Roma Cricket Club 148/3 (10 ov)
Bergamo Cricket Club 148/6 (10 ov)
Match Drawn
Roma Cricket Club scored a mammoth total of 148 runs for the loss of just three wickets during the first innings. Dinidu Marage played a quickfire knock of 23 (6) which included one four and three sixes. Shameera Kuruppu and Navodh Kalansuriya played an excellent and long partnership of 61 runs. They scored 54(23) and 47(21) respectively with a total of seven fours and nine sixes. On the other hand, Daljit Singh scalped two wickets for 26 runs while Jaspreet Singh picked up the third wicket of the innings.

A chase of 146 looked very difficult for Bergamo Cricket Club but they scored 146 runs for the loss of six wickets in 10 overs. Manpreet Singh started the innings well in favour of the batting side with a few boundaries but has to walk back to the pavilion after making 17 runs. Jorawar Singh and Jorawar Singh took things forward for their side as they score 61(24) and 29 (13) with a total of five fours and nine sixes. After the loss of these two players, the chase looked very difficult for BCC but Mandeep Singh kept the chase on and remained 25* in 10 balls and helped his team tie the score. During the second innings, Ranil Omaththage led RCC's bowling attack by picking up two wickets for 23 runs.

We witnessed an evenly contested match today between both the sides with Bergamo Cricket Club winning the Golden Ball rule and earning two points this game. Hard luck for Rome Cricket Club that they ended up on the losing side even though they have put in their best foot forward today.

Thank you for joining us today for the game. It's me Farzan and my colleague, Maanas signing off. Good Bye!
Bergamo Cricket Club wins the match by the Golden Ball rule!
SIX! Mandeep Singh smashes a huge maximum which ties the game! What a game we have witnessed! After 20 overs of absolute carnage there is nothing separating the two teams! 
BCC need 7 runs in 1 ball!
Is it all over for Bergamo Cricket Club as they've lost the big-hitting Jorawar Singh on 61 runs? They've failed to score runs this over, intense pressure building on the batting side. Let' see who can take them pat the line with 21 runs being required of just six balls. BCC 128 for the loss of five wickets after 9 overs. Dinidu Marage will bowl the final and the most crucial over of the match.
We are experiencing some technical issues with the stream due to which we are unable to bring to you the live commentary from this match for now.
Stay tuned for updates!
8.5 Thilina Rathnayaka to Mandeep Singh, no run, length ball outside off, the batsman tries to slap it down the ground but the bak sneaks under the bat. This is good bowling!
8.4 Thilina Rathnayaka to Mandeep Singh, no run, length ball outside off that evades the batsman's cut en route to the keeper. A crucial dot ball!
8.3 Thilina Rathnayaka to Jorawar Singh, OUT! Slower ball on the leg stump, the batsman  looks to go big downtown but cannot connect as well as he would have liked. The fielder at long off settles under the ball and takes a comfortable catch to dismiss the dangerous batsman!
8.2 Thilina Rathnayaka to Mandeep Singh, yorker outside off dug out to mid off for a single.
8.1 Thilina Rathnayaka to Mandeep Singh, SIX! Overpitched delivery on the off stump, the batsman clears his front foot and launches the straight back over the bowler's head for a huge maximum! Punished!
The big hitter Jaspreet Singh is gone, all hopes have now shifted to Jorawar Singh. BCC 119 for the loss of four wickets after 8 overs. Bergamo Cricket Club need 30 runs in 12 balls at 15 RPO
7.6 Crishan Kalugamage to Jorawar Singh, no run, length ball outside off, the batsman moves away and tries to dab it down to third man but misses.
7.5 Crishan Kalugamage to Jorawar Singh, SIX! length ball on the leg stump, the batsman effortlessly flicks that over the deep square leg fielder for a huge maximum! 
7.4 Crishan Kalugamage to Jorawar Singh, length ball on the leg stump pulled towards cow corner for a couple of runs.
7.3 Crishan Kalugamage to Jaspreet Singh, OUT! Short ball on the body, the batsman tries to pull it but gets the top edge. The keeper settles under it and takes a comfortable catch to dismiss the batsman!
7.2 Crishan Kalugamage to Jorawar Singh, DROPPED! length ball outside off and the batsman slashes that towards covers but the fielder makes a blunder of a simple catch!
7.1 Crishan Kalugamage to Jorawar Singh, length ball outside off sliced in the air that lands between three converging fielders at cover. The batsmen take two runs.
BCC 110 for the loss of three wickets after 7 overs. All eyes on the batting duo, Jorawar Singh and Jaspreet Singh as they require 39 runs in 18 balls at 13 RPO.
6.6 Thilina Rathnayaka to Jaspreet Singh, FOUR! Full ball on the middle stump, the batsman moves away to make room and backs that through the covers for a boundary! Jorawar Singh reaches his 50 with that! What a knock this has been!
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