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Salt Pond Breakers 83/6 (10 ov)
Dark View Explorers 63/9 (10 ov)
Salt Pond Breakers won by 20 runs.
Right! That's it from us here at Sportskeeda! Hope you enjoyed our coverage and don't forget to tune in tomorrow as the Vincy Premier League moves into the semi-final stage! 

Till then, this is me (Shashwat Kumar) and Prasen Moudgal signing off! Stay safe and goodnight!
Salt Pond Breakers win again! Dark View Explorers crash out of the Vincy Premier League!
The Salt Pond Breakers were in real danger of losing against the Explorers, especially after posting a par total on the board. However, their bowlers came to the fore and they constantly kept chipping away at DVE, meaning that the latter was never really able to generate a head of steam. Additionally, the Breakers fielded extremely well and held most of the chances that came their way as the Explorers pushed the self-destruct button for the umpteenth time in the tournament. 

Akin to many a previous encounter, Lindon James and Deron Greaves flattered to deceive, meaning that the burden of run-scoring fell on the lesser experienced members of the squad. Unsurprisingly, they wilted when push came to shove and subsequently, bid goodbye to their Vincy Premier League campaign. 
9.6 Wesrick Strough to Sealron Williaams, perfect yorker to finish! Through the legs and SPB have another win!
9.5 Wesrick Strough to Sealron Williaams, dot ball. An SPB victory is a formality now.
9.4 Wesrick Strough to Maxwell Edwards, length ball dropped to point for a single
9.3 Wesrick Strough to Sealron Williaams, length ball dragged to long on for a single
9.2 Wesrick Strough to Kensley Joseph, OUT! Joseph is gone. Full length ball outside off and in the slot, Joseph should have clobbered it over long off but instead offers a simple catch to the man at long off. 
9.1 Wesrick Strough to Davian Barnum, OUT! Barnum is run-out! Full ball on the stumps, Barnum hit it uppishly to the man at deep cover, a good throw catches him short while coming back for the second run.
24 runs are required off the final over and the Explorers look set to bow out of the tournament after yet another botched chase. Their batting simply hasn't come to the fore and one reckons their skipper Lindon James has to shoulder a major chunk of that blame.
8.6 Delorn Johnson to Sealron Williaams, yet again short of good length, swing and a miss from Sealron Williaams.
8.5 Delorn Johnson to Sealron Williaams, OUT! This time Johnson hits. Poor running from Javid Williams. He was keen on sneaking a bye, Sealron was never interested, keeper through the ball to Johnson who under-armed it onto the non-striker's stumps. This is becoming ludicrous with each passing delivery.
8.4 Delorn Johnson to Sealron Williaams, length ball from Johnson and Sealron looked for a wild swing, got an edge that landed safely in the end. 24 off 8 now.
8.3 Delorn Johnson to Javid Williams, DRAMA! Bumper from Johnson went past Javid, keeper failed to hit the stumps from behind and Johnson didn't hit the non-striker's end either. There was also a moment among all that debris when both batsmen were running to the same end. Comical.
8.2 Delorn Johnson to Deron Greaves, OUT! Johnson has his man! Short of length this time from the burly pacer, Greaves didn't get too much elevation on his pull and hit it flat to the man at deep square leg. That should be that for the Explorers in this game and perhaps, the Vincy Premier League!
8.1 Delorn Johnson to Deron Greaves, SIX! Shot! Short from Johnson, Greaves waits on it and pulls it away handsomely over square leg for a maximum! Into Greaves' hitting arc and he gave that an almighty whack. 27 off 11 now.
33 runs required off the final two overs and SPB would be kicking themselves if they can't see this one through. Though Greaves is still at the crease, the Explorers are staring at yet another defeat in the competition, and one that would consign them to elimination.
7.6 Sunil Ambris to Sealron Williaams, crucial dot ball, Williaams fails to connect with a pull 
7.5 Sunil Ambris to Sealron Williaams, short and outside leg, Williaams turns it behind backward square leg for a brace
7.4 Sunil Ambris to Andrew Thomas, OUT! Bowled! Rifled in towards the stumps from Ambris, Thomas looked to mow it over cow corner but the pace did him in on that occasion. Agricultural from Thomas and he pays the price. 35 off 14 now.
7.3 Sunil Ambris to Deron Greaves, length ball powerfully flicked away to deep mid-wicket for one. The fielder on the fence slips but the batsmen don't make the most of that fumble.
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