Soufriere Sulphir 66/3 (6.1 ov)
Soufriere Sulphir won by 7 wickets
Soufriere Sulphir beat Vieux Fort North Raiders by seven wickets!

It's been one-way traffic in the inaugural game of the St Lucia T10 Blast with the Soufriere Sulphir running away with a stunning win. They were on top from the word go with their bowlers impressing with the clever use of the conditions. The North Raiders batsmen struggled with their timing which costed them dearly in the end. However, they would have had some hopes of taking this game deep with the ball but it wasn't so. The Sulphir batsmen dominated proceedings from ball one with Sylvester starring with a 20-ball 32, which included two fours and three sixes. He was well-complimented by Tennacy Hippoltye and Ashley Hippoltye, who saw through the chase with a calm head on his shoulders. None of the North Raiders was able to put a lid on the scoring with only Dishon Rampal conceding less than six runs along with a wicket to his credit. But it wasn't enough as Sulphir chased down a modest total in just 6.1 overs in the end. Just like that, the first game comes to an end but that's not all. We've got another St Lucia T10 game coming your way in about 45 mins. Make sure you do join us for the live coverage of the second game as well but that's it for today. This is Dwijesh, along with my colleague Abhinav signing off. Good bye and take care!
6.1 Ray Joseph to Shani Mesmain, SIX! SULPHIR CLINCH IT IN STYLE! Short of good length delivery bowled down the legside. Shani, the skipper waits for the ball to come to him and swivels in the crease before pulling the ball powerfully behind square over long leg for a flat MAXIMUM to reach the victory shores!
6.1 Ray Joseph to Ashley Hippolyte, length delivery sprayed down the legside. The batsman shoulder arms to this one as the keeper fumbles to collect the ball and allows the batsmen to scamper around for a single. Meanwhile, the umpire signals it a WIDE as well. Poor from Joseph 
The last rites remain as Xytus and Ashley look to ease themselves to a win. Xytus did give away his wicket courtesy of a loose cut shot but that shouldn't hurt the batting side one bit. This has been a professional performance from the Suplhir batsmen, which is exactly why they are so highly rated in this competition!

SCSS needs 5 runs from 24 balls!
Over: 6 | Summary: 2 4 1 0 1 W Bowler: Samuel Monita Score: 56/3
5.6 Samuel Montia to Xytus Emmanuel, OUT! CAUGHT! tossed up ball bowled wide outside off. Xytus on the backfoot tries to cut the ball but gifts a feather to the keeper who collects it with utmost ease 
5.5 Samuel Montia to Xytus Emmanuel, flighted ball on the legstump. Xytus plays it back to the bowler for no run
5.4 Samuel Montia to Ashley Hippolyte, tossed up ball bowled wide outside off. Ashley crashes in on the length and cuts it toward backward point for a single
5.3 Samuel Montia to Xytus Emmanuel, tossed up ball on the legstump. Xytus chips the ball to short square for a single
5.2 Samuel Montia to Xytus Emmanuel, FOUR! Fuller length ball on the offstump line. Xytus sits on one knee and deposits the ball towards the long on fence for a boundary 
5.1 Samuel Montia to Xytus Emmanuel, back of length delivery bowled outside off. Xytus tries to go over the top but gets a thick outside edge to third man for a couple
A timid over for the Suplhir with their star batsman Sylvester falling to a good ball from Dishon Rampal. But that doesn't change the odds at all as the North Raiders look set for a defeat!

SSCS needs 14 runs from 30 balls!
Over: 5 | Summary: 1lb 1 W 1 1 1 Bowler: Dishon Rampal Score: 48/2
4.6 Dishon Rampal to Xytus Emmanuel, short of good length ball bowled wide outside off. Xytus on the backfoot gently taps the ball down to third man for a single
4.5 Dishon Rampal to Ashley Hippolyte, low fulltoss on the offstump. Rampal on the frontfoot drives the ball to long off for a single 
4.4 Dishon Rampal to Xytus Emmanuel, fuller length ball on the legstump. Emmanuel works the ball comfortably to short square to get off the mark 
Xytus Emmanuel is the new batsman!
4.3 Dishon Rampal to Julian Sylvester, OUT! CASTLED! Fuller length ball angling into the middle and legstump. For the first time this evening, Julian tries to muscle the ball, ends up losing his shape as the ball sneaks in between his bat and pad gap and rattles the legstump!
4.2 Dishon Rampal to Ashley Hippolyte , fuller length ball delivered on the offstump. Ashley drills it down powerfully to long off for a single
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