158/6 (20)
161/5 (19.2)
MI won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Suryakumar Yadav
Alright, that's all she had written for us tonight. What an unforgettable contest. This has been Abhinav Singh, alongside my good friend and colleague, Pradeep Somashekhar. Do join us tomorrow at the same time as the IPL caravan continues to roll on with the doubleheader Sunday. Until then, stay safe, stay gold! Goodbye and Goodnight!
Rohit Sharma (Mumbai Indians captain): I would definitely take it. That's how we play. The team's potential came out today -- with the ball especially. They kept applying the pressure but if you keep taking wickets, the game becomes easier. Look, when you have a season like one we have had -- when you do not have the right combination and try a lot of things. The conditions change as well -- keeping all that in mind, we try to field different combinations. It took eight games but it wasn't like we were blown away. We came close. Had we won those games, things could have been slightly different. (The two rookie spinners)They are courageous. They want to do something special. They do not want to go into hiding. Gives me the courage to give them the ball. He (Shokeen) may have got hit for few runs by Buttler but he took his wicket as well. Looking at the overall picture, we did well. Bowlers came together, and batters did the job.  

Suryakumar Yadav (Player of the Match): It was important for me to play till the end. As a no. 3 I was my job to take it deep from where Rohit left. This was a good win and looking forward to the few games ahead. I have enjoyed batting at every position but I love batting at no. 3 as it allows me to pace my innings well. (what does this win do for you) Spreads loads and loads of positivity. In practice as well, we are enjoying each other's company and spreading positivity. 
Ishan Kishan (Mumbai Indians): It means a lot for us, it has not been all easy going. We put in the effort but the results weren't coming our way in the last few games. Things will happen in cricket, you win some, you lose some. The idea was to finish the game by every batter and hopefully we can win a few more matches. It wasn't a easy wicket to bat on and hit through the line. The intent in the powerplay was to get any as many boundaries as possible so that the middle order feel easier when they come out. We want to win all games and make the tournament tougher, just need to forget this game and move on to the next one.
Sanju Samson (Captain, Rajasthan Royals): I thought we could've had some more runs on the board, the due came in and it was a bit hard to bowl. The ball was getting wet and we changed the ball. Different venues are playing differently now, here batting first was a bit tougher, the wicket was a bit low, batting second was much better, depends on the wicket and the venue you play. 
Mumbai Indians 161/5 beat Rajasthan Royals 158/6 by five wickets

Suryakumar Yadav 67(52)| Tilak Varma 35(30)| Ravichandran Ashwin: 1/21| Prasidh Krishna: 1/29

STOP THE PRESS! Mumbai Indians have got rid of their bad juju and earned the first points of the season. Might have come a few games too late but it certainly is a monkey off the back of birthday boy and skipper Rohit Sharma. The most successful team in IPL history has two points in the bag but boy they had to dig deep to get this one. 

While Mumbai managed to set the contest perfectly in the first half of the game by restricting Royals to under par total of 158 -- the intent from all batters during the chase further plunged RR into crisis.

While RR were particularly below average with the ball, it was aided by some strange decision-making from their skipper Sanju Samson. Immediately after the first strategic timeout break when Mumbai had just lost the big wicket of Ishan Kishan -- Samson went with Daryl Mitchell. The Kiwi was pumped for 20 runs and immediately, the momentum shifted towards the Indians.

A close LBW call off Chahal's bowling went Suryakumar's way as well and Mumbai further asserted themselves into the front seat. Alongside Tilak varma -- the highest run scorer for Mumbai, SKY took the game deep, keeping Rajasthan at bay for the major part of the game.

Just when it looked like Mumbai will easily get over the line, Sky slammed one straight down the throat of long on. Immediately after, he was followed by Varma who also holed out to Parag in the same area.

Suddenly pushed to the backfoot, Tim David raised his hand and assumed the responsibility to finish the game. It is pertinent to note that Tim David was dropped by MI management after he failed to make any impact early on in the tournament, despite not getting any decent chance. 

However, tonight, in his nine ball stay at the crease, he showed what he brings to the table. An explosive batter who can finish off games calmly. He alongside Pollard took the game to the final over before latter departed on the first ball. Daniel Sams walked in and smashed a maximum to kill the chase and grant Mumbai their first points of the tournament. 

Right, all 10 teams in this year's IPL have got points to their name now. It took Mumbai nine games but they got the job done somehow. They are out of qualifier's contention but they can easily spoil the tournament for other teams and that makes them more dangerous than ever.
19.2 Kuldeep Sen to Daniel Sams, SIX! BOOM! MUMBAI WIN, SAMS FINISHES THE GAME IN STYLE! It's all smiles in the Mumbai camp now, they finally win a game of the season and break the eight game loosing streak. Short on the middle and off, Sams picks up the length quickly and SMOKES it over deep square-leg fence for a humongous maximum!
Daniel Sams, RHB is the new batter in at no. 7

Would you believe that! An anti-climactic start to the over. Tell you what, it was much closer than it looked initially to the naked eye. Anyway, Pollard has to depart and we have another twist in the contest 
19.1 Kuldeep Sen to Keiron Pollard, OUT! DOWN TO FINE-LEG AND TAKEN! Was that catch taken cleanly? That's a poor delivery, short and down the leg-side, Pollard swivels to pull but he hasn't gotten hold of that at all, down to fine-leg, the fielder comes diving forward to pouch that one. Umpires takes this one upstairs, and the catch is clean, Pollard has to go. Is there a twist in the tale still? OH MY GOODNESS!

Kieron Pollard c Daryl Mitchell b Kuldeep Sen (10 runs, 14 balls, 0x4, 0x6)
The two batters are taking their sweet time to get ready for the final over
Kuldeep Sen [3-0-23-0] to bowl the final six deliveries

Mumbai are inching closer to their first win of the tournament. The crowd is getting boisterous as well. Surely, they cannot bottle this now. Super over, anyone? No? 4 required in 6 balls 
155 /4 score
cricket bat icon Tim David
20 (9)
cricket bat icon Kieron Pollard *
10 (13)
cricket ball icon Prasidh Krishna
1 /29
18.6 Prasidh Krishna to Keiron Pollard, takes the pace off, short on the off-stump, Pollard on the backfoot drags it to mid-wicket for only a single.
18.5 Prasidh Krishna to Keiron Pollard, OH! Short delivery on the off-stump, Pollard looking to finish things off but gets hurried by pace as he mistimes the pull to short mid-wicket.
18.4 Prasidh Krishna to Keiron Pollard, slower one outside the tramline on the outside off, Pollard reaches for it and toe ends it over the covers and falls safely, they come back for a brace and Pollard wanted the third but David wasn't interested.
18.3 Prasidh Krishna to Keiron Pollard, just wide of the short mid-wicket fielder, length delivery on the middle and off, Pollard flicks that one away and was in the air, flies just wide of Ashwin who dives to his left but a good stop at cow corner as they come back for a brace.
18.2 Prasidh Krishna to Keiron Pollard, change of pace, back of a length on the outside off, Pollard slaps it over the head of short cover fielder, doesn't get hold of it at all as they come back for a brace.
18.1 Prasidh Krishna to Tim David, bangs in a short delivery on the outside off, David pulls it into the ground, past square-leg for a single.
Prasidh Krishna [3-0-21-1] to bowl the penultimate over

Tim David was dropped by MI management after he failed to make any impact early on in the tournament. However, tonight, in his eight ball stay at the crease, he has already shown what he brings to the table. An explosive batter who can finish off games calmly. This is Mumbai's game to lose now. 12 runs required in 12 balls. Watch all the live action from the last two overs on Disney+ hotstar 
147 /4 score
cricket bat icon Tim David *
19 (8)
cricket bat icon Kieron Pollard
3 (8)
cricket ball icon Kuldeep Sen
0 /23
17.6 Kuldeep Sen to Tim David, short of a good length on the middle and off, David steers that one down to long-on for only a single.