Royal Parma Cricket Club won by 52 runs.
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Royal Parma Cricket Club decimate the Royal Roma Cricket Club by 52 runs and seal a slot in the Semi-Finals!

The Royal Roma Cricket Club's innings never got going as skipper Sukhpal Singh and Attiq Ur Rahman wrecked havoc with the new ball in hand. Muneeb Niazi was dismayed for a Golden Duck while Anil Kumar had to depart for a 5-ball 2. Hassan Mubashar was sent back by Ur Rahman for an 8-ball 10, which derailed the chase completely. 

Skipper Rajwinder Singh could manage only a 13-ball 11 while Shoiab Awan scored a quick-fire 9-ball 22. Umar Shahzad did not trouble the scorers while Nur Mohammad scored 10 runs from 5 deliveries. Mubarak Hossain's unbeaten knock of 35 off 17 deliveries went in vain in the end as they fell short of the target by 52 runs!

As for the bowlers, Rajmani Singh and Attiq Ur Rahman picked up a couple of wickets each and were the prime conspirators behind RRCC's batting collapse. Skipper Sukhpal Singh, Jabbar Afzal and Sukhraj Singh chipped in with a wicket each. 

Attiq Ur Rahman has been adjudged as the Man of the Match for his all-round contributions. He scored an 18-ball 34 in the first innings which had helped the RPCC to put up such a huge total and was instrumental with the ball as well, returning with envious figures of 2-7 from his two overs. 
9.6 Sukhraj Singh to Mubarak Hossain, slaps the length ball uppishly to long-on and finishes the game with a single
9.5 Sukhraj Singh to Nur Mohammod, OUT! Sukhraj gets a wicket! Mohammod miscues another pull and the ball lands to the bowler's right. He runs to the ball and pouches it safely!
9.4 Sukhraj Singh to Nur Mohammod, a huge swing and a miss outside off from Mohammod
9.3 Sukhraj Singh to Nur Mohammod, SIX! A top-edge on the pull shot flies over the keeper's head and earns Mohammod six runs!
9.2 Sukhraj Singh to Mubarak Hossain, charges down the track and hoicks the length ball into the deep on the leg side for a single
9.1 Sukhraj Singh to Mubarak Hossain, SIX! Hossain welcomes Singh to the bowling crease with a leg side swipe over deep square leg!
Royal Roma Cricket Club are 81/6 at the end of 9 overs. The need an improbable 67 runs from the last over.

Surely just the formalities remain now. The part-time spinner is tossed the ball and is taken to the cleaners by Mubarak Hossain, who whacks a maximum off the first delivery and follows that up with a boundary. He finishes off with yet another boundary off the last delivery. 
8.6 Sheraz Afzal to Nur Mohammod, FOUR! Short ball outside the wide line pierced through the gap on the off-side for the third boundary in the over!
8.5 Sheraz Afzal to Nur Mohammod, misses a wild slog on the leg-break outside off
8.4 Sheraz Afzal to Mubarak Hossain, cuts the short ball outside off to deep point for a single
8.3 Sheraz Afzal to Mubarak Hossain, miscues the cut to short thirdman. No runs
8.2 Sheraz Afzal to Mubarak Hossain, FOUR! Afzal offers width on the off-side and Hossain slaps the ball over covers for another boundary!
8.1 Sheraz Afzal to Mubarak Hossain, FOUR! Drags the length ball over his stumps to deep square leg and reduces the target by four runs!
UPDATE: Royal Roma Cricket Club are 66/6 at the end of 8 overs. The need another 82 runs from 2 overs at an improbable 41 RPO!
We are experiencing some technical issues with the stream due to which we are unable to bring to you the live commentary from this game for now. We regret the inconvenience caused. 
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Royal Roma Cricket Club are 59/4 at the end of 7 overs. The need another 89 runs from 3 overs.

Finally some intent is being shown by the batsmen as Mubarak Hossain hooks the first delivery of the over for a maximum behind square. Shoiab Awan clobbers a maximum over mid-wicket off the third delivery and follows that up with a boundary over point, although it is a streaky one. A dropped catch off the last delivery allows the batsmen to scamper through for another run. 
6.6 Jabrar Afzal to Mubarak Hossain, lobs the short ball outside off just behind point and the man from backward point gets under the ball quite well before spilling the catch
6.5 Jabrar Afzal to Shoiab Awan, chips the full delivery outside off to deep square leg and completes two runs. Afzal throws the ball past the stumps at the non-striker's end and the duo steal another run
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