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Soufriere Sulphir 81/8 (10 ov)
Mabouya Constrictior 84/5 (10 ov)
Mabouya Constrictior won by 5 wickets
Key/In-form Players to look out for
Soufriere Sulphur City Stars
  • Julian Sylvester
  • Shani Mesmain
  • Wayne Prospere
  • Mabouya Constrictors
  • Chard Polius
  • Dale Smith
  • Zachary Edmund
  • Key Points
  • AN exhibition of supreme power-hitters, the match promises to be a gala of humongous sixes and outrageous power-hitting. The Caribbean flavor will be on its full display. Enjoy the glitz and color of St. Lucia.
  • Expert Comment
    Abhinav Singh
    Both teams have lost their opening matches and will be looking to make the required amends. MAC was absolutely skittled away by Mon Repos Stars and therefore they will be looking to start from scratch. SSCS didn't do much wrong in the first match and they'll take heart from that fact whilst coming into the match.
    Mabouya Constrictors beat Soufriere Sulphir Constrictors by 5 wickets!

    MCS pull off a close one at the Daren Sammy National Cricket Ground! The openers, Changoo and Polius put on a good opening stand to set the tone for the rest of the chase and never let go. The City Stars bowlers were a touch wayward as well with Prospere standing out among a bunch of average performers although they did pick wickets towards the end of the innings. Nevertheless, the Constrictors win their first game of the season and are on their way. Back to the drawing board for the City Stars with a lot to ponder for them. 

    That's all from this game. It was a pleasure bringing you all the updates. Do tune for Match 6 of the St Lucia Blast coming up in a bit. Until then, this is Dwijesh Reddy along with my colleague, Abhinav Singh, signing off! Take care!
    9.5 Denver Didier to Denzel James, hits it powerfully down the cow corner and the Denzel James finishing off in style. In the end the MCS side getting home courtesy James's composure.
    9.4 Denver Didier to Denzel James, Plays it gently towards the leg side and gets a brace from nowhere! MCS are within touching distance now! Still, you never know!
    9.3 Denver Didier to R Smith, Comes down, hits to the long off, fielder fumbles, the batsmen comes for a double but in the end is short of the crease. Oh no!! The batsmen is caught out of his ground and more importantly it is just a single!
    9.2 Denver Didier to Denzel James, Comes down and hits it to the midwicket region for a single. 4 needed off 4
    9.1 Denver Didier to Denzel James, wide outside off and a dot ball. Gold at this stage! 5 needed off 5 now...
    MCS 76/4 after 9 overs. MCS needs 5 runs off 6 balls!
    The Constrictors' game to lose from here!
    8.6 Shani Mesmain to Denzel James, a single taken on the last delivery
    8.5 Shani Mesmain to O Changoo, this time he goes to the same region and gets out. Catch taken easily
    8.4 Shani Mesmain to James, drills it down straight and hits the non-strikers stump. batsmen get a single
    8.3 Shani Mesmain to O Changoo, THAT WAS A DOLLY! Changoo holes it towards the cow corner and he gets a reprieve!
    8.2 Shani Mesmain to Denzel James, the wide long on fielder comes in quickly and restricts the batsmen to a single
    8.1 Shani Mesmain to O Changoo, down the leg from bowler and the batsmen guides it further. Single taken
    MCS 70/3 after 8 overs. MCS needs 11 runs off 12 balls!
    Only a matter of time now. Can they finish it in this over?
    7.6 Denver Didier to O Changoo, drills it down straight and the set batsmen gets another single
    7.5 Denver Didier to Denzel James, hits powrfully towards the bowler and they get a single
    7.4 Denver Didier to O Changoo, plays it to the point and scampers for a single
    7.3 Denver Didier to Denzel James, raps on the pad and gets a leg bye. An appeal for LBW but the umpire turns it down!
    7.2 Denver Didier to M Shoulette, TIMBERR! the skipper tries the horizontal bat and he misses it completely. The stumps go cartwheeling!
    7.1 Denver Didier to O Changoo, plays it comfortably for a single. Brings Shoulette back on strike!
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