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RCB vs MI Match Result 

- IPL 2020 Match 7
Mumbai Indians 187/8 (20.0 ov)
Royal Challengers Bangalore 181/5 (20.0 ov)
Mumbai Indians won by 6 runs
Player of the match: Jasprit Bumrah
That's it then from the M Chinnaswamy Stadium. Hope you enjoyed our live coverage. Do join us tomorrow as SRH and RR square off. Until then, it's a goodbye from us! 
Jasprit Bumrah (Man of the Match): You try to control the controllables and try to back yourself according to the situation. You don't look far too behind. Whatever is gone is gone and I just try to back myself and execute your plans. The same goes for every batsman. The shoulder fine and I've taken care of my body and everything is fine. 
Rohit Sharma: I just got to know after we crossed the rope [regarding the no-ball]. These kind of mistakes are not good for the game of cricket. Players can't do much, they have to just shake hands and move on. The umpires need to learn from their mistakes. Anything over 180 is a good score. We know the conditions here and have the bowlers to get the job done. The middle overs are crucial as well. We speak of the powerplay and the death but we executed our plans really well in the middle. Malinga has been a part of MI for a long time. He was the mentor last year and this year, he wanted to play. He brought his experience into play. Hardik was brilliant as well. Even though he went for a few sixes, he executed his plans well. He also got us those crucial runs in the end. 
Virat Kohli: That's a ridiculous call, we are playing at the IPL level. The umpires need to have their eyes wide open. They should be more careful and sharp out in the middle. We should've done better at the death. After they were 145/7, we should've been better. We need to be smarter at death bowling. A few more strikes apart from AB could have done the job for us. The onus is on each and every member of the team. I got out at a wrong point of time. Jassi [Jasprit Bumrah] is a top-class bowler. 
In the end, Bumrah's two overs at the death were gold dust. He went for a mere six runs and picked up two wickets in his last two overs. Don't forget Hardik Pandya's manic cameo towards the end after MI lsot their way in the middle and that was another game-changer. In the end, MI register their first win of the season. 
Phew! That was some game and it a shame, that it ends with a controversy. But nonetheless, RCB fall short by 6 runs. They started off well with Parthiv Patel and Moeen Ali giving the team a brisk start. It was then the Virat Kohli show who looked in sublime form. AB de Villiers started off slowly but found his groove soon and joined the party. But it was Jasprit Bumrah who bought MI back in the game with the wicket of Kohli. AB de Villiers continued from one end but it was the same old story for RCB as none of the other batters could get runs. 
Oh dear, oh my goodness! What have we seen here! Malinga bowled a no-ball off the final delivery and the umpire Ravi didn't notice and hence, it wasn't called. This might stir up some controversy. Virat Kohli isn't happy as he shakes his head in disappointment. 
Malinga has done it and Mumbai are off the mark in this IPL! The veteran Sri Lankan holds his nerve in the end as he defends 17 off the final over. 
Over 20 RCB: 181/5(RR 9.05) Bowler: L Malinga Summary: 6 1 1 1 1 . |
19.6 Lasith Malinga to Shivam Dube. Full toss, off stump on the front foot driving, to long on for no runs, fielded by Sharma.
Excellent yorker from Malinga under pressure! AB de Villiers can just manage a single down to long-on. 7 off 1 now. Dube needs to hit it out of the park to tie the game. 
19.5 Lasith Malinga to AB de Villiers. Yorker, outside off stump on the front foot driving, to long on for 1 run, fielded by Pollard.
8 off 2 now.... AB de Villiers now strike! He needs to go big here. 
19.4 Lasith Malinga to Shivam Dube. Full toss, outside off stump on the front foot driving, to deep cover for 1 run, fielded by Pandya.
Oh, Bumrah what have you done? Malinga foxes Dube with a slower one which results in a top-edge and Bumrah drops a relatively easy chance. But only a single off the next two balls. 9 off 3 required!
19.3 Lasith Malinga to AB de Villiers. Yorker, middle stump on the front foot flick, to mid wicket for 1 run, fielded by Pandya.
19.2 Lasith Malinga to Shivam Dube. Off cutter length ball, down leg side no foot movement pulling, top edge in the air uncontrolled to third man for 1 run, dropped catch by Bumrah.
Shuvam Dube, Shivam Dube, what a strike! He smashed Malinga over long-off for a maximum. Remember, he's just playing his second IPL game. 
19.1 SIX! Lasith Malinga to Shivam Dube. Half volley, middle stump on the front foot driving, well timed in the air under control over long off for 6 runs. Doesn't matter that de Villiers isn't on strike. Dube clears the front leg, and cracks this down the ground for a maximum.
This is an edge of the seat thriller folks, don't go anywhere!
Malinga to bowl the final over but what's important is that de Villiers is not on strike to face the first balls off the final over. 
What an over from Jasprit Bumrah! There's a reason he's called the best bowler in the world and he's proved it why. Just five runs off the penultimate over. He finishes with brilliant figures of 3/20.
Over 19 RCB: 171/5(RR 9.00) Bowler: J Bumrah Summary: 1 1lb 1wd W . 1 1 |
18.6 Jasprit Bumrah to Shivam Dube. Half volley, middle stump no foot movement driving, to mid off for 1 run, fielded by Yadav.
18.5 Jasprit Bumrah to AB de Villiers. Yorker, off stump no foot movement driving, to mid on for 1 run, fielded by Pollard.
18.4 Jasprit Bumrah to AB de Villiers. Short, outside off stump moves in front pulling, missed to wicketkeeper for no runs, fielded by de Kock.
Bumrah gets another as de Grandhomme's struggle comes to an end. He's deceived by the slower one and ends up mistiming his heave straight to deep cover. RCB continue to lose wickets while AB de Villiers holds firm. 
18.3 OUT! Caught. Jasprit Bumrah to Colin de Grandhomme. Off cutter length ball, wide outside off stump no foot movement driving, mis-timed in the air uncontrolled to deep cover, by Pandya.
Ah, that's a harsh call. The umpire's given it as wide but it was just inside the tram-line.