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RPS vs MI Match Result 

- IPL 2017 Match 2
Mumbai Indians 184/8 (20.0 ov)
Rising Pune Supergiant 187/3 (19.5 ov)
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Rising Pune Supergiant win by 7 wickets
Current Run Rate 9.43
Steven Smith
MS Dhoni
Kieron Pollard
Jasprit Bumrah
That wraps up our coverage of this game, where Imran Tahir, Ajinkya Rahane and skipper Steve Smith have combined to help Rising Pune Supergiant see off Mumbai Indians. Tomorrow, the Gujarat Lions host the Kolkata Knight Riders. Do join us for that one. Until then, it is goodbye from us at Sportskeeda. 
Steve Smith is the Man of the Match: "It's a nice place to bat here in Pune."

"It got tight in the end, but we always knew that they had to get one over in from the spinner or Pollard. We made it tough, but it's nice to get the win."

"We got it a little closer than we'd have liked, so it was nice to get the sixes at the end."

"Form is form. Which format of the game you're playing doesn't matter. "

"Tahir was brilliant. I brought him on a little earlier than I'd have liked, but he hit a good length straightaway. Brilliant."
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Rohit Sharma: "Smith was unbelievable. He has carried on his form, and we had to get him out."

"Johnson is looking good as well, but McClenaghan has done well for us in the past two years."

"Mahela has done well for his country and he has been very good for us so far as well. So I'm sure we'll bounce back in the next game."
Rising Pune Supergiant win by 7 wickets! There was some unnecessary drama at the end, but Steve Smith, with a brilliant captain's knock has taken his side home. What an unbelievable knock from Smith. 

In his first match as captain, Smith was absolutely brilliant, like he has been in the last few months. But, credit must be given to Ajinkya Rahane as well. He set the chase up with 60 off 34 balls. And then, Smith took over. 

Hardik Pandya took Mumbai to the total they got, with a blitz off Ashoke Dinda's last over, but in the end, it proved to be insufficient against the brilliance of Smith and Rahane. 

Smith with an unbeaten 84 off 55 balls, and Rahane got 60 off just 34. Just like last year, Pune have got off to a winning start in the IPL, by beating Mumbai. 
19.5 Pollard to Smith, SIX and Smith has won it. The captain might have changed but RPS begin just how they ended last year. With a six off their captain to win the game.
19.4 Pollard to Smith, SIX, that was massive. ANOTHER SLOWER BALL. Not that there is any other ball with Pollard but Smith finally manages to get some power and muscles that over long on. Crucial hit that. What a calm head and clear thinking from Smith. He waited for that slower one from Pollard. Terrific batting. 
19.3 Pollard to Dhoni, 1 run, another slower ball and Dhoni doesn't connect and it is just another single. RPS' hopes going away.
19.2 Pollard to Smith, 1 run, Smith executes that flick expertly and that goes behind square and it is just a single. 11 off 4. This is slipping away for Pune. 
19.1 Pollard to Dhoni, 1 run, that was slower ball and Dhoni smashes that straight at the stumps. If that didn' hit the stumps that would have been four. The stumps go for a cartwheel and Pune still need 12 off 5.
172/3 in 19 overs. Another dropped catch and that was poor from Southee. Pune need 13 off the last over. Who will bowl it? What a good over from Bumrah, only seven runs conceded in the 19th over. Pollard will bowl the last. He has 13 to defend. 
18.6 Bumrah to Dhoni, DROPPED, that was a full toss and Dhoni hits it straight to Southee, who drops a dolly. The IPL of dropped catches. 
18.5 Bumrah to Dhoni, FOUR, and at the right time, Dhoni pulls out the boundary almost as if, he knew what was coming next as he swivels that behind square. Under square and the pressure is back on Bumrah.
18.4 Bumrah to Dhoni, no run, if we were playing baseball, Dhoni would be out if he misses again as that was strike two. It looked comfortable for Pune, but they now need 18 off 8 and there is a little pressure on them. 
18.3 Bumrah to Dhoni, no run, Dhoni just tries to muscle that past mid-wicket but makes no contact. There is a huge appeal and there appears to be a nick but the umpire is unmoved.
18.2 Bumrah to Smith, 1 run, that was an ugly swipe that wouldn't have looked out of place on Tinder. Smith, though gets a single like he would have remained  on Tinder.
18.1 Bumrah to Dhoni, 1 run, that was a single down to long-off and Dhoni wants to take this to the end once again.
165/3 with two overs to play. Pune need 20. Once again, an over was ruined by the last ball traveling to the boundary. Smith is toying with them here. These two look to have things in complete control. Bumrah will bowl the 19th. Who will bowl the last? How many can Bumrah leave for him to defend?
17.6 McClenaghan to Smith, FOUR, Smith has the ground calculated like a mathematician who knows all his angles. This time that was ferociously pulled wide of long on for a boundary to end the over.
17.5 McClenaghan to Dhoni, 1 run, that was a slightly full ball and Dhoni has just got there and he finds the fielder at point.
17.4 McClenaghan to Smith, 1 run, that was wide once again but like a kid who gets one question right and a few wrong afterwards, Smith can't find the gap and only has a single to the fielder.
17.3 McClenaghan to Smith, no run, Smith walks outside the off stump and the bowler follows him out wide with a bouncer and the umpire makes the right call. No wide. Smith looks unhappy with that decision. 
17.2 McClenaghan to Dhoni, 1 run, that was a slightly short ball but Dhoni tries a swivel pull but doesn't get all of it and that only gets him a single.
17.1 McClenaghan to Dhoni, no run, that was full and outside off but Dhoni punches that straight to mid-off.
158/3 in 17. That four off the last ball changes things. Pune have got 10 off that over as well. This is magnificent batting from Smith. He is playing a real captain's knock here. 
16.6 Bumrah to Smith, FOUR, finesse. Smith shows that he can just touch the ball and that will still race away to the boundary like a kid walking home from school. Bumrah is disgusted with himself. 
16.5 Bumrah to Smith, 2 runs, that was excellent fielding from McClenaghan who does well to stop a boundary but he throws it and they take an overthrow.
16.4 Bumrah to Smith, no run, again tries to flick that, this time with a cut shot but fails to make contact with the ball, like a lonely guy at a bar. Dots are precious for Mumbai at this stage. The pressure they create could force the false shot. 
16.3 Bumrah to Smith, 2 runs, that was flicked once again using those majestic wrists and Southee does well to keep it to two.
150 up for Pune. 
Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune
Start Time
Thursday, April 6, 2017, 08:00 PM IST
IPL 2017
Match 2
Rising Pune Supergiant won the toss and elected to bowl.
Ammanabrole Kishore, Sundaram Ravi
Reserve Umpire
Navdeep Singh
Match Refree
Manu Nayyar
Rising Pune Supergiant's PLAYING XI
Ajinkya Rahane,
Mayank Agarwal,
Steven Smith,
Manoj Tiwary,
MS Dhoni,
Ben Stokes,
Rajat Bhatia,
Deepak Chahar,
Adam Zampa,
Imran Tahir,
Ashok Dinda
Mumbai Indians's PLAYING XI
Rohit Sharma,
Parthiv Patel,
Ambati Rayudu,
Kieron Pollard,
Nitish Rana,
Jos Buttler,
Hardik Pandya,
Krunal Pandya,
Mitchell McClenaghan,
Tim Southee,
Jasprit Bumrah