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RR vs MI Match Result 

- IPL 2018 Match 21
Mumbai Indians 167/7 (20.0 ov)
Rajasthan Royals 168/7 (19.4 ov)
Rajasthan Royals won by 3 wickets
Current Run Rate 8.54
We have been privy to some nail-biting finishes in this edition of the IPL and most of them have involved the Mumbai Indians. However, the defending champions have made it a habit to find themselves on the wrong side of the result in these thrilling encounters. This match swung from side to side in the last five overs of the game and it was absolutely impossible to predict the winner of the encounter. 

A terrific cameo from K Gowtham, though, saw the Royals through with three wickets remaining Jasprit Bumrah was exceptional in his third over, but leaked a lot of runs in the 19th over. Sanju Samson and Ben Stokes built the foundation of the RR chase after the quick dismissals of Rahul Tripathi and Ajinkya Rahane at the top of the order. 

Rajasthan have now clinched their third victory of the tournament, whereas the Mumbai Indians have capitulated to four defeats in five games. 
Rohit Sharma: Not easy to digest. Especially, towards the end we were in the game, but credit to them. Not easy to score 10-per-over on this surface. Not making 180-190 hurt us. We didn't capitalise on the start we got. It's the second or third time we've done this. We've addressed this before, but need to improve. We needed to be smarter on where we should've hit the ball, but credit to their bowlers."
19.4 Hardik to Gowtham, SIX, game over, Gowtham attracted the huge bucks and he has repaid it with panache. That was a short ball and Gowtham took it and planted it deep over mid-wicket. Mumbai Indians had the match in their hands and they threw it away as if they did not want it at all. But, we have found another new hero, another Karnataka player who is doing great this season!
19.3 Hardik to Gowtham, no run, full ball on the stumps, Gowtham creams the drive but finds cover, he declines the run and sends Unadkat back to the non-striker's end. 
19.2 Hardik to Gowtham, FOUR, now that is magnificent, he brings his bat down to a full ball and guides it past short third man and point. Dishant Yagnik looks excited and nervous at the same time in the RR dug out! 
19.1 Hardik to Archer, OUT, short ball on off, Archer looks to swing across the line, the ball takes the top edge, the balll goes up high in the air, Pandya settles down under it and takes the catch. Phew, this match! It is not for the light-hearted. Archer cannot repeat his heroics of the first innings with the bat. Departs for a score of 8 off 8 deliveries.
Over 19 RR: 158/6(RR 8.32) Bowler: J Bumrah Sum..: 4 2 nb 2 4 . 4
18.6 Bumrah to Gowtham, FOUR, 18 runs from the over, length ball, Gowtham slogs and gets the ball past short square leg, ball finds the boundary. This has been one of the best games of the tournament so far. It has swung like a pendulum and has kept the audience on the edge of their seat! RR need 10 off the final over.
18.5 Bumrah to Gowtham, no run, that was a slower ball on off, Gowtham swings across the line, misses!
18.5 Bumrah to Gowtham, FOUR, short and wide, Gowtham knows about that, slams that past point, Mumbai have lost it in the last couple of overs. The man from Karnataka is playing a memorable knock here. Has 19 from six deliveries, for now.
18.4 Bumrah to Gowtham, 2 LEG BYES, full toss on the pads, but the ball rolls across to the on side and they get a brace. Good running from the Royals. 
18.3 Bumrah to Archer, 1 run, and a NO BALL, Bumrah has overstepped! His old nemesis has come to haunt him again.
18.2 Bumrah to Archer, 2 runs, full ball angled in, Archer looks to flick it away, Pollard runs around from long on and the batsmen get across for a brace
18.1 Bumrah to Archer, FOUR, length ball on off, Archer stays besides the line of the ball and then carves it past point. That scooted to the boundary with the pace of a leopard! POWER, MAAAN! 
Over 18 RR: 140/6(RR 7.78) Bowler: M Rahman Sum..: W 1 nb 1 2 6 4
17.6 Rahman to Gowtham, FOUR, full ball outside off, third man was up, outside edge scoots past the keeper. Royals are afloat here! It doesn't matter how these runs come now, Rajasthan will grab them with both hands. Bumrah will probably bowl the 19th over.
17.5 Rahman to Gowtham, SIX, length ball in the slot, Gowtham goes back deep and slogs it over long on. This game isn't over yet folks!
17.4 Rahman to Gowtham, 2 runs, pace off that length ball, Gowtham looks to carve it away, the ball lands over Rohit 
17.3 Rahman to Archer, 1 run, low full toss, Pollard takes the catch at long on, but Royals gets a single
17.3 Rahman to Archer, NO BALL, FREEHIT, The debutante has a golden chance to get off the mark here. 
17.2 Rahman to Gowtham, 1 run, length ball sliding across, Gowtham stands tall and punches it to Pollard at long on
17.1 Rahman to Klaasen, OUT, wow, this has been some turnaround, returning the favour to the hosts, it was the cutter, seams away, Klaasen looks to drive it on the up, edge taken and so does Kishan behind the stumps. A golden duck for the South African wicket-keeper, who has had a nightmarish start to his IPL career.
Absolutely magnificent from Jasprit Bumrah. The man has turned this match on its head, almost single-handedly! 
Over 17 RR: 125/5(RR 7.35) Bowler: J Bumrah Sum..: 1 W W . . .
16.6 Bumrah to Archer, full ball jammed in, Archer digs it out, Bumrah pouches it!
16.5 Bumrah to Archer, no run, full ball on the stumps, Archer looks to guide it away, too fast, too pacy, beaten!
16.4 Bumrah to Archer, no run, full ball slanting in, Archer gets behind the line of the ball and defends it calmly! The West Indian was denied a hat-trick in the first innings of the game, and he returns the favour against Bumrah.
16.3 Bumrah to Buttler, OUT...BOOMraaaah, that was a length ball slanting back in, Buttler goes for drive and the ball does not say hi to the bat and meets the stumps in disgust, clatters them all over the place! Mumbai's strike-bowler is turning things around for them here. This man is just something else, and what's more: he has ONE more over to go in the innings! Is this ending in a heartbreak for the Royals?
16.2 Bumrah to Samson, OUT, perhaps for the first time in the innings he has looked to hit a shot in anger, he has not timed it and the ball goes up high but not long, Hardik settles down under it and pouches it. As we said earlier, Sharma has been exceptionally smart to hold Bumrah off for the last chapter of the chase. The set batsman is now gone and RR might find themselves in a spot of bother here. Game on!
Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur
Start Time
Sunday, April 22, 2018, 08:00 PM IST
IPL 2018
Match 21
Mumbai Indians won the toss and elected to bat.
Rodney Tucker, Karumanaseri Ananthapadmanabhan
Reserve Umpire
Husen Khalid
Match Refree
Javagal Srinath