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Raval Sporting CC 97/6 (10 ov)
Bangladesh Kings CC 59/10 (9.3 ov)
Raval Sporting CC won by 38 runs.
Bangladesh Kings aren't making three wins in a row today, as they have been stopped by some lethal bowling display from Raval Sporting. The Kings dismantled Barcelona Gladiators to only get a taste of their own medicine against Raval Sporting a couple of hours after. Sonu Jangra and Mahyavanshi just dictated terms and put pressure on the batting order while chasing the target of 98 runs.

S.Islam failed to replicate his heroics as he went cheaply while going for a big swing off Jangra's bowling. Only the openers reached the double figures, and the rest of the batting order fell prey to Jangra's impeccable swing bowling & Mahyavanshi's mystery spin. it turned out to be a key clash in the group and deservedly, Raval Sporting take the maximum points to top the group. If you are a fan of some great seam bowling then you really would've enjoyed Sonu Jangra's masterclass in this match. There is no denying that so much was expected from this match, but it turned out to be a lopsided contest and the final match of the day will be played in a couple of minutes from now. 

Hope that brings some entertainment and you make sure to follow that match on our page. But for now, me, Pragadeesh in the company of my colleagues Maanas and Bala, bid goodbye! Cheers 
9.3 Karan Datta to Kosrul Ahmed, OUT! That's the game! Huge heave over the on-side, doesn't have the perfect connection. The fielder at long-on misjudges the catch but completes it emphatically with one hand
9.2 Karan Datta to Kosrul Ahmed, plenty of air, moves across and wings hard but makes no contact
9.1 Karan Datta to Kosrul Ahmed, flighted ball on a good length on the off-stump, defends it back to the bowler
Over: 9 | Summary: 0 W 1 1 0 4 Bowler: Dawood Masood Score: 59/9
The final over will be bowled by K.Datta
8.6 Dawood Masood to Hussain Aminul, FOUR! Poor ball to finish the spell. Half-volley on the pads, whips it away to the fineleg boundary
8.5 Dawood Masood to Hussain Aminul, length ball on the pads, brushes the thigh pad on its way to the keeper
8.4 Dawood Masood to Kosrul Ahmed, back of a length delivery on the off-stump, guides it away to backward point for a single
8.3 Dawood Masood to Hussain Aminul, full ball on the off-stump, plays it aerially to sweeper cover for a single
K.Ahmed is the new batsman
8.2 Dawood Masood to Kamran Ahmed, OUT! Full ball on the off-stump, miscues it straight up in the air, the bowler steadies himself under this and completes a comfortable catch
8.1 Dawood Masood to Kamran Ahmed, length delivery angling away from the right-hander, swings hard but gets beaten
46 needed from 12 balls. From counting the balls that Bangladesh Kings batsman needed to chase this target to wondering whether they will score a decent total to reduce the deficit of the loss. What's unfolded in the last 40 minutes is really shocking but all credit goes to Raval Sporting bowlers

D.Masood is the new bowler
Over: 8 | Summary: 1 2 W 0 1 1 Bowler: Manish Manwani Score: 53/8
7.6 Manish Manwani to Kamran Ahmed, low full toss on the off-stump, drives it to the left of extra cover for a single
7.5 Manish Manwani to Hussain Aminul, slightly shorter angling into the batsman, pulls it away to backward square leg
7.4 Manish Manwani to Hussain Aminul, good length ball on the off-stump, defends it back to the bowler
Aminul is the new batsman for Bangladesh Tigers
7.3 Manish Manwani to MD Said Uzzaman, OUT! Good length ball angling in on the stumps, he is a bit too late to bring the bat down and loses the stumps
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