Salt Pond Breakers 100/6 (10 ov)
La Soufriere Hikers 81/9 (10 ov)
Salt Pond Breakers won by 19 runs.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen!
What a tournament the inaugural Vincy Premier T10 League has been. We’ve some fantastic players on display. The likes of Sunil Ambris, Salvan Browne, Asif Hooper and Hyron Shallow have really set the tournament on fire and provided us with some memorable moments. Some fantastic moments later, we've seen deserving champions crowned in spite of a bit of a disappointing final. All credit to the Salt Pond Breakers though! 

Our favourite part, of course, has been bringing all the action to your screens. Prasen Moudgal, Shashwat Kumar and I, Habil Ahmed, have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this (apart from this less-than-thrilling final of course), and we hope you did too. That said, it’s time to say goodbye, so see you soon when we have more cricketing action to bring to you. That’s all, folks!
The Salt Pond Breakers coast along to a very easy win in the end. They win the game by 20 runs. Deserving win in the end. La Soufriere Hikers never got going in their innings, and some silly batting early on saw them falter at the final step.

Comes at the end of 10 days of fantastic cricket from them. We've seen some brilliant cricket from La Soufriere Hikers over the course of the tournament too but they've not made it count when it matters most. Take nothing away from the champions though! Congratulations to the Salt Pond Breakers, who are on now on their lap of honour!
9.6 Wesrick Strough to Kenson Dalzell, Salt Pond Breakers are the champions of Vincy Premier T10 League 2020! Length ball dragged to long on for just a single to long on brings an end to this game!
9.5 Wesrick Strough to Rayan Williams, length ball into the pads, ball lobs off the thigh pad to point
9.4 Wesrick Strough to Kenson Dalzell, MORE DRAMA! Kenson dragged it to mid-wicket, sequence of overthrows and misfields brings three!
9.3 Wesrick Strough to Kenson Dalzell, DRAMA! Kenson missed the ball and Williams sneaked a bye, an overthrow from Strough brings Kenson back on strike!
Down to their last wicket. It's all but a formality here. 74/9 in 9.2 overs. Kenson Dalzell is the new man in.
9.2 Wesrick Strough to Rayan Williams, OUT! Kimson is run out! Williams pulled it away to mid-wicket, poor communication between the duo as they they were both stranded in the middle.
9.1 Wesrick Strough to Rayan Williams, length ball outside off, Williams comes down the track and misses
Nine overs up. 28 runs to win for the Hikers and just two wickets left. Would be a major upset if the Hikers manage to win it from here. Of course, it's not happening!
8.6 Delorn Johnson to Rayan Williams, pull shot to deep square leg for a single.
8.5 Delorn Johnson to Rayan Williams, SIX! Short and outside off, lifted over long on for a maximum!
Eight down now. That's the end of Haywood. 66/8 in 8.4 overs.
8.4 Delorn Johnson to Jeremy Haywood, OUT! Hayward looked to swing it away to mid-wicket but missed, Sween collected and threw the ball back to Johnson who hit the stumps at the non-striker's end.
8.3 Delorn Johnson to Rayan Williams, short of length ball again, Williams fails to make contact, bye taken again
8.2 Delorn Johnson to Jeremy Haywood, wide outside the leg stump, Willliams sneaks a bye
8.2 Delorn Johnson to Jeremy Haywood, length ball moving away from Haywood, a wild swing meets only thin air
8.1 Delorn Johnson to Rayan Williams, length ball outside off, Williams gets a thick outside edge to third man
End of the eighth over and the Hikers move to 62/7. They need 39 to win off 12. Still looks improbable if you're wondering.
7.6 Wesrick Strough to Jeremy Haywood, FOUR! Length ball carved away beyond point for a boundary!
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