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Roma Cricket Club 92/8 (10 ov)
Roma CC tied with Kent Lanka (Roma CC wins the Golden Ball)
Player of the match: Indika Senn
That would be all from the coverage of this match of European Cricket Series. It was our pleasure to bring to you all the action from the ECS. Stay logged onto Sportskeeda for all the live coverage of cricket from around the globe. Till then stay safe and take care! 
Some cricket and plenty of drama. That is the best way to describe this match. And thankfully the match is now history. But the players from both the teams kept fighting hard till the last ball to win this one. Good competitive cricket keeps us hooked and this match was a great example of it. We have had high-scoring fixtures in ECS where the ball has been hit for plenty of sixes and fours, but those matches have lacked the kind of drama that we witnessed in this low-scoring match. 

Batting first Kent Lanka finished with a modest total of 92 for the loss of 7 wickets from their quota of 10 overs. Kent openers Muthumala Sudarshana and Muthumala Dinesh started well as they scored 24 and 15 respectively. Arachige Shanka batted at no.3 and scored 17 runs. But once the top-3 batsmen were dismissed, the middle and the lower-order batsmen struggled to hit big shots. Roma captain Prabath Ekneligoda bowled a great spell as he conceded only 8 runs from his two overs and picked two wickets. He was well backed by the likes of Danmika Aththanayaka, Thakshila Korale and Dinidu Marage. The three bowlers picked up a wicket each to restrict Kent Lanka to a manageable total. 

In the chase, Prabath Ekneligoda gave his side a steady start with 10 runs from 12 balls. Navodh Kalansuriya was brisk in his innings of 13 from 8 balls. At one moment it looked like Roma's chase would fizzle out as the middle order collapsed. But batting lower down the order Pruthuvi Samarage and Indika Senn stitched a good partnership to revive the chase. The match went down to the last over of the match as Roma needed 15 runs from 6 balls. There was a bizarre runout in the last over but Roma somehow managed to tie the match. 

With the match being tied, the outcome was to be decided on a Golden Ball. Sudharshana Muthuamala bowled the ball Golden Ball to Indika Senn. The batsman somehow scampered for two runs to win the match for Roma. 
GOLDEN BALL: Sudharshana Muthuamala to Indika Senn, TWO RUNS! ROMA CC WIN! WHAT A GAME! A full ball bowled outside off, Senn drives it to the off-side towards sweeper cover and comes back for a brace. The throw is good but the keeper doesn't take the bails out! Roma CC come out trumps in what has been a stunning game of cricket!
We have had one of the most bizarre endings to a match in the history of the European Cricket Series. There was utter chaos and confusion in the last over and in the end Roma CC have prevailed. It would take some time to process the run-out that we all saw in the last over. But that was not the only ru-out that tested our understanding of the game. There was another bizarre But credits where they are due. The Roma bowlers bowled well and were backed by their fielders. BUT THE NEWS IS THAT WE ARE HAVING A GOLDEN BALL! MORE DRAMA!!!!
Over: 10 | Summary: 2 0 W 0 0 6 Bowler: Arachige Shanka Score: 86/8
9.6 Arachige Shanka to Indika Senn, SIX! A full ball bowled on middle and leg, Senn swings across and smashes it over deep midwicket for a six. The players are waiting for the final word but Kent Lanka has beaten Roma CC by a single run! Hang on! The word is that the scores are level!
9.5 Arachige Shanka to Indika Senn, BEATEN! A back of a length delivery bowled on middle and leg, Senn tries to pull it across but can't make contact
9.4 Arachige Shanka to Indika Senn, a length ball on leg-stump, Senn is beaten for bounce and all he can do is take it on his body
Thakshila Korale walks out to bat. 
9.3 Arachige Shanka to Indika Senn, RUN-OUT! WHAT HAS HAPPENED HERE! A comedy of errors here! A length ball bowled on the leg-stump, Senn takes it on the body and calls his partner for a single. The keeper collects and tries to beat the batsman in a foot-race to the other end but misses! However, the batsmen attempt another run and in the end there is a run-out! Absolute chaos!
9.2 Arachige Shanka to Indika Senn, a back of a length delivery bowled across the batsman, Senn has a wild swing at it and misses!
9.1 Arachige Shanka to Indika Senn, a full ball bowled outside off, Senn drives it past the man at covers and comes back for an easy two. There was a three on offer but Senn doesn't want it
Two wickets and nine runs from the over. The equation is simple now. Roma need 15 runs from the last over. It is very much possible for the two Roma batsmen. This is a pressure situation for any bowler. Who will be asked to bowl the last over of the chase? 

Over: 9 | Summary: W 1 1w 1w 0 4 1 W Bowler: Amila Sanjeewa Score: 77/7
8.6 Amila Sanjeewa to Rajeewa Kulatunga, a full ball bowled outside off, Rajeewa flicks it wide of long-on and tries to come back for a double but both the batsmen end up at the same end!
8.5 Amila Sanjeewa to Indika Senn, a full ball bowled outside off, Senn drags it to long-on and takes the single on offer
8.4 Amila Sanjeewa to Indika Senn, FOUR! A full ball bowled outside off, Senn drives it uppishly past the cover region for a boundary!
8.3 Amila Sanjeewa to Indika Senn, BEATEN! A length ball bowled outside off, Senn has a go at it and misses! Gold dust this!
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