South Africa 188/6 (20 ov)
Pakistan 189/6 (19.5 ov)
Pakistan won by 4 wickets
Player of the match: Mohammad Rizwan
Pakistan starts off their T20 series with a record-breaking chase here. They have held their nerve in the crunch moments and have won the match with the same mantra throughout the ODI series and now in the first match of the T20Is. That's all we have from the coverage of the match as my colleague, Pradeep Somashekhar, and me, Lavil Saldanha take your leave. Do check Sportskeeda for all the live match coverages and latest sports news articles. Till then, it's goodbye from our side. SEE YA!
Babar Azam: Winning the first game always gives confidence to a side. We have carried the form and the confidence into this series and have done well in the pressure overs. Outstanding innings from Rizwan to take the side home. We came back really well with the last few overs in the bank as we pulled off things in our favor with the ball in hand, not allowing the lower order batsmen to go all out against our bowlers.
Mohammad Rizwan (Man of The Match): It was a tricky track to bat upon. I and my captain (Babar) saw the powerplay really well and got the runs flowing and started really well. The message from the management was that the batting was really good and we stuck around, which helped towards the end. You are always facing pressure in international cricket. We discussed about a long batting order and it counted today as we won the first match of series
Heinrich Klassen: I reckon we were 10-15 runs short. The pitch was really good and the partnership between me and Markram was really good. The way Markram and Malan played, we realized that the pitch was playing out a bit slowly. It was in the field and we didn't quite execute the plans with the ball in hand. Yes, we were aiming for the yorkers and it was wrong on the part of the field setting. We've been working hard and will be doing well in the coming games
Pakistan win the match by 4 wickets

A really good batting effort from Pakistan. This was their highest chase in international T20 cricket as they beat their own record of chasing down 187 against Australia. They have been acting as an ensemble unit and have done really well with the bat in hand. But no credit to be taken away from the South African bowling line, who although inexperienced, have put their heart and soul in their defense and almost pulled it off for their side.

The batting started off really well with Babar Azam and Rizwan watching out the first couple of overs. They saw out the bad deliveries early on and then after examining the pitch, when berserk and attacked the bowlers left, right, and center. Babar looking to play out a big shot could quite get a hold of himself and instead holed out to the fielder at deep point. Fakhar Zaman and Rizwan got their eye in the pitch and scored the boundaries as they raced to 48/1 after 6 overs.

Pakistan however, couldn't enjoy their middle over phase. They tapped the ball all over the ground and ran a couple of singles, but weren't able to score the big runs. Rizwan and Fakhar rotated the strike really well among themselves, but couldn't quite set the ball rolling like Klassen and Markram. At the last ball of the 10th over, Fakhar holes out one to the fielder and lost his wicket, with Pakistan on 86/2 after 10 overs.

Rizwan alone handled the mantle post that as he saw out the good deliveries from Shamsi and Hendricks and then went bang bang at Williams, Magala, Linde, and Pheklukwayo. Haider Ali played a small cameo but was deceived by a well-disguised slower delivery.  Nawaz went back into the hut without doing much damage.

Rizwan and Faheem Ashraf held their own in the crucial moments of the chase and scored the winning runs as Pakistan romped home with the bragging rights in the 1st T20I of the four-match series.

The bowling was pretty ordinary for the Proteas. Beuran Hendricks and Tabraiz Shamsi returned with 3 and 2 wickets each as the duo was really good with the change of pace and the cutter they had on offer. Lizaad Williams on debut gave it all he had and ran close to defending the target, getting his maiden wicket of Faheem Ashraf off a fascinating yorker.

Stay Tuned as the captains comments and the post-match presentation is on its way
19.5 Lizaad Williams to Hasan Ali, THAT'S IT! Comedy of errors from the South African fielders there. Pakistan win the game by 4 wickets! Low full toss on the off-stump as Hasan Ali backs away and swats that in the gap towards deep mid-wicket, they had settled for a couple but overthrows meant they come back for third as Pakistan cross the line and go 1-0 up in the series.
19.4 Lizaad Williams to Hasan Ali, full again on the outside off as Hasan Ali once again looks to whack that one but no timing on it and he skies this one towards extra cover, fielder runs back and doesn't get it, just gets his finger tips as they come back for a brace
19.3 Lizaad Williams to Hasan Ali, FOUR! OH DEAR! That was full on the outside off as Hasan Ali swings hard and gets a thick outside edge which flew over the short third-man and runs away to the vacant third-man region for a boundary, that was a key boundary for Pakistan!
Hassan Ali, RHB, is the new man in
19.2 Lizaad Williams to Faheem Ashraf, OUT! CASTLED! Williams doing it on his own here. That was a perfect half-volley and Faheem hangs back to whack that one away but misses and that goes to crash into the stumps in the end. South Africa just in the game here!
19.1 Lizaad Williams to Faheem Ashraf, DROPPED! You can't do that and the long-on fielder drops a tough one. Full and in the slot for Faheem as he looks to launch that one over the long-on boundary for a maximum but mistimes and the fielder runs in and spills it with a dive as they come back for a brace
11 runs. 6 deliveries. Whose game is it? No nails left to bite after yesterday's IPL game. This has been a really good contest between the two sides and we will have to see whether Pakistan hold the wood over the Proteas or they win the game
Over: 19 | Summary: 4 4 0 1 1 1 Bowler: Sisanda Magala Score: 178/5
18.6 Sisanda Magala to Faheem Ashraf, good finish to the over, yorker length on the off-stump as Faheem carves this one down to long-on for a single. That means Pakistan need 11 off the last over!
18.5 Sisanda Magala to Mohammad Rizwan, low full toss into Rizwan on the leg-stump line as he backs away for room and swats that one away to the deep square leg for just a single. South Africa hanging by a thread here.
18.4 Sisanda Magala to Faheem Ashraf, off-cutter on the off-stump as Faheem stands back to whack that one away but gets the bottom edge to the short fine-leg fielder for just a single
18.3 Sisanda Magala to Faheem Ashraf, yorker, finally something in the channel and right up in the blockhole as Faheem gets behind to dig it back to the bowler, dot delivery after a long time!
18.2 Sisanda Magala to Faheem Ashraf, FOUR MORE! This is absolutely bizarre bowling from South Africa in the last over or so. Full delivery on the pads as Faheem hangs back and whips that one fine and beats the short fine-leg fielder for another boundary
18.1 Sisanda Magala to Faheem Ashraf, FOUR! South Africa all of a sudden bowling full tosses after full tosses here. Faheem slices that one over the deep extra cover region and picks up another boundary
South Africa is letting the match slip away from their hands here. They had done really well in the middle overs to handle things and pull back the game in their favor, but are now looking as if they are giving it all away in the last few overs. Pakistan now need 22 runs in 12 balls and South Africa, two tight overs with a few prayers for a win
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