Padova Cricket Club 93/6 (10 ov)
Royal Parma Cricket Club won by 4 wickets
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Royal Parma CC win the match by 4 wickets.

RPCC started off in horrendous fashion, losing two quick wickets inside the powerplay, ending up on 19/2 after 3 overs. They were struggling to get the big shots right and couldn't go all out at the bowlers. Rajmani Singh and Harkamal Singh could go all guns blazing as they got out when they looked to accelerate.

RPCC's middle order too didn't have much fuel to run their car. Sheraz Afzal couldn't play a match winning knock as his innings was reduced to a run- a- ball and could only fetch 2 boundaries. Jabrar Afzal tried to play a big knock but fell to a lose shot and had himself to blame. In the end, when 14 runs were needed for a win, Mehboob Ahmed came in and knocked the ball out of the park to seal the deal for his side and extend the unbeaten run to 6 matches.

Padova CC have lost their 4 match of the series and have been knocked out of the semi finals race. They're bowlers were absolutely magical with the ball, swinging it viciously. 2 bad deliveries in the end helped their opponents snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and in the way, knock themselves out. Akash Handun and Ramesh Silva were the pick of the bowlers as they shared 3 wickets among them and also contained the flow of runs
9.6 Ghulam Abbas to Mehmood Ahmed, AMAZING! MEHMOOD AHMED, YOU BEAUTY! RPCC needed 10 off 2 and Ahmed gets 12! A full ball on the stumps and Ahmed has repeated the trick with a smashing shot over wide long-on for his second six as he pulls off a heist! RPCC remains unbeaten with this win as they beat Padova CC by 4 wickets!
9.5 Ghulam Abbas to Mehmood Ahmed, WOW! Ahmed has smashed his first ball over the long-on boundary for a massive six! Ahmed makes room and pummels a full ball towards the leg-side as he brings down the equation to 4 needed off 1!
9.4 Ghulam Abbas to G Singh Mangat, a full ball bowled outside off, Mangat plays it into the leg-side for just a single
9.3 Ghulam Abbas to Mehmood Javed, WICKET! Abbas has his wicket! A shorter ball from Abbas as Javed is early into the pull and gets a top-edge towards the man at third-man, who takes a good catch! 
9.2 Ghulam Abbas to Mehmood Javed, slightly shorter from Abbas as Javed nails the pull towards deep midwicket but the fielders keeps it out for just a brace!
9.1 Ghulam Abbas to G Singh Mangat, half-volley on the stumps. Mangat heaves it away to deep midwicket but he only can get a single
RPCC are on 80/5 after 9 overs. Asad Ali bowls a good 9th over and has put the batsmen under the pump, conceding only 7 runs. RPCC need 14 runs in 6 balls for a win. Get your nails ready as this match looks to go down the wire. 
8.6 Asad Ali to G Singh Mangat, full ball on the stumps, Mangat heaves it away to the leg-side towards cow-corner but he can only get a single
8.5 Asad Ali to Mehmood Javed, a short ball from Ali and Javed gets some bat on to it for just a single towards fine-leg!
8.5 Asad Ali to Mehmood Javed, ANOTHER WIDE! He will need to get his line and length right here!
8.4 Asad Ali to G Singh Mangat, DROPPED! A wide ball bowled outside off is played uppishly by Mangat but he is given a lifeline by the extra cover fielder as the batsmen take a single
8.3 Asad Ali to Mehmood Javed, similar ball and similar shot from Javed for another single
8.2 Asad Ali to G Singh Mangat, full ball on middle and leg, Mangat pushes it down the ground for another harmless single
8.1 Asad Ali to Mehmood Javed, full ball on the stumps, Javed turns it away for a single
Ghulam Abbas comes in to bowl the 8th over and does well with the ball in hand. Missed many opportunities there of getting a wicket, but he manages to contain the flow of runs for RPCC. Sheraz Afzal loses his wicket in the over to a run out. RPCC have a dearth of batsmen and the team will hope some one to bail them out. They are on 73/5 after 8 overs and need 20 runs in 12 balls
7.6 Ghulam Abbas to G Singh Mangat, SIX! Full ball bowled outside off, Mangat pummels it over long-off for a massive hit! Mangat gets it in his arc and smashes it with disdain out of the park. Much needed big hit in the context of the game for RPCC there
7.6 Ghulam Abbas to G Singh Mangat, FIVE WIDES! This is huge for RPCC as they get five bonus runs via some sloppy bowling from Abbas!
7.5 Ghulam Abbas to Mehmood Javed, RUN-OUT! Back of a length delivery is pulled by Javed to the deep midwicket fielder, whose return to the keeper is good as he affects a run-out! Big wicket this
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