SMI 77/6 (10 ov)
Sigtuna CC 81/7 (9.2 ov)
Sigtuna CC won by 3 wickets
Sigtuna CC beats Stockholm Mumbai Indians by 3 wickets!

Sigtuna should be relieved after that performance! If not for the cool and composed Qurban Ali, Sigtuna would not have come out with anything from this game. He played a mature knock of 33 off 29 and also found some help from Azeem Faisal, who counter-attacked with a knock of 15 runs from just four balls! In spite of this, SMI continued to stay in hunt by picking wickets at regular intervals although it wasn't meant to be their day. SMI end up with another loss while Sigtuna marches on with its third win of the tournament!

That's it from me, Dwijesh Reddy and my partner, Shashwat Kumar! Do tune in to the next ECS T10 match as SMI faces Kista CC, which should start in some time. Until then, goodbye and stay safe!
9.2 Chandrakant Shelar to Qurban Ali, FOUR! Full delivery at the stumps and Ali marches down the track and hammers it over the bowler's head for a boundary to finish off the game.
9.1 Chandrakant Shelar to Adnan Raza, drifted onto the pads and the ball deflects off Raza's legs for a leg bye. Huge appeal for LBW too but the umpire is unmoved.
SIG 76/7 overs after 9 overs! Sigtuna needs 2 runs from 6 balls!

Barring a brain-fade or a miracle, Sigtuna should get over the line. 
8.6 Darshan Lakhani to Qurban Ali, full toss at the stumps and Ali uppishly drives it to long off for a brace. 
8.6 Darshan Lakhani to Adnan Raza, ANOTHER WIDE! AND, ANOTHER FUMBLE allows an extra run.
8.6 Darshan Lakhani to Adnan Raza, WIDE! Way outside off stump!
8.5 Darshan Lakhani to Qurban Ali, full toss outside off and Ali misses out on that one. Poor keeping by Pratik allows another bye.
8.4 Darshan Lakhani to Adnan Raza, length outside off and Raza goes for a wild slog. The keeper fumbles after Raza misses and Ali gets across for a single.
8.3 Darshan Lakhani to Ahmad Ejaz, OUT! Ejaz plays one into the off side and then decides to embark on a second run that would've been tough to make, even for a certain Usain Bolt. But, Ejaz is no Bolt and he pays the price at the batsman's end. Another twist in this rollercoaster innings!
8.3 Darshan Lakhani to Ahmad Ejaz, WIDE! Well outside off stump and a bit of exercise for the umpire. Ejaz goes for the big heave but misses it!
8.2 Darshan Lakhani to Ahmad Ejaz, full and played straight back to the bowler by Ejaz. Great bowling this from Lakhani, who does well in the follow-through as well!
8.1 Darshan Lakhani to Sohaib Atif, OUT! Oh, Dear! What have we just witnessed! Lakhani bowls a rank full toss that crosses the batsman around his waist and then goes on to hit the stumps on the full. In the meantime, Atif tried to heave it over the leg side only to see his furniture disturbed. Weird dismissal. Weird game. Period.
SIG 67/5 after 8 overs! Sigtuna needs 11 runs from 12 balls!

The Sigtuna batsmen are finding singles and doubles at will here. Qurban Ali is playing risk-free cricket here! SMI needs a wicket or two in the next over!
7.6 Swapnil Kale to Sohaib Atif, full outside off and Atif drives it down the ground for a single.
7.5 Swapnil Kale to Qurban Ali, half volley outside off and Ali drives it to cover for a single.
7.4 Swapnil Kale to Qurban Ali, full outside off and Ali agriculturally drags it down to long-on. A bit of slack fielding allows him to come back for the second.
7.3 Swapnil Kale to Qurban Ali, yorker outside off and Ali only pats it back to the bowler. A valuable dot ball this!
7.2 Swapnil Kale to Qurban Ali, full delivery on off stump and Ali top edges his lofted shot. Luckily for him, the ball falls in no man's land and he completes two.
7.1 Swapnil Kale to Sohaib Atif, yorker at the stumps and Atif gets an under edge to the keeper. However, there is enough time for the batsmen to cross for a single. Gets Qurban back on strike!
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