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Riyaan CC 197/2 (10 ov)
Nicosia Tigers CC 99/7 (10 ov)
Riyaan CC won by 98 runs.
That's all we have from the live coverage of this match as I, Lavil Saldanha and my colleague, Pradeep Somashekar sign off. Do check Sportskeeda for the live commentaries of the league and all sports related articles. Until next match, GOODBYE!!
A comprehensive win for the Riyaan CC as they beat the Nicosia Tigers by 98 runs. They put up 197 on the board after being put into bat first. In came Nicosia Tigers and started off really bad, losing 3 wickets in their powerplay. They kept losing wickets as  Shoaib Ahmad and Ahsan Ullah picked up 5 wickets and 2 wickets respectively. The only bright prospect for the Nicosia Tigers was Irfan Riaz who played a lone warrior knock of 56 runs in 22 balls as wickets kept falling around him. In the end Nicosia Tigers win convincingly by 98 runs
9.6 Jeewan Lamsal to Irfan Riaz, FOUR BYES! Tossed up and Irfan sits down on his one knee and looked to send that one out of the park but misses, keeper misses and it goes all the away for a boundary to end the disappointing batting effort from Tigers CC! Riyaan CC just humbled Nicosia Tigers CC and they beat them by a huge margin of 98 runs! A sorry bowling effort earlier on saw them crash into defeat! Riyaan CC just showed what they are capable of and the rest of the teams will be wary of them in the tournament!
9.5 Jeewan Lamsal to Shabbi Ul Hasan, half tracker this time and Shabbi just hits that one straight to the long off fielder for a single!
9.4 Jeewan Lamsal to Shabbi Ul Hasan, BEATEN! Beaten convincingly, good delivery!
9.3 Jeewan Lamsal to Irfan Riaz, around the wicket and Irfan whacks that one towards covers, goes straight to the fielder, single taken!
9.2 Jeewan Lamsal to Irfan Riaz, SIX! Comes down the track and makes that a full toss and SMACKS that one over long on for another maximum! Not too much of a celebration from Irfan as he picks up his fifty!
9.1 Jeewan Lamsal to Irfan Riaz, SIX! Tossed up and Irfan clobbers this one towards cow corner as it disappeared out of the ground, a maximum! A good hit to get near to a fifty for  Riaz
8.6 Ahsan Ullah to Shabbi Ul Hasan, makes room and it hits him on the pads, no run!
8.5 Ahsan Ullah to Shabbi Ul Hasan, short this time and Shabbi goes for a pull and misses it completely!
8.4 Ahsan Ullah to Irfan Riaz, in the arc and Irfan goes for big swing and gets an inside edge, they scamper a single!
8.3 Ahsan Ullah to Anowar Hossain, OUT! In the arc on the outside of off stump, Anowar didn't get the elevation this time and he's skied that one, the cover fielder comes forward to take an easy catch! Another nail in the coffin for the Tigers as they lose another man in this huge chase
8.2 Ahsan Ullah to Anowar Hossain, swing and a miss! no run!
8.1 Ahsan Ullah to Irfan Riaz, spraying down the legside but hits him on the pads, they scamper for a single!
17 runs from the over. Tigers are on 79/6 after 8 overs, needing 119 in remaining 12 balls
7.6 Ram Jaishwal to Irfan Riaz, single to end the over as Irfan tries another hoick, gets a bottom edge, keeper shies at the stumps as they scamper for a single!
7.5 Ram Jaishwal to Irfan Riaz, FOUR! shuffles across the crease and turns this one into half volley and smacks that one over deep square leg region for another boundary! 6 followed by 4 as they continue to string boundaries in this over
7.4 Ram Jaishwal to Irfan Riaz, SIX! Full toss and Irfan makes no mistake to send that one over the deep mid wicket boundary for a maximum! Good hit from Riaz as he powers that ball over the ropes for a humongous 6
7.3 Ram Jaishwal to Anowar Hossain, slower delivery and Anowar waits on it and smacks it straight to the deep mid wicket fielder for a single!
7.2 Ram Jaishwal to Irfan Riaz, good delivery, but a silly fielding conceded a run!
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