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Saurashtra 233/7 (20 ov)
Vidarbha 154/10 (17.2 ov)
Saurashtra won by 79 runs
A commanding win for Saurashtra in the end! They will be extremely proud of this effort. They started well with the ball, and once the first wicket came, they kept getting them at regular intervals. For most part of the innings, they bowled really well, keeping it tight and making the batsmen go for those false shots given the pressure of the scoreboard. Chetan Sakaria finishing with a five-wicket haul! Wonderful bowling. Jadeja was brilliant with  those tidy overs in the middle as well. Prerak was expensive but he got the wickets as well. All in all, an excellent effort with the ball. Good rotation of bowlers as well from Unadkat and a dominating performance. Two wins in a row now for Saurashtra and they are up with a great start to their campaign. 

On the contrary, another disappointing game for Vidharbha. Two losses in a row and they have a lot of thinking to do if they want to get themselves back on track! Chasing such a huge score was never going to be easy and they ended up getting nowhere even close to it. Losing by a huge margin of 79 runs will certainly dent their confidence. They were blown away by Saurashtra! They needed a good start, which they did not quite manage to get and with wickets falling, it just kept going out of their reach. They even failed to last the full 20 overs. Just a game they would like to put behind and re-group soon. 

Saurashtra will take tons of confidence from this game, with not just one, but quite a few players rising to the occasion, both with bat and ball, and an all-round team effort from them. These are the kind of wins that really lift you up as a side and if you get them early on in the tournament, it can set the tone for a good campaign. They will relish this win and look to keep up the good work. Vidharbha, on the other hand, have to figure out a way to bounce back. It's still early days and they have enough games to stage a comeback. That is it for this game, hope you enjoyed our coverage. This is me (Rishab) and my partner, Maanas, taking your leave. Have a great day!
And Jaydev Unadkat. the skipper, will get the final wicket! Vidharbha skittled out for 154. This is a massive win for Saurashtra. Two wins in a row and they are off to a brilliant start in this tournament. One-sided game this, first pilling up a mammoth total and then restricting the opposition. Vidharbha never really looked to be in the chase! Disappointing performance from them. Saurashtra winning this game by 79 runs!
17.2 Jaydev Unadkat to Akshay Wakhare, OUT! Cleans him up! Back-of-the-hand length ball on the middle stump, Wakhare is completely bamboozled as he tries to guide it down towards third man. Cannot get any bat on ball and watches sheepishly as the ball crashes into the sticks. That will wrap up proceedings here as Saurashtra comprehensively beat Vidarbha by 79 runs!
17.1 Jaydev Unadkat to Yash Thakur, low full toss on the body, pushed down the ground to long on for a single. 
Saurashtra are chipping away now! The result seems quite clear now and just a formality left. Vidharbha loosing their way and wickets falling quickly now. Good bowling and he's getting the reward. It's falling apart for them. No choice but to go for the big hits and they are losing wickets. Chetan Sakariya is having a gala time out there! Brilliant stuff this. Vidharbha staring at their second defeat in as many games. Few extras towards the end of the over. But he's cleaned up another batsmen and that is a fifer! Terrific stuff! 153/9 now and Saurashtra are just a wicket away from wrapping this up! Magnificent spell!
16.6 Chetan Sakariya to Akshay Karnewar, OUT! TIMBER! Five-fer for Sakariya! Slower full ball on the middle stump, the batsman fails to pick the change of pace and watches in dismay as the ball breaches the bat-pad gap and clips the top of middle stump!
16.6 Chetan Sakariya to Akshay Karnewar, WIDE ball sliding down the leg side.
16.6 Chetan Sakariya to Akshay Karnewar, short ball on the body that flies over the batsman's head. Adjudged as a WIDE
16.5 Chetan Sakariya to Ganesh Satish, OUT! CAUGHT! Full ball on the middle stump, Satish looks to loft that into the stands. However, he does connect well and ends up presenting an easy catch to Prerak Mankad, who was patrolling the long off fence!
16.4 Chetan Sakariya to Ganesh Satish, no run, short ball on the body, Satish looks to pull that away but fails to connect. Gets hit on the body and that deflects straight to the fielder at short third man. No run on offer there!
16.3 Chetan Sakariya to Nachiket Bhute, OUT! EDGED! Back-of-the-hand slower ball bowled full outside off, Bhute fails to pick the variation as he hangs his bat in the line of the ball. Gets the outside edge and the keeper pouches that with ease! Ganesh Satish walks back to the middle now
16.2 Chetan Sakariya to Akshay Karnewar, full toss on the body, whipped towards deep mid-wicket for a single. 
16.1 Chetan Sakariya to Darshan Nalkande, OUT! CAUGHT! Low full toss on the pads, Nalkande fails to connect well with the shot as he chips that into the hands of the fielder at long on, who hangs onto a simple catch. The troubles are mounting for Vidarbha! Nachiket Bhute walks out to the middle
Good over for Vidharbha but they need a lot more at this stage! Brilliant batting from Darshan. He's looking good and keeping his side in the hunt. Expensive over. 150/5 now after 16. 84 off 24 needed now. Looking almost impossible
15.6 Jaydev Unadkat to Darshan Nalkande, full ball outside off, sliced towards deep point for a single.
15.5 Jaydev Unadkat to Darshan Nalkande, FOUR! SHOT! full toss outside off, Nalkande pounces on it as he creams that through the point region and collects a boundary!
15.4 Jaydev Unadkat to Darshan Nalkande, no run, full ball outside off angling away, Nalkande fails to get bat on ball as it stays low. 
15.3 Jaydev Unadkat to Darshan Nalkande, SIX! Short ball on the middle stump, Nalkande makes room for himself and muscles that straight back down the ground for a maximum!
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