this performance.
Quetta Gladiators win by 18 runs and keep their slim hopes alive

Right then, couple of big shots from Haris Rauf to spice things up but it doesn't materialize into anything more consequential than that. Quetta emerge the victorious side amidst the scrimmage and they will thank their all-round performance for it, especially from the bowlers. Defending 159, not many would have given them any chance but a team battling for survival is capable of playing out of its skin and that's exactly what happened!

Skipper Sohail Akhtar departed on the first ball he faced and put his side in an early spot of bother. Dasher Fakhar Zaman, who had the onus to provide the early impetus played a couple of gallant shots before seeing his offstump flattened by the searing pace of Mohammad Hasnain.

After Zaman's wicket, the wheels starting coming off the Qalandars inning as a procession began where one batsman started following other batsmen back to the hut. Zeeshan Ashraf and his painful stay at the crease was cut short by Khurram Shahzad while Ben Dunk lost his off stump to the left-arm orthodox off-spin of Mohammad Nawaz. 

Professor Mohammad Hafeez and his lean patch continued today as well when he gifted the simplest of the catches to Azam Khan at cover-point where he made no mistake. With half the side back in the pavilion, Tim David walked out in the middle and started knocking the ball around. While Rashid Khan and Ahmed Daniyal went back to the hut without making any significant contribution, Tim David waged a lone battle, smothering some huge MAXIMUMs in the Abu Dhabi nightsky!

He along with James Faulkner kept the last flicker of hope alive for Qalandars. However, on the final ball of the over after the break, David gifted an easy catch to Sarfaraz behind the sticks while going outside off fishing for one. Faulkner couldn't do much with the bat in the end as the tail-enders, instead of taking the game deep, took the unwise decision to go for glory!

In the end, the Qalandars faltered in the chase of a tricky total and that has happened two times on the bounce. The team management will surely have to go back to the drawing board and assess the root cause of the problems, especially with the knockouts approaching thick and fast.
140 /10 score
cricket bat icon James Faulkner
12 (12)
cricket bat icon Haris Rauf *
19 (7)
cricket ball icon Mohammad Hasnain
2 /40
17.6 Mohammad Hasnain to Haris Rauf, OUT! BOWLED! That is that, full and straight at the stumps. Rauf tries to play this one across the line but this one was a little too good to get away with such ease.
17.5 Mohammad Hasnain to Haris Rauf, FOUR! EDGED! Full and outside the off stump, Rauf tries to drive this one away through this off side. It flies away off the outside edge and races away to the fence.
Some late drama in the game. 23 required off 14 deliveries
17.4 Mohammad Hasnain to Haris Rauf, SIX! Rauf keeping Lahore in the hunt, length ball at the stumps. Rauf clears his front leg and heaves this one away over long on, it goes quite some distance.
17.3 Mohammad Hasnain to James Faulkner, length ball angling into the batsman, Faulkner runs this one down to third man for a single
17.2 Mohammad Hasnain to Haris Rauf, full length ball at the stumps, Rauf clears his front leg and heaves this one away to the leg side. They come back for a couple and Sarfaraz misses the stumps trying to hit it and concedes an extra run as well.
17.1 Mohammad Hasnain to Haris Rauf, FOUR! Tickled away fine, full and straying down the leg side. Rauf uses the pace and gets a tickle on this one away to the fine leg boundary, If Haris had missed that one, it would have been crashing into the legstump!
Mohammad Hasnain [3-0-22-1] to bowl his final over of the evening

Khurram Shahzad accounting for his third wicket of the day and safe to say, he has been the go-to bowler for Sarfaraz to provide breakthroughs at the clutch moments. The game is all but gone from Qalandars' reach and unless Faulkner plays a blinder, Quetta should wrap it up comfortably
122 /9 score
cricket bat icon James Faulkner
11 (11)
cricket bat icon Haris Rauf *
2 (2)
cricket ball icon Khurram Shahzad
3 /14
16.6 Khurram Shahzad to Haris Rauf, quick and on a short length outside the off stump, Rauf plays this one away to long on for a single to end the over
16.5 Khurram Shahzad to James Faulkner, full length ball at the stumps, Faulkner drives this one to long on for a single
16.4 Khurram Shahzad to Haris Rauf, full length ball just outside the off stump, Rauf pushes this one to the fielder at covers.
Hara-kiri from Shaheen Afridi. All he had to do was manoeuvre the ball in gaps and give the strike back to Faulkner! Meanwhile, Haris Rauf, right-hand batter makes his way to the middle as the no. 11 with Lahore Qalandars still needing 40 off 21 deliveries and he will be on the striker's end
16.3 Khurram Shahzad to Shaheen Afridi, OUT! CLEANED HIM! Full and at the stumps, Shaheen makes room and tries to drive it through the off side and exposes all his stumps. The ball is right on the base of middle and he has to depart
16.2 Khurram Shahzad to James Faulkner, full length ball on middle stumps, Faulkner drives this one past the bowler to pick up a single
16.1 Khurram Shahzad to Shaheen Afridi, low full toss outside the off stump, Shaheen drives this one away to sweeper covers for a single.
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