Royal Roma Cricket Club 144/4 (10 ov)
Padova Cricket Club 72/7 (10 ov)
Royal Roma Cricket Club won by 72 runs.
So, that's that from our side, this is Pradeep Somashekar and my colleague, Nikhil Kulkarni signing off! Do join us for the rest of the ECS games today and also the IPL match where Royal Challengers Bangalore lock horns against Delhi Capitals to seal the play-offs position. Join us for the live commentary of all the cricket that's happening around the world. Until then, stay safe and good bye!
Royal Roma CC beat Padova CC by 72 runs!

Splendid bowling effort from Royal Roma CC here, they have not only managed to stop the onslaught from Nuwan Sameera earlier on, they've been able to contain the rest of the batsman and never allowed to get on top of them.

Royal Roma CC's bowling proved too much for the batsman as none of them looked to get in control of the innings or the chase. They kept losing wickets but it was the Royal Roma's bowling which saw their team through.

Earlier on at the start of the chase, Nuwan Sameera looked threatening, scored some brilliant shots in the powerplay and took on the attack against the opposition. It was a treat to the eyes with the way Nuwan played his shots, there was one straight drive, lofted over the inner ring, showed his brilliance. Rush of blood from Nuwan as he looked to continue the onslaught instead of being smart by containing his wicket perishes trying to pull one away. There's not much to talk about the rest of the Padova CC batting as none of the other batsman looked to take on the bowling to chase this total down after that blistering start from Nuwan.

Royal Roma have been brilliant with the ball as well, their nagging line and length's proved to be too much. Padova CC kept losing wickets, they have failed to strike those crucial boundaries off every over that was needed. For Royal Roma it is Shoiab Awan been the pick of the bowler and finishes with 4-3 in the end Umar, Dharamvir, Muneeb pick up wicket a piece to end the misery for Padova CC.

A comprehensive victory for Royal Roma CC in the end, thanks to some brilliant hitting earlier on from Hassan Mubashar who set the tone for the match and the bowlers did their job by taking wickets up front and pegged back the chase. There it is, Royal Roma win their first match and mark their points on the points table.

Hassan Mubashar has been adjudged the Man of the Match for a well played knock!
9.6 Shoiab Awan to Radika Suren, length outside off, tries to cut it but fails to connect again! It's the end of the innings! PCC manage to score only half of the total needed! 
9.5 Shoiab Awan to Radika Suren, full-length ball outside off, swings hard at it and the ball goes straight into the keeper's hand who appeals for a caught behind and not out given.
9.4 Shoiab Awan to Daham Rusiru, length ball outside off, backs away and tries to pull it but gets an edge to backward point for a single.
9.3 Shoiab Awan to Daham Rusiru, back of a length ball on the leg-stump, moves away to pull this one but doesn't get the timing
Shoiab's dream day continues and has castles Silva in the end, what a bowling effort this has been from him, picks up his third! Daham Rusiru is the new batsman in the middle now!
9.2 Shoiab Awan to Ramesh Silva, OUT! Another one goes down! Slower full-length ball on the stumps, Ramesh tries to swing hard at it and misses it completely. The stumps are clattered!
9.1 Shoiab Awan to Ramesh Silva, slower full-length ball outside off, tries to heave it to the leg-side but fails to connect.
Royal Roma just getting through the formalities here as Padova CC need 74 runs in the last over and Royal Roma looks to be home at the moment!

PCC are 71/6 after 9 overs!
8.6 Rajwinder Singh to Ramesh Silva, full-length ball on middle and leg, works it to deep mid-wicket and will take a single to keep the strike.
8.5 Rajwinder Singh to Ramesh Silva, back of a length ball, works this one away to the fielder at point.
A run-out in the end, Ghulam Abbas has to go, getting worse for Padova CC! Radika Suren is the new man in!
8.4 Rajwinder Singh to Ghulam Abbas, OUT! Full-length ball, plays it straight to the fielder at mid-on and scampers for a quick single but the fielder comes running in and has run him out.
8.3 Rajwinder Singh to Ghulam Abbas, full-length ball, tries to work it away to the leg-side and fails to connect.
8.2 Rajwinder Singh to Ghulam Abbas, full-length ball on middle and leg, tries to smash it to the legside but misses it.
8.1 Rajwinder Singh to Ramesh Silva, length ball on the leg-stump, makes room and plays it to the off-side for a single.
8.1 Rajwinder Singh to Ramesh Silva, short ball outside off and the umpire calls it a wide.
What an over for Royal Roma, couple of wickets and have almost shut the door for Padova CC with the chase here, the batting hasn't been their strongest asset apart from Nuwan Sameera no one has looked in good touch!

PCC are 69/5 after 8 overs!
7.6 Shoiab Awan to Ramesh Silva, full-length ball on middle and leg, plays it to mid-off for a single.
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