Vienna Afghan CC 98/7 (10 ov)
Salzburg CC 98/5 (10 ov)
Salzburg tied with Vienna Afghan (Vienna Afghan wins the Golden Ball)
Player of the match: Sadiq Mohamad
Woooah, one heck of a match. Vienna Afghan players are jumping in joy and you could see the hugs and smiles all around. Heartbreak for Salzburg and they have to blame themselves for this as they had the match on their hands, with 3 runs needed in four deliveries. But Sahil Zadran, who conceded 15 runs in his first over kept his cool in the final over and more importantly, in the Golden ball to make sure Vienna Afghan come out on top in this nail-biter.

Zeeshan Goroya and Abrar Bilal failed to convert their starts into a big score as Salzburg were reeling at 29/2 inside the powerplay. Ranjit Singh and Imran Asif joined hands and played some smart cricketing shots. They made sure boundaries are scored in every over and had the match under their control until the final over. Ranjith Singh was run out in the penultimate over and with 8 needed from the final over, all eyes were on Imran Asif. However, a bizarre run-out resulted in Asif's dismissal and the tailenders couldn't get the job done for the team in the end. We have witnessed another ECS thriller where the Golden Ball is required to separate the two teams. Hope you enjoyed the coverage and until then, this is Pragadeesh signing off on behalf of my fellow commentator Navjeevan Rajput. See yaa.
0.1 Sahil Zadran to Muhammad Shahbaz, RUN OUT!! WOAH! WHAT A FINISH!! A low full toss on the stumps, Shahbaz just pushes that one towards mid-on, the long-on fielder just sprints in and throws the ball towards the bowler's end. The non-striker not able to come back for the second quickly is run out and hence SAL fail to score the needed 2 runs of the GOLDEN BALL TO WIN THE MATCH
This is Golden ball No.14 in ECS

Batting first has won 6 matches and the bowling team reigned supreme on 5 occasions so far.
What a finish!!! Here comes the golden ball decider yet again. Absolutely breathtaking stuff from VA and no one knew how did they defend 8 runs in the final ball. Asif's run-out turned out to be crucial and all credit goes to the match referee for taking his time to decide who got out.
Over: 10 | Summary: 1W 4 W 1b 1lb W Bowler: Sahel Zadran Score: 98/5
9.6 Sahil Zadran to Vidi Gondal, RUNOUT!!! ENTER GOLDEN BALL! Full and straight, Vidi manages to get some bat on that one taps it back to the bowler who collects the ball and whips off the ball at the non-strikers end to dismiss Vidi who was late to take off for the run
So much on the line. 1 run needed in the final ball
9.5 Sahil Zadran to Muhammad Shahbaz, full and down the leg, Shahbaz looking to get some bat on that one is hit on the pads and he scampers through for a leg-bye!! SCORES ARE TIED!!
9.4 Sahil Zadran to Vidi Gondal, full and outside off, Vidi tries to get on the bat on that one misses, Vidi just scampers through, the keeper takes the aim but misses. 2 runs needed in 2 balls
9.3 Sahil Zadran to Imran Asif, RUN OUT!! Back of a length, Asif looking to pull that one misses out, needless running between the batters, Imran sets off but the keeper is able to hit the bull's eye and hits the stumps.Imran did not cross the non-striker and he is thus given out rightly
This is a complete mess from the wicket-keeper. What has he done there? Oh wait, the ball hit the stumps and the match referee is checking on who's is dismissed at the moment
9.2 Sahil Zadran to Imran Asif, FOUR!! Full and on the stumps, Asif looking to go down the ground slices it toward the deep cover region and in the gap and the ball travels to the boundary ropes. 3 runs in 4 balls!
9.1 Sahil Zadran to Imran Asif, RUN OUT!! Full and a low full toss, Asif just pushes that one towards long-on, the batters decide to take off for a second but Ranjit is not able to make it back at the bowler's end. 7 runs needed in 5 balls
Who's going to bowl the all-important over? Looks like Sahil Zadran to me
Ahmadzai just fed Ranjith Singh in the slot and he didn't miss out on that. A big swing over midwicket fence and now, the equation is just 8 runs from 6 balls.
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 1 1 6 1 1 Bowler: Noor Ahmadzai Score: 91/2
8.6 Noor Ahmadzai to Imran Asif, full and pushed towards covers, Asif dashes through for a single and will keep the strike
8.5 Noor Ahmadzai to Ranjit Singh, full and in the blockhole, Ranjit manages to get his bat down time and digs this out towards off-side and takes off for a single
8.4 Noor Ahmadzai to Ranjit Singh, SIX!! Back of a length, Ranjit waits back and pulls this one over the deep square leg region for a maximum. Down to 10 runs in 8 balls!
8.3 Noor Ahmadzai to Imran Asif, full and on the stumps, Asif just pushes that on towards on-side for another singe. 16 runs needed in 9 balls
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