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RR vs DD Match Result 

- IPL 2018 Match 6
Rajasthan Royals 153/5 (17.5 ov)
Delhi Daredevils 60/4 (6.0 ov)
Rajasthan Royals won by 10 runs (DLS Method)
Current Run Rate 10
It was an excruciating day but worth it in the end! We will be back tomorrow for the match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Mumbai Indians. That's all from us for today, thank you and good night!

Ajinkya Rahane: Good way to start at home. We thought 71 was difficult to chase, focussing on things we could control. When we were batting, we thought 165 to 170 would be good. T20 is all about starting from zero, whether we win or lose

Samson: Feels really amazing. We wanted a win badly at our home ground and it feels good to get our first win of the season. I think it's about the preparation, we had about 4 camps before the IPL and an excellent support staff who give us lot of freedom. This is one of the best grounds in India. Credit to the groundstaff for all the work (during the rain delay).
Here is what Gautam Gambhir had to say after the match: We were very much in the game. It was a beautiful wicket to bat on, then 150 for 5 in 18 overs, we thought we could contain them to 170 and it was chaseable, especially with dew coming in later on. We were very much happy with the first innings. But then 6 overs, 72 was tough. We had to go from ball one. Obviously with these sort of games, things could go either way. Just 2 overs of Powerplay, it's very difficult. If it was a 20-over game, it would've been much easy to chase.
This is Rajasthan's 9th successive win in Jaipur and their 7th successive win against the Delhi Daredevils
Well, we got a match it the end! It was so close to being washed out but the groundsmen did a brilliant job to make a match out of it! Unfortunately, it was not nearly as exciting as expected as the Delhi Daredevils, who required 71 in 6 overs fell short by 10 runs. They lost Colin Munro in the very first ball due to a run-out and from there on, it was some tight bowling by the RR bowlers, mainly Dhawal Kulkarni, Ben Laughlin, and Jaydev Unadkat. The Royals have now defeated the Daredevils 7 times in a row despite not playing for two years. They move to fifth on the table while DD will move to the bottom. 
Over 6 DD: 60/4(RR 10.00) Bowler: B Laughlin Sum..: 1 lb 2 W 4 6
5.6 Laughlin to Morris, SIX, he has cleared the stands, but it wont matter, Royals have been brilliant with the ball and planning. Morris creamed that length ball over long on but Royals win the game by 10 runs
5.5 Laughlin to Morris, FOUR, length ball, Morris swings hard and manages to find the boundary past covers
5.4 Laughlin to Shankar, OUT, full ball angled in, Shankar tries to hit it over the stands, can only get it as far as Ben Stokes at long on who aint dropping that one
That's the match for the Royals, unless there's a no-ball or a few wides
5.3 Laughlin to Shankar, 2 runs, full ball on off, Shankar lifts it over covers but long off comes across to clean it up
4 sixes needed now
5.2 Laughlin to Morris, 1 LEG BYE, and now the quick bumper, Morris cops it on the helmet and Royals are running home now
5.1 Laughlin to Shankar, 1 run, slower length ball, it curves away, slogged away to deep mid-wicket
Is that the match for the Royals? 25 off one over seems a little too difficult for Delhi but if it is anyone who can do it, its Morris.
4.6 Unadkat to Pant, OUT, this is some catch from Gowtham running in from fine leg, Pant tries to heave it across, but the off pace ball takes the outside half of the bat and goes high into the night sky with plenty of swirl Gowtham regains his balance and hangs on
Gambhir was quite disappointed with that shot from Pant
4.5 Unadkat to Pant, no run, wow, this was expansive and he has done something very cheeky, reverse sweeping and misses the ball altogether. Gambhir not impressed
4.4 Unadkat to Pant, FOUR, length ball, Pant with his own style scoops it over square leg for a one bounce boundary
4.3 Unadkat to Morris, 1 run, another wide full ball, Morris slices it again but this time finds third man who is placed with precision
4.2 Unadkat to Morris, FOUR, was a good ball, wide yorker, Morris squeezes it past short third man for a much-needed boundary
4.1 Unadkat to Pant, 1 run, length ball, but not enough pace, Pant just lifts it in hope, and the ball falls just short of Stokes at deep mid-wicket
35 in 2 overs. Can DD do it?
Over 4 DD: 34/2(RR 8.50) Bowler: B Laughlin Sum..: 2 2 1 W .
3.6 Laughlin to Morris, 2 runs, full ball on off, Morris opens the face of the bat and drives it to sweeper point, enough to take a brace
3.5 Laughlin to Morris, no run, slower ball on off, Morris misses it, this has been the story, slower balls, slogs and getting beaten
Morris it is
Who will come out next? Morris? Gambhir??
3.4 Laughlin to Maxwell, OUT, another slower ball, Maxwell backs away and swings hard and this time the ball takes the outside edge and Buttler is safe behind the stumps
3.3 Laughlin to Pant, 1 run, full ball on the crease, Pant can only carve it to point
Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur
Start Time
Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 08:00 PM IST
IPL 2018
Match 6
Delhi Daredevils won the toss and elected to bowl.
Nitin Menon, Karumanaseri Ananthapadmanabhan
Reserve Umpire
Nitin Pandit
Match Refree
Javagal Srinath