Salzburg CC 111/6 (10 ov)
Vienna Danube 106/9 (10 ov)
Salzburg CC won by 5 runs.
Player of the match: Imran Asif
Salzburg get the much needed victory to keep their good run in the campaign going. It was a team effort really, with everyone chipping in at crucial periods of the game to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Salzburg had a decent batting performance and would have fallen short of the 100-run mark if it wasn't for that disastrous 9th over which gifted them 30 runs. Proved to be the difference that, as you'd expect. 

Vienna Danube got off to a good start with their skipper, Khyber, determined to see his side over the line. All hope seemed lost when he was dismissed in the 6th over, with his side still needing over 60 runs. Mohammad Safi took charge of the game after the departure of his skipper and it seemed like Vienna would pull off an unlikely victory, before Mubashar Ali essentially sealed the game in the ninth over with back-to-back wickets. 

With 11 needed off the last over, Vienna Danube fell agonizingly short, after being in control for most of that innings. That was the story of their game really. They faltered at the clutch moments and let their oppositions back into it. Paid the price in the end as well, as they drop down to sixth place in the table. As for Salzburg, they've leaped up to second place, just two points behind Vienna Afghan, having played a game less.

A topsy-turvy game that ensured the drama was stuck right till the end. Danube might feel they let this one slip out of their grasp, but they still have enough time to bounce back in this tournament. They have a chance to set things right in the next game that is set to get underway imminently, while Salzburg will have a chance to take the top spot, when they play later today.

That's it for now though! This is Pratyush Rohra, signing off on behalf of my co-commentator, Soorya Sesha. Another reminder to mask up, take care and stay safe in these unprecedented times. Until next time, see ya!
That's a cracking over under pressure by Imran Asif! Giving only five runs and taking three wickets as well! Vienna will feel hard done by this loss. They lost it in the crucial stages and allowed Salzburg to come through in the clutch.

Salzburg beat Vienna Danube by 5 runs.
Over: 10 | Summary: W 0 W 4 W 1 Bowler: Imran Asif Score: 106/9
9.6 Imran Asif to Abdul Rahman, ASIF DOES IT FOR SALZBURG! Nails the perfect yorker at the boots which Abdul fails to get under as he heaves it off the toe end along the ground past his partner. What a game we've had here! At the end of it all, Salzburg CC prevail by a mere margin of 5 runs!
Right then! Six needed to tie this one! Will we have a golden ball?

Abdul Rahman Miralikhel is the new batter at the crease.
9.5 Imran Asif to Soleimankhel Habibullah, OUT! CAUGHT AT SHORT EXTRA COVER! Low full toss outside off in the channel, gives himself room to heave it over extra cover but the lack of elevation means that it is a simple reverse-cupped catch for the fielder who back pedals behind the inner ring. GOLDEN BALL ANYBODY?
9.4 Imran Asif to Soleimankhel Habibullah, FOUR! PICKS OUT THE FENCE! Very full at the stumps, gives himself room and slices it through sweeper cover to beat the boundary rider on the dive to his left. 7 needed off 2 now!
Soleimankhel Habibullah is the new batter at the crease.

Vienna Danube need to find a boundary somehow to keep this one alive!
9.3 Imran Asif to Zaid Miralikheil, OUT! KNOCKED HIM OVER! SURELY THIS IS IT? Swinging in very full on off, Zaid swings across the line but all he can do is connect with thin air; the white cherry knocks over the stumps though to leave Vienna Danube gasping for breath here!
9.2 Imran Asif to Zaid Miralikheil, EXCELLENT YORKER! Dips right into the blockhole in the channel, Zaid fails to drill it over the covers to end up getting beaten!
Zaid Miralikheil is the new batter at the crease.
9.1 Imran Asif to Abdul Rahman, RUN OUT! EXCELLENT THROW FROM THE KEEPER! Imran fires a yorker right into the toes, Abdul is beaten on the swing before being called over by his partner; the keeper aims for the stumps and hits the bull's eye to catch Ruhullah well short of his crease. An absolute horror outing comes to an end for Ruhullah!
Imran Asif is back into the attack.
It's all gone downhill in the ninth over of this innings too, for Vienna Danube. They were on course to chase this one down but back-to-back wickets from Ali has turned this game on it's head once again! Is it redemption time for Ruhullah?

Vienna Danube need 11 runs in 6 balls.
Over: 9 | Summary: 6 1 0 W W 2 Bowler: Mubashar Ali-1 Score: 101/6
8.6 Mubashar Ali to Ruhullah Abdurahimzai, JUST MAKES HIS GROUND! On a fullish length in the channel, cross-bats a thump straight back past the bowler and into the deep; they charge back for the second and Abdul just about makes his ground courtesy an excellent dive. This is going down to the wire now with 11 needed off the final over!
Adbul Rahman is the new batter at the crease.
8.5 Mubashar Ali to Mohammad Safi, OUT! ANOTHER ONE! IS THIS THE GAME? Dragged down around off, Safi pummels it very high into the air over long on and the fielder judges it very well before pouching it with ease. Mubashar brings out the thigh-five celebration and why not? He's on a hat-trick now!
Right then! The man himself is in the middle.

Ruhullah Abdurahimzai is the new batter at the crease.
8.4 Mubashar Ali to Aziz Khatak, OUT! THAT IS AN INCREDIBLE CATCH! Short and wide, slapped over wide long off where the fielder tumbles to his left and holds on to a fantastic catch. Even more incredible considering the game scenario!
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