La Soufriere Hikers 131/3 (10 ov)
Salt Pond Breakers 63/9 (10 ov)
La Soufriere Hikers won by 68 runs.
La Soufriere Hikers are the VPL T10 2.0 Champions!! They have won the Finals by 68 runs!

After losing the first championship against the Breakers in VPL T10's first edition the Hikers team and management have come out strong and really leveled up with the Breakers in the finals! They managed to pull off quite a clinical performance in this finals as they just obliterated the Salt Pond Breakers batting!

Hikers were put to bat by the Breakers and batting freely they managed to put up quite a challenging total on the board for the finals. The Breakers were banking on their skipper Sunil Ambris to provide them with the start which he has been doing throughout the tournament. Unfortunately, it was not his day as he was sent back to the hut on the second ball where the fielder Hackshaw managed to take a spectacular catch.

That catch really set the tone for the Hikers coming into the second innings and they just started to dominate the Breakers upfront as Breakers were 1/2. The pressure of the finals really started to take a toll on the Breakers as the Hikers really did well to pull the breaks on the Breakers innings.

The wickets kept tumbling for the Breakers like the dominoes as most of them could not even manage to reach the double figures! Only Leshawn Lewis (11 off 14), Tijorn Pope (12 off 8), and Seon Sween(19 off 9) were the 3 batsmen to register the double figures! Although all the credit goes to the Hikers bowlers who stuck to their plans and bowled the prefect lines and lengths for the day!

Sunil Ambris and the Breakers will really be reflecting upon the toss where they decided to bowl first given the fact they had built up the habit of batting first and get a good total on the board and restricting their opponents to a minimum. They decided to change it around and it cost them the finals it seems. 

All the Hikers brought their A-game coming on to bowl but the pick of the bowler would be Kavem Hodge who in the first over got the 2 wickets and really got his side on top in this finals. He conceded just 7 runs from his 2 overs. Benniton Stapleton and their skipper Desron Maloney were also able to pick 2 wickets and really pushed the Breakers on the backfoot in this run chase.

The La Soufriere Hikers really managed to hold their nerves and did not panic even when they had a slow start to set the total. Their batsmen really decided to get themselves in and once they were comfortable they started to explode to parts of the ground and provided great entertainment to the crowds in the stands!

After a long time, the crowd was in attendance in fine number out for the finals and it would have been quite joyful for both the teams to see the stands which were empty and silent previously, now very much brought the stadium alive once again.

The Vincey Premier League T10 2.0 has surely managed to bring in more flavors more vibes than ever before and has proved to one of the finest and entertaining tournaments from the Carribeans! As this edition comes to an end we look forward to 3.0 in the near future.

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage of the finals between Salt Pond Breakers and La Soufriere Hikers. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Pradeep Somashekar signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
9.6 Desron Maloney to Romano Pierre, test match field set-up for the final delivery! WOW! Brings everybody around the batsman, tosses up, it was touch short and Pierre gently taps it on the off-side, it doesn't matter as HIKERS WIN THIS VERSION OF VINCY PREMIER T10 LEAGUE! Boy, they did play a brilliant brand of cricket today and the deserved winners to take the trophy home!
9.5 Desron Maloney to Javid Harry, OUT! Maloney picks up another! That was fired into Harry who looked to heave it and misses it, rattles his stumps in the end and Hikers are closer to lifting the coveted trophy here! What a game of cricket they've played today
9.4 Desron Maloney to Javid Harry, tosses up, it was short and wide, Harry rocks back to hammer it straight to the extra cover fielder, no run
9.4 Desron Maloney to Javid Harry, WIDE! Sprays that down the leg side and Umpire signals that a wide
9.3 Desron Maloney to Javid Harry, tosses up, just outside off, Harry goes for the cut to run it down the third-man and misses to take the outside edge, no run
9.2 Desron Maloney to Jeremy Layne, around the wicket this time, Layne gently taps that short delivery to the mid-off fielder, just a single
9.1 Desron Maloney to Tijorn Pope, OUT! WELL, WELL, WELL! Maloney comes to bowl the final over and guess what picks up a wicket, that was tossed up, it was touch short, Pope leans forward and ends up hitting in the air towards deep square leg and another good catch from Douglas to send Pope packing!
At the end of the 9th over SPB are 61/7. Breakers are another 71 runs away from the total here!

Just one of the formalities remains here before the Hikers are crowned the champions! Hikers have already started to celebrate as the fielders have started to perform acrobatic stunts here! They crowed is hyping them and this is surely one of the most entertaining tournaments post the COVID-19 pandemic here in the Caribbean! Sunil Ambris will be wondering if they should have gone with what they have done best which was bat first!
8.6 Dillon Douglas to Jeremy Layne, tossed up, it was on the good length, Layne comes forward and defends it
8.5 Dillon Douglas to Tijorn Pope, tosses up on the leg stump, Pope gets down and takes it on the full toss, hits it towards deep square leg for just a single
8.4 Dillon Douglas to Tijorn Pope, fired it on the pads, Pope flicks it away towards long-leg region for a couple of runs in the end
8.3 Dillon Douglas to Seon Sween, RUN-OUT! SLOPPY RUNNING! It was a quicker one outside off, Sween goes for the hoick, ends up toe ending it towards extra cover and there was a ordinary effort of taking a single, he was short of his crease in the end!
8.2 Dillon Douglas to Seon Sween, tossed up, spun away from Sween who looked to send it out of the orbit, misses it, dot ball
8.1 Dillon Douglas to Tijorn Pope, DROPPED! Tossed up, it was short, Pope goes on the backfoot and hammers it straight to the deep mid-wicket fielder, who comes across but doesn't hold on to it, just a single
At the end of the 8th over SPB are 57/6. 75 runs for 12 balls, sure the Hikers will the Champions here!

Definitely, the finals not Breakers were hoping to have here! Credit although to the Hikers bowlers who have stuck to their plans and created this scenario for the Breakers! A couple of sixes from Sween and that gets the crowd back to life to some extent. Dillon comes on to bowl the penultimate over.
7.6 Jeremy Haywood to Seon Sween, SIX! Quicker, in the slot for Sween who PUMMELED it over the long-on fielder's head, goes all the way for a maximum, huge hit from him! A boundary to end the over and something towards the end for the crowed too cheer on for!
7.5 Jeremy Haywood to Tijorn Pope, this time, it was short on the outside off, Pope cuts it away towards deep point region for just a single
7.4 Jeremy Haywood to Tijorn Pope, SIX! HIGH AND HANDSOME! Tossed up, it was touch short and Pope plays through the shot and POWERED it all the way over the deep extra cover region for a maximum! 50 runs come up for the Breakers at the 44th ball!
7.3 Jeremy Haywood to Seon Sween, quicker delivery, into the pads, Sween hoicked it towards fine leg for a single
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