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Royal Parma Cricket Club 129/8 (10 ov)
Pianoro 98/4 (10 ov)
Royal Parma Cricket Club won by 31 runs.
Player of the match: Rajmani Singh
With this match, the group stage is done and dusted. We now have only three more matches lined-up in the Bologna. They are the two semifinals and the grand final. The first semifinal is between Kings XI and Baracca Prato. It starts in a little over an hour's time from now. Follow the action of that semifinal right here on Sportskeeda. For now, it is time to say goodbye! 
Royal Parma beat Pianoro by 31 runs. This has not been a good chase from Pianoro. Set a target of 130, Pianoro would have hoped for a fast start but the Royal Parma bowlers denied the Pianoro any such opportunities. Sukhpal Singh and Attiq Ur Rehman picked two wickets each. The Royal Parma may have only picked four wickets but it was a good bit of bowling from them as they bowled well to deny Pianoro batsmen chances to go big and accelerate. Arslan Ali Rana hit 31 off 21 balls. Aravinth Suresh scored 33 off 17 balls. But the efforts of these two batsmen were not enough as they were left with too much to be chased in the last three overs.  

Earlier Royal Parma finished on 129/8 in 10 overs. The star of the inning was Rajmani Singh as he smashed nine sixes and two fours in his 27-ball 70 blitz. Had he stayed in the middle for a little longer, maybe Royal Parma could have posted a total close to 150 as he was smacking every ball right from the meat of his bat. But Pianoro bowlers pulled things back a bit in their side's favor as they picked six wickets in the last three overs. Hammad Amjad was the pick of the bowlers as he bowled a decent spell of 3/25. Waleed Rana also picked three wickets and bowled a good spell of 3/25. Farhan Shafique picked two wickets
Over: 10 | Summary: 6 0 6 1 0 0 Bowler: Hardeep Singh-2 Score: 98/4
9.6 Hardeep Singh to Arslan Ali Rana, banged into a hard length at the stumps, Rana looks to pull it fine but yet again, he can only connect with thin air! A run chase that was going nowhere right from the start and Pianoro fall well short of the target! A thoroughly professional display on the field from Royal Parma CC who win this game by 31 runs! They bolt their way into the semifinals!
9.5 Hardeep Singh to Arslan Ali Rana, at the stumps, Rana has a swing across the line but makes no contact! 
9.4 Hardeep Singh to Aravinth Suresh, back of a length outside off, slashes a cut behind point where the man does well to get a hand to it
9.3 Hardeep Singh to Aravinth Suresh, SIX! MONSTER! On a length outside off, picks up a slog sweep powerfully over mid-wicket - that went a loooooong way!
9.2 Hardeep Singh to Aravinth Suresh, into the pitch on off, has a heave across the line but fails to make contact!
9.1 Hardeep Singh to Aravinth Suresh, SIX! Starts with a short one outside leg, Suresh isn't affected by the bounce - rather, he helps himself into a pull over fine leg! Clears the ropes!
Hardeep Singh to bowl the last over. 
Twelve runs from the over. It has been a poor chase from Pianoro. With just four wickets down, the batsmen could have taken more risk and attempted to after the target. They now need 45 runs to win from the last 6 balls of the match. 
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 4 0 1 0 6 Bowler: Jabrar Afzal Score: 85/4
8.6 Jabrar Afzal to Arslan Ali Rana, SIX! Right in the slot outside off, gives the charge and slices it over the ropes through cover! Ends the over in style but alas, it is too late!
8.5 Jabrar Afzal to Arslan Ali Rana, has a swing at a back of a length delivery but fails to connect
8.4 Jabrar Afzal to Aravinth Suresh, in the slot at the stumps, heaved over cow corner; long on runs across and kicks the ball inside to keep it down to one! Pretty good footy skills there!
8.3 Jabrar Afzal to Aravinth Suresh, goes round the wicket, full on leg stump, swings across the line but fails to connect
8.2 Jabrar Afzal to Aravinth Suresh, FOUR! Banged short around middle and leg, angles away as Suresh dabs a cut over third man for a boundary!
8.1 Jabrar Afzal to Arslan Ali Rana, angling in on a length in the channel, gives himself room to carve an uppish cut towards deep backward point
Jabrar Afzal to bowl. 
A good over for Pianoro as they get 15 runs off it. But it is too little too late for the chasing team. Aravinth Suresh and Arslan Ali Rana hitting a four and a six in the over. Pianoro need 57 runs from 12 balls. 
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