Catalunya 133/6 (10 ov)
Raval Sporting CC 124/4 (10 ov)
Catalunya won by 9 runs.
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Catalunya CC win the match by 9 runs

The chase started really well for the RSCC men as they had their openers, Datta Karan and Ishan Patel striking the ball well. Datta Karan was the aggressor in the innings while Ishan Patel stood on the backfoot and watched the show on the other end. Patel fell in the third over and Karan found an abloe ally in Manish Manwani, who complimented him well with a few four and sixes but soon fell short after a cameo knock of 29 runs. Kishtij Patel was dismissed softly and went back without disturbing the scorers. Datta Karan reached his half century but was found short of his crease in a controversial run out. In the end, Numan Ali hit a few boundaries and brought down the deficit as they finished on 124/4 after 10 overs.

The Catalunya CC were aggressive in their approach with the ball. Although they gave away a few runs in the powerplay, they pulled things back in their favour and kept a check on the batsmen, not allowing to get them boundaries. Shahbaz Shoukat struck with the early wicket of Ishan Patel. Yasir Ali was the pick of the bowlers as he struck twice, with the wicket of well settled Manwani and Kisthij Patel. Kudos to the fielding effort of the CTC fielding unit as they did not allow the boundaries to sneak past them and also accounted fo rthe run out of the dangerous looking Datta Karan which helped them seal the deal. All in all, it was a complete team performance to help them win today's match
9.6 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Numan Ali, FOUR! Khan doesn't get a wicket with his last ball as Ali skies a pull shot towards the man at long-on, who ends up parrying it over the boundary line for a boundary but it doesn't matter! Catalunya CC beats Raval Sporting CC by 9 runs!
9.5 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Numan Ali, Ali is not going to go down with a fight as he heaves a full ball over the long-off region yet again with no change in the result! SIX MORE! A little to late from Numan Ali there as he rediscovers his hitting mojo in the end but fails to get his team past the finish line
9.4 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Unnat Patel, back of a length delivery on the stumps, Unnat pulls it away to the leg-side for a single
9.3 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Numan Ali, similar ball once again, Numan drills it down the ground for a single
9.2 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Numan Ali, SIX! JUST! Khan bowls a slower ball outside off but Numan clears his front foot and smashes it over a leaping Yasir Ali at long-off for a six! Numan connects the ball well enough and the ball travels just over a jumping long off for a maximum. Hope is still alive for them
9.1 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Numan Ali, a full ball bowled outside off, Numan looks to take the attack to the bowler but fails to get it away!
A controversial run out in the end to dismiss Datta Karan in the end as all the hopes of RSCC winning have crashed. RSCC are on 106/4 after 9 overs as they need 28 runs in the final over to win the match here
8.6 Ali Azam to Unnat Patel, Patel tries to heave a length ball once again but is cramped by a slower one by Azam! A dot ball to end the over!
8.5 Ali Azam to Numan Ali, a length ball bowled outside off, Ali makes room and swats it down the ground for just a single
8.4 Ali Azam to Datta Karan, RUN-OUT! Similar ball once again and Karan plays it down the ground for a double but the return from the fielder is quick and the keeper affects a run-out! But Karan is not moving as he feels the stumps were broken by the keeper's pads before the ball but to no avail! He will have to depart!
8.3 Ali Azam to Datta Karan, good comeback from Azam as he bowls a very full ball on the stumps, which Karan can only dig back to the bowler
8.2 Ali Azam to Datta Karan, SIX! Karan is not giving up! A full ball bowled just outside off, Karan comes down the track and whacks it over the bowler's head for a maximum as he gets to his fifty! Much needed 50 here for Karan and RSCC as he plays a lone warrior looking to get his team past the finish line
8.1 Ali Azam to Unnat Patel, a full ball angled into the stumps, Unnat Patel cannot get bat on ball but ends up taking a bye off the keeper!
Datta Karan reaches his 50 in the over, but the job is still not done for him. He has the task at hand of taking his team across the line and will hope to do so without much trouble. RSCC are on 97/3 after 8 overs and need 37 runs in 12 balls
7.6 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Datta Karan, SIX! Karan instills some hope as he launches a full ball over the long-off region for a maximum to end the over! Big hit from Datta Karan hits the ball really hard and the ball travels all the way over the ropes to get him closer to his 50. What a knock this has been from him
7.5 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Unnat Patel, Patel can't get this away and takes the single on offer! 
7.4 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Unnat Patel, FOUR! Patel finally gets one off the middle as cuts a length ball past the man at sweeper cover for a boundary! Patel hits the ball hard and after many attempts gets a boundary in the over
7.3 Muhammad Armghan Khan to Unnat Patel, SWING AND A MISS! A length ball bowled outside off, which beats Unnat Patel for pace on that occasion!
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