South Africa 144/10 (19.3 ov)
Pakistan 149/7 (19.5 ov)
Pakistan won by 3 wickets
Player of the match: Faheem Ashraf
What a thrilling finish to this game! It was Pakistan's chase all the way the way Fakhar Zaman was going at one stage, belting the bowlers left, right and center and it looked like Pakistan would get past the line comfortably but it wasn't to be as South Africa made a terrific comeback to take this game down the wire. Not enough runs for them in the end to defend though as Pakistan eventually managing to win this game and the series 3-1 in the end.

Pakistan did not have the start they would have wanted loosing Rizwan early but what followed next was absolute carnage from Fakhar Zaman, continuing his brilliant run of form in South Africa as he went his way hammering the bowlers to score a 34-ball 60 and while he was out there with Babar Azam, it looked like this was going to be a one-sided chase. Although, they started to lose wickets in the middle and it kept on getting tougher for them as they lost way too many in the middle to make things worse for themselves. Fortunately for them though, they weren't chasing many that allowed them to win the game despite faltering.

Brave effort from South Africa to comeback the way they did after Fakhar Zaman was running away with the game for Pakistan. None of the batsmen could get going from there until of course, Mohammad Nawaz remained unbeaten in the end to help them get past the line in the final over. Couple of wickets for Williams and Magala but all going in vain. Specially the nineteenth over from Magala and those two no-balls that allowed Pakistan to make their way back into the game. Brilliant spell from Tabraiz Shamsi in the middle as well that helped South Africa build that pressure. A decent comeback that will be a takeaway for them but lots to ponder upon having lost both the white-ball series to Pakistan at home.

Pakistan will be a very happy unit, having come to South Africa and winning both the ODI and T20I series, something they haven't done for a long long time and they will be mighty proud of this effort. Ending the tour on a high and a lot of positives for them to takeaway from here. Surviving the scare from South Africa to walk away with the series and a great result for them overall. Making winning a habit now are Pakistan and climbing greater heights. 

That's it from us as I, Rishab, and my colleague Soorya, take your leave. Hope you enjoyed the action and with that, we wish you a pleasant night!
Babar Azam, Winning Captain and Man of the Series: I would like to thank the South African Board for providing us with very good facilities on and off the field. Special thanks to the fans as well who supported us in these high intensity games via Social media. We were at 100 odd in 10 overs but unfortunately two set batsmen got out and that put pressure on the middle order. We will discuss about the middle order concern and try to give them confidence and improve the mistakes. It was a complete effort from the boys and when we left Pakistan, we wanted to win the series. Everyone performed well and overall when you do well in all three aspects, the results will come. I try to give my hundred percent and enjoy the game and play as per the team's requirement. 
Faheem Ashraf, Man of the Match: It was our plan and I had the backing from the captain. I was looking to read the movement of the batsmen till the end. It is tough bowling in the middle when the team starts well at the top but today our bowlers did well right from the start. There is no pressure as the team management and captain have backed me and given confidence. I only try to execute the role given to me. 
Heinrich Klaasen, South Africa Captain: I was trying to get the right plans and keep the bowlers calm as well. We had no right to get so close at the backend. I think our bowlers fought well today to get us so close, showing great character. We are a good squad and it is disappointing to lose the series 3-1. But proud of them tonight as they showed great character and fight. It was an unbelievable opportunity for the young guys who were backup for the big players. It's a couple of guys that really grabbed the opportunity. I reckon the gap is too big. We showed we really can fight and compete but the days that we are bad is too bad. So we need to get some consistency in those performances.
Pakistan eventually get there in style! They have the series 3-1 and they continue their brilliant run against South Africa in South Africa. Disappointing for the Proteas as they came back really well to take this down to the wire but falling short of runs in the end. Dramatic end to this game and what a thriller this has been tonight! 
Over: 20 | Summary: 1 1 2 0 6 Bowler: Lizaad Williams Score: 149/8
19.5 Lizaad Williams to Mohammad Nawaz, SIX! SEALS IT IN STYLE DOES NAWAZ! He lets out a huge roar! Williams bangs it in short at the stumps and Nawaz pulls it powerfully over deep mid-wicket; way into the grass banks as Pakistan scamper through by 3 wickets off the penultimate delivery of the game! They clinch the series 3-1!
19.4 Lizaad Williams to Mohammad Nawaz, DOT BALL! Back of a length delivery that follows the batsman as he gives himself room, past the cut through to the keeper who fires the ball to the bowler as Hasan has to make his ground on being sent back. He makes it back on time! 2 off 2 now!
19.3 Lizaad Williams to Mohammad Nawaz, fired into a very full length at the boots outside leg, Nawaz clears his front leg and whips it along the ground towards deep mid-wicket; they charge back for the second run and complete it! 2 off 3 now
19.2 Lizaad Williams to Hasan Ali, full toss on fifth-stump, clears his front leg and heaves it over wide mid-on; the man in the deep collects it on the second bounce! 4 off 4
19.1 Lizaad Williams to Mohammad Nawaz, round the wicket, very full on middle and leg, drilled along the ground towards long on as Nawaz crosses over. 5 off 5
Magala  faltering under pressure conditions and Pakistan, despite loosing another wicket still in the scheme of things. Things went haywire for them and they have made an absolute mess of this chase, but hold on, two no-balls at this stage and we are no short of drama tonight. Luck for Pakistan and have South Africa given this away?

Lizaad Williams with the final over!
Over: 19 | Summary: 0 W 0 0 1nb 2nb 6 1 Bowler: Sisanda Magala Score: 139/8
18.6 Sisanda Magala to Mohammad Nawaz, full on leg-stump, clears his front leg and powers it towards wide long on. A run a ball then for Pakistan to clinch the series!
18.5 Sisanda Magala to Mohammad Nawaz, SIX! NAWAZ CONNECTS! Picks up a back of a length delivery outside leg and whips it with ease over deep backward square leg! Frustration for Magala while Babar Azam is elated in the dugout!
18.5 Sisanda Magala to Hasan Ali, full on off, heaved off the toe end towards deep mid-wicket for a single. And guess what? It is another no ball! This is not good from Magala!
18.5 Sisanda Magala to Hasan Ali, NO BALL! Dishes it wide down leg off a full length, he will have to reload. But no Magala, no! It is a no ball! Free hit coming up again for Pakistan!
18.4 Sisanda Magala to Hasan Ali, OOH! Banged short outside off, Hasan swings hard but is beaten by the bounce; the umpire deems it a legal delivery so it is another priceless dot ball for South Africa!
18.3 Sisanda Magala to Hasan Ali, greets him with a bumper on middle and leg, Hasan ducks and lets it through to the keeper
Hassan Ali, Right-Hand Bat, comes to the crease. 
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