SG Hainhausen 1886 100/5 (10 ov)
Darmstadt CC e.V 98/7 (10 ov)
SG Hainhausen 1886 won by 2 runs.
My word, this has been one enthralling game of T10 Cricket. DCC will be absolutely distraught for not seeing themselves through and over the line. SGH, on the contrary, would be immensely ecstatic for a seemingly unbelievable comeback that has handed them a 2-run triumph. They have snatched this game from DCC's claws and won it out of nowhere.

DCC commenced the run-chase in fine fashion, taking the attack onto the bowlers right from the word go. They lost Azmat Ali early in the piece but it was Muhammad Umar who orchestrated most of the run-chase, ensuring that DCC keep ahead of the asking rate at all times. The partnership flourished between Umar and Majeed Nasseri as Umar brought up a well-made half-century. 

DCC needed a mere 10 runs from the last two overs with 7 wickets intact when things took an incredible shift. Yasir Ahmed, who conceded 11 runs in his first over, was handed the ball. The spinner had an immediate effect as he bamboozled the opposition's batsmen and plucked out a hat-trick on the first three deliveries of the over. DCC were left with 8 runs to score from the last over and fell short of the target by a whisker.

DCC won a similar thriller the other night but they would be disheartened by today's loss. That's that from Sportskeeda's live coverage of ECS Frankfurt T10 2020 Match 10. Goodbye and goodnight from Momin and Dwijesh!
9.6 Shakeel Hassan to Khalilur Rehman, SGH WIN! Shakeel has beaten Khalil's wild hoick and has played a part in an absolute heist! SGH and DCC go through to the semis but it is all about SG Hainhausen at the moment who beat DCC by 2 runs!
9.5 Shakeel Hassan to Mansoor Khan, IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! What a catch that is under pressure! Mansoor makes room and tries to slog it past square leg but ends up holing out at short fine leg where Ali Raza Virk as taken a very good catch! Golden Ball anyone?

9.4 Shakeel Hassan to Khalilur Rehman, a fuller ball outside off, Rehman rocks back and swats it back to long-off for a single. 3 to win off 2 balls now!
9.3 Shakeel Hassan to Khalilur Rehman, a full ball on middle and leg, Rehman lifts it wide off long-on and takes a quick double! 4 to win off 3 now...
9.2 Shakeel Hassan to Mansoor Khan, a full ball on the pads, Mansoor pushes it into the leg-side and steal a single! 
9.1 Shakeel Hassan to Mansoor Khan, SWING AND A MISS! A length ball outside off and Mansoor cannot make contact with a wild hoick!
9.1 Shakeel Hassan to Mansoor Khan, WIDE! Poor from Shakeel as he bowls one down leg and is penalised for it!
Talk about drama and about game-changing moments! Yasir Ahmed has twirled the game on its head with a sensational hat-trick of wickets and an over that leaked only 2 runs. Suddenly, DCC require 8 off the last over with two relatively new batsmen at the crease.
8.6 Yasir Ahmed to Mansoor Khan, a flighter delivery on middle and leg, Mansoor drives it along the ground to long-on for a single
8.5 Yasir Ahmed to Mansoor Khan, dot ball from Yasir as he yorks Mansoor who can only play it back to the bowler
8.4 Yasir Ahmed to Khalilur Rehman, short ball on the body, Rehman pulls it away to the leg-side but only for a single
Another twist in the tale as Yasir Ahmed takes a hat-trick. SGH are right back in it now!
8.3 Yasir Ahmed to Umar Khan, HAT-TRICK! Yasir Ahmed has picked a hat-trick! A loopy off-spin bowled into the batsman, who didn't know which way it was turning and is struck in front of middle and leg! Suddenly, SGH is on top with all the momentum!
8.2 Yasir Ahmed to Qudratullah Olfat, ANOTHER WICKET! Olfat plays all around a straight ball and the ball goes on to hit the leg-stump! The match isn't over just yet!
8.1 Yasir Ahmed to Muhammad Umar, BOWLED! Yasir Ahmed has cleaned up Umar with a loopy ball on the off-stump. The ball took ages to reach the batsman and as it reached him it dipped and thumps into the off-stump!
DCC have lost Adnan Nazir but they are just 10 runs away from victory now as Muhammad Umar brings up a well-made half-century. Can he see his team through to another brilliant victory?
7.6 Shakeel Hassan to Muhammad Umar, full ball on the stumps, Umar expertly pushes it into the off-side for another single
7.5 Shakeel Hassan to Muhammad Umar, a full ball on the stumps, Umar flicks it into the leg-side for brace via a misfield!
7.4 Shakeel Hassan to Adnan Nazir, WICKET! Nazir has to depart! A length ball yet again and Nazir mistimes a slog towards the man at cow-corner, who takes a decent catch under pressure!
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