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Bologna Cricket Club 143/4 (10 ov)
Royal Parma Cricket Club 136/5 (10 ov)
Bologna Cricket Club won by 7 runs.
Player of the match: Malik Sarfraz
All in all, two very good teams have played a fantastic match here and both will be aiming to win the remaining games as well in order to qualify to the semi finals. That's it from today, but don't forget to join us tomorrow for another day of some nerve wracking cricket from the ECS. For now along with my colleague Dwijesh, it'll be me, Ankit Sharma signing off! 
Bologna held their nerve, and have done an impressive job to come back from the havoc they received to clinching this game by the narrowest of margins. The pressure was still on the bowler in the last over to restrict those 15 runs, and he did so, even after being hit for a maximum. Bologna and Royal Parma faced each other quite recently and the result was the other way around, so Bologna will be ecstatic with this victory, which will boost their confidence, and reenergize them for the remaining fixtures of this round, possibly also making it into the semi finals. Royal Parma on the other hand, have not done a lot wrong with the bat, it's the bowling they'll want to improve tomorrow, to restrict the opposition to a much lower target, making the work their batting unit a tad bit easier.
Royal Parma came out, on fire, smashing the ball all over the park, with all of their top four batsmen in terrific touch today. They seemed to middle quite a lot of balls, and pick up runs at will. They seemed to be cruising to victory for almost all of the innings, but hit a speed breaker in the 9th over that has caused them to come up just short. Rajmani Singh set the floor on fire, started off in a perfect manner, notching up a quickfire 27 off just 12 ball, supported well by Mehmoor Javed, and in no time their team was already past 50 inside the powerplay. Post that spin was introduced by Bologna, that seemed to do the trick for the moment, to break the partnership and send Rajmani back to the hut. What followed was just a better version of the rampage caused by Rajmani, as Shekhawat went berserk, went all out, batting at over a strike rate of 300, took on Babr Ghafar, the wicket taker, for three humongous sixes, but just then he played one shot too many, and was caught at deep cover, looking for a fourth six in the over. Royal Parma still had the momentum with them, with Harkamal opening his innings, in an ideal way, notching up three consecutive boundaries in his first three deliveries, accompanied by Mehmoor Javed who had tactfully reached into his 30's. Royal Parma were looking all set to win, but a poor decision for a second run by Harkamal cost him his wicket, and the very next ball Mehmoor was dismissed too. This meant there were two new batsmen in the middle, chasing down 15 off the final 8 balls, and Attiq Ur Rehman who should have been smarter with his shot selection was dismissed on the very first ball, pretty much gifting the match away. 
What a match this one! Full of excitement and suspense! It was like riding on a see saw, with the fate of the match switching so easily between both the teams in a matter of balls. But Bologna have held onto their nerves and have emerged victorious today, which will do good to their confidence and their form going into the final couple of days to come. 
Bologna have managed to turn this game around in a matter of seconds, picking up three quick wickets, that has harmed the batting side, as the new batsmen just were not good enough to see them through, with a high asking rate, and an absurd amount of pressure. They fall just short, lose the game by just 7 runs. 
Over: 10 | Summary: W 0 1b 0 6 0 Bowler: Faizan Hussain Score: 136/4
9.6 Faizan Hussain to Mehmood Javed, DOT BALL! A length ball bowled outside off, Javed has a wild swing at it and ends up swinging at thin air! Bologna have pulled off a stunning win here!
9.5 Faizan Hussain to Mehmood Javed, SIX! Perhaps a touch too late! A length ball bowled into the body, Javed pulls it towards midwicket and clears the boundary for a maximum!
9.4 Faizan Hussain to Ram Jaspal, THAT SHOULD BE IT! A length ball bowled outside off, Ram has a swing but misses!
9.3 Faizan Hussain to Hardeep Singh, JUST A SINGLE! A back of a length delivery bowled outside off, Singh misses but takes the bye on offer
9.2 Faizan Hussain to Hardeep Singh, a back of a length delivery bowled outside off, Hardeep tries to pull but fails to make contact!
Ram Jaspal, right hand bat, comes to the crease.
9.1 Faizan Hussain to Mehmood Javed, WICKET! A length ball bowled outside off, Javed swats one straight to the fielder at long-off, who takes a good catch!
A very very poor decision from Harkamal Singh, who wanted more of the strike, but that has cost him his wicket, and he's followed by Attiq Ur Rehman, who played a lofted shot straight into the hands of the fielder to get out for a duck. Bologna fighting back and not giving up, they have a real chance here to clinch a victory, but Mehmoor Javed is still out there, who will be on strike for the final over, where 15 runs are required. 
Over: 9 | Summary: 1w 0 1lb 1W 0 1 2 Bowler: Muhammad Adnan Score: 129/3
8.6 Muhammad Adnan to Hardeep Singh, a full ball bowled outside off, Hardeep pulls it to midwicket and takes a risky single but the wild throw ends up giving them an extra run!
8.5 Muhammad Adnan to Mehmood Javed, a short ball bowled into the body, Javed pulls it awkwardly to midwicket for a single
Hardeep Singh, right hand bat, comes to the crease. 
8.4 Muhammad Adnan to Attiq ur Rehman, IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! Adnan, you beauty! A length ball bowled into the batsman, who is hurried into the pull shot and ends up holing out to the man at midwicket!
Attiq Ur Rehman, comes out to the crease. 
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