Sharjah Bukhatir XI 116/7 (10 ov)
Fujairah Pacific Ventures won by 2 runs.
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Fujairah Pacific Ventures beat Sharjah Bukhatir XI by 2 runs!

Agony in the end for Sharjah Bukhatir as they just fell short of 2 runs in this 2nd play-offs, Sharjah Bukhatir had not a great start as Renjith Mani given reprieves couple of times living dangerously, but he perished after that and Rizwan CP followed him the next delivery from Luqman Hazrat to break the back of their innings, Umair Ali 16(4) was looking in ominous form powering the deliveries to couple of SIX'es but a rush of blood from him, he loses his wicket to leave their team in a precarious situation. It was upto Fayyaz Ahmed 25(14) to anchor this innings and go past the total, but he fell as well trying to up the ante. In the middle overs it was up to Khalid Shah and Syam Ramesh to chase this total down, Khalid Shah 26(16) especially started tremors in Fujairah Pacific Ventures dug out as he hit few crucial boundaries, but they send him back as well against the run of play, Syam Ramesh looked in good touch and he too fell after hitting couple of boundaries, they need one of their set batsman to go all the way to win this and reach the finals! Nevertheless a great batting display from them!

Credit goes to Fujairah Pacific Ventures bowlers to restrict Sharjah Bukhatir XI, Luqman Hazrat 20/2 is their star of the show as he picked up the dangerous Renjith Mani and Rizwan CP on back to back deliveries and Basil Hameed 2/2 who dented the middle order by sending the captain Fayyaz Ahmed to the dug out ensured they are in charge of the chase. Waseem Muhammad 22/1 was brought into the attack and felt it was a bad idea of his first over, but the captain kept faith in him to bring him back to the final over to defend 14 runs and he did it well! Fujairah Pacific Ventures would be delighted with this victory and would like to continue this form to the finals and win the title!
What a tense finish to this game, Sharjah Bukhatir would be shattered as they fell short of just 2 runs! Credit to both the teams for giving us a great game! Fujairah Pacific Ventures are delighted to win this encounter and march to the finals!
9.6 Waseem Muhammad to Gopakumar Gopalakrishnan, FOUR! Full-length ball is driven to long-off but it won't be enough as FPV win this contest and enter the finals!
9.5 Waseem Muhammad to Gopakumar Gopalakrishnan, full-length delivery a touch slower and Gopakaumar heaves it into the leg side for a double. 
9.4 Waseem Muhammad to Gopakumar Gopalakrishnan, full length delivery driven firmly to long-off and they manage another brace
9.3 Waseem Muhammad to Gopakumar Gopalakrishnan, DROPPED! Slower ball pulled straight into the hands of square leg and he puts it down. They come back for a double
9.2 Waseem Muhammad to Syam Ramesh, OUT! BOWLED! Pitched up with a little shape and shatters the stumps of Syam Ramesh. A massive wicket that Ramesh was looking well set to finish this one.
9.1 Waseem Muhammad to Syam Ramesh, full-length ball one bounce into the hands of the fielder at long-off but they manage to come back for two.
What hitting from Syam Ramesh, coming down the order and he's turning it on here! Sharjah Bukhatir still keeps hope here! SBK are 105/6 after 9 overs! They need 14 runs in 6 balls!
8.6 Sheraz Piya to Syam Ramesh, full delivery a touch slower and Syam gets an inside edge onto the leg side for a single. He will retain strike for the final over
8.5 Sheraz Piya to Ali Anwaar, full delivery outside off and Ali doesn't get enough wood on it but Ramesh calls him through for a single
8.4 Sheraz Piya to Ali Anwaar, slower ball outside off and Ali plays it with soft hands to long-on and they scamper back for two.
8.3 Sheraz Piya to Syam Ramesh, DROPPED! Full-length delivery and Syam edged that to the keeper but he drops it and they scamper through for a single
8.2 Sheraz Piya to Syam Ramesh, FOUR! Full toss once again and Syam lofts it towards long-off and another misfield by the fielder on the boundary ropes and they get back to back boundaries.
8.1 Sheraz Piya to Syam Ramesh, FOUR! Full toss outside off and Syam hits it hard straight to the fielder at deep point but he lets it go through his legs and they get a boundary.
Khalid Shah perished in that over trying to keep up with the required RR, with that all hopes might have gone as well! 11 runs coming from it! SBK are 92/6 after 8 overs! They need 27 runs in 12 balls!
7.6 Hassan Khalid to Khalid Shah, OUT! STUMPED! Tossed up delivery deceives the batsman in flight and the keeper completes a smart stumping to send the dangerous Khalid Shah back to the hut.
7.5 Hassan Khalid to Khalid Shah, SIX! Tossed up and Khalid steps down the track and sends it over long-off for a maximum.
7.4 Hassan Khalid to Khalid Shah, tossed up delivery and Khalid is hit on the pad looking to reverse but seems to be going across.
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