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Sharjah Bukhatir XI 153/7 (20 ov)
Fujairah Pacific Ventures 154/5 (18.5 ov)
Fujairah Pacific Ventures won by 5 wickets
Fujairah Pacific Ventures won this match by 5 wickets and 7 balls to spare!

The FPV opening pair Waseem Muhammad and Rohan Mustafa are strong and are the run machines for FPV in this tournament. Both these batters took an over to get themselves in. Waseem took on the charge as he started to belt Kashif Daud all around the park as he bowled quite ordinarily. Rohan also did not take much time and started chipping in.

Kashif was leaking runs from the other and Hafeez continued to bowl tight lines. Waseem was hurt as a ball thrown at the stumps hit him on the elbow as he was trying to make his ground caused a pause in the play. Rohan just lost his concentration due to it and perished for 13 runs.

Usman Khan the new batsman looked solid as he played the balls well into the gaps. Usman continued to chip in as he started to hit the odd boundaries. Waseem who was inching closer to his half-century was sent packing as he was clean bowled by Umair Ali.

FPV needed 78 runs in 60 balls and Muhammed Naeem joined Usman in the middle just looked to set himself in. Usman at the other end kept the scoreboard ticking and did not allow the pressure of the required run rate set in.. Usman managed to reach the 30 run mark in no time.

Naeem's stay at the crease did not last long as SBK skipper Fayyaz took a blinder of a catch to dismiss him. Sandeep Singh joined Usman who was batting well at the other end. In the last 5 overs, Usman first took on Hafeez Rahman who bowled well at the start. Usman managed to hammer 4 boundaries in that over and really brought down the required run rate.

Arsalan who came on to bowl next went horribly wrong with his lines and lengths as he conceded 18 runs and really gave away the match to Fujairah. Usman, unfortunately, lost his wicket for a well made 62 runs towards the end. A bit of drama provided by Fujairah as they lost a couple of wickets but got across the finish line in the end.

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Sharjah Bukhatir and Fujairah Pacific Ventures. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Ankit Sharma signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
Dramatic stuff from FPV towards the end. Just 3 runs were needed Sandeep who was batting on was run out on 14 runs. Hamdan and Ahmed Raza in the end managed to close the innings. FPV stay unbeaten in the tournament as it turned out to be an easy chase in the end!
Over: 19 | Summary: 1 0 W 1 1 Bowler: Score: 0/0
18.5 Kashif Daud to Hamdan Tahir, good length on the pads, as Tahir pulls it away in the gap and the winning run for Fujairah. 
18.4 Kashif Daud to Ahmed Raza, short length, gets an upper edge of Raza but its too high for the keeper as they get a single. Scores are level. 
DRAMA TOWARDS THE END HERE! FPV are still, 2 runs away from the victory here!

Ahmed Raza is the new batsman in for FPV!
18.3 Kashif Daud to Hamdan Tahir, RUNOUT! Unnecessary run attempt there as the keeper misfields, but hits the stumps and catches Sandeep short of his ground as he departs. 
18.2 Kashif Daud to Hamdan Tahir, short length to the left hander, who can only play it to fielder at short mid wiclet. 
18.1 Kashif Daud to Sandeep Singh, a slower bouncer, that Sandeep slaps away for a single, no speed in it, or else he surely would have gone big. Down to 2 off 11 now!
Just 3 runs required for FPV to stay unbeaten in this tournament. Usman in the previous over departed for a well-played knock of 62 runs. He would be devastated as he failed to get his side across the finish line.

Kashif Daud comes on to bowl the penultimate over!
Over: 18 | Summary: 1 0 2 W 1 1 Bowler: Krishan Paul Score: 151/4
17.6 Krishan Paul to Sandeep Singh, good length outside off, as Sandeep Singh punches it to long off for a single and will keep strike. 
17.5 Krishan Paul to Hamdan Tahir, yorker length delivery, whcih is seen off to the on side for a single. 
A great innings from Usman comes to an end! Usman will be disappointed as he failed to stay there till the end! Job done nonetheless

Hamdan Tahir is the new batsman in for FPV!
17.4 Krishan Paul to Usman Khan, OUT! LBW! Usman tries the reverse sweep and is caught plumb off the spinners full pitched delivery. 
17.3 Krishan Paul to Sandeep Singh, full-length delivery, reverse sweep from Sandeep and another misfield. Just one hit away from the win now!
17.2 Krishan Paul to Sandeep Singh, too wide as the batsman tries to find the drive but only gets the fielder. 
17.1 Krishan Paul to Usman Khan, full length, played on the on side for a single. 
Not the best of overs from Arsalan when it was needed to spot on. The over really has blown away any chance that SBK had in winning this match. The most expensive over for this innings as well. FPV now need just 8 runs in 18 balls to win this match!

Krishan Paul comes on to bowl the 18th over!
Over: 17 | Summary: 4 2w 1w 0 6 2lb 1 1w 1 Bowler: Arslan Javed Score: 146/3
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