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Salt Pond Breakers 104/2 (10 ov)
Botanic Garden Rangers 55/7 (10 ov)
Salt Pond Breakers won by 49 runs.
Right! That's it from us here at Sportskeeda for this match! Do join us for the encounter between the Hikers and the Strikers in a bit! Till then, this is me (Shashwat Kumar) and Prasen Moudgal signing off! Goodbye!
Salt Pond Breakers continue their winning streak! 
The Salt Pond Breakers dominated from start to finish and emerged victorious comfortably. Their batting unit, led by Sunil Ambris posted a total in excess of 100 and that proved to be a bit too much for the Botanic Garden Rangers, who stuttered, stumbled and ultimately, collapsed like a heap of cards. In fact, the Rangers just about managed to cross 50, which in a 10-over games, isn't the most revered of achievements. And, that statistic alone embodies the dismal nature of their display today.
9.6 Wesrick Strough to Oziko Williams, OUT! Fitting end for the Breakers. Slower length delivery on the stumps, Williams looks to make room and loft it over long on but misses the line completely. He was so early into the shot that he might as well have played that shot in 2019, when competitive cricket was still on. Poor batting and that just sums up their dire display.
9.5 Wesrick Strough to Oziko Williams, FOUR! Short of length ball outside off, Williams looked to dispatch it over mid-wicket but gets a very thick edge to third man, rolls away to the boundary. Where have you been all along, Oziko?
9.4 Wesrick Strough to Kenneth Dember, OUT! Bowled! Off pace delivery on the stumps, Dember looks to paste it over mid-wicket but gets nowhere close to the ball, much like the relation between the Rangers and SPB's score.
9.3 Wesrick Strough to Kesrick Williams, slower yorker bang on the stumps, Williams does well to flick it away to square leg
9.2 Wesrick Strough to Kesrick Williams, full and outside off, Wiliams lifts it straight down the ground for a brace. Finally, a run off Strough, off his 8th delivery today. Would you believe it!
9.1 Wesrick Strough to Kesrick Williams, slower ball outside off, Williams was committed to the shot and is beaten
Calling the result a formality seems an understatement here. The way the Rangers have been batting, one reckons that SPB's target would've ensured them a victory, even if the Rangers were given another innings to bat. Rangers are 48/5 after 9 overs.
8.6 Delorn Johnson to Kenneth Dember, Dember looks to go for glory but gets a thick outside edge to third man. Sums up the match for the Garden Rangers. 
8.5 Delorn Johnson to Kenneth Dember, fuller and outside off, cut away to the man at point.
8.4 Delorn Johnson to Kesrick Williams, short again, Williams gets a top edge just behind the keeper for a run. The runs are flowing for the Rangers now.
8.3 Delorn Johnson to Kenneth Dember, smashed straight to the man at deep square leg, but just for a single
8.2 Delorn Johnson to Kesrick Williams, short ball pulled away to square leg for a single
8.1 Delorn Johnson to Kenneth Dember, low full toss outside off dug away to backward point. The target finally entering 'impossible' land, mathematically. 
Rangers are 42/5 after 8 overs and still require more than 60 runs. Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties. But, I'd not want to prepare myself for the glorious or for the uncertain, just yet.
7.6 Sunil Ambris to Kesrick Williams, dolly from Ambris, he gave that way too much flight and Williams turned it away to the man at short fine leg.
7.5 Sunil Ambris to Joey Welcome, OUT! Welcome is gone. Length ball on the pads, the southpaw gets a thick edge straight to short fine leg. He is finally put out of his misery and one reckons that Joey would not get a hero's welcome on entering the dressing room.
7.4 Sunil Ambris to Kenneth Dember, short and outside off, Dember pushes it to covers to get off the mark.
7.3 Sunil Ambris to Joey Welcome, fired onto the pads, ball takes a deflection to short fine leg. Finally, the scoreboard ticks with Welcome on strike. Not off the bat though.
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